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USA-Made Jerky for Dogs

     Jerky tastes great to us humans, so surely a dog would love the taste too.  Our team has found some of the best USA-made jerky products for dogs,

Educational Toys

Ethical Pet Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap Review

     Looking out the window, you see those doom-and-gloom clouds heading your way. The weatherman called for rain and now it’s coming; just in time for your pup’s daily

Pet Lovers

Celebrating Easter with Your Dog

     Break out the plastic eggs and bunny ears because Easter is looming just around the corner! This year, celebrating the Easter holiday with your dog is easier than

Food & Treats

The Best Companies for Made in the USA Dog Products

     Making the switch to USA-made dog toys and treats? The United States of America is a proud country, often considered to be a melting pot of the strong


Toxic Food Guide for Dogs

     This all-inclusive toxic food guide for dogs will not only give you a full listing of the products that are harmful for pups, but also tips and tricks


How to Protect Your Dog from Coronavirus

With the most recent uproar of panic regarding the most recent pandemic, Coronavirus, you may be left to wonder, is my dog at risk for contracting the disease? What can