Interactive dog toys are popular among owners and their dogs. In fact, it is highly recommended that you spoil Fido with many different kinds of interactive dog toys. This can include dog balls for fetching, tough toy ropes for tug-o-war, treat dispensers, dog puzzles, agility jumps, and so much more!

     Coming up soon, we’ll provide a full-length article on our top 10 interactive dog toys. To make the list, each interactive toy much earn great reviews and incorporate great benefits for your pup. In short, they’re our favorites for a reason!

     Interactive dog toys come in two categories: those that require an owner and those designed for fun solo-play. In our full-length article, we’ll break down what this means and how you can use it to your advantage. Your unique pooch and daily needs as an owner will point you in the right direction. In fact, why only have one style of interactive dog toy when you can have many!

     Providing your dog with interactive toys is an absolute must. Not only do fun games provide great exercise, but they minimize your risk of doggie boredom. Essentially, when a dog becomes bored, they can turn to bad behaviors. Furniture destruction, wrongful chewing, and excessive barking are only a few of these unwanted habits!

     Check back in soon to see our full article on the top 10 interactive dog toys. Even the most novice owner will find the article helpful. Additionally, we’ll provide direct buy links; taking you straight to the product on Amazon. Some of our picks even make it into our Woof Pack monthly boxes. By joining the Woof Pack, you will receive new doggie products every month without even stepping foot in a store. Click here to learn more about our Woof Pack subscription service.