The Holiday season is traditionally a time for families and friends to gather and celebrate. From baking cookies to decorating a tall, hefty tree, your family may have their very own traditions to look forward to! Undoubtedly, we all have that sibling, cousin, parent, or grandparent who embody dog love. In fact, their furbabies are a part of the family too! For all those pet parents out there, we’ve scrounge up the best 2018 Holiday gifts for dog owners.

Dog Holiday Décor

Andaz Press Personalized Wood Ornaments

Ornaments are a wonderful way to capture memories and show off your true personality. Whether you don a Christmas tree or simply hang them around the house, ornaments are always a fabulous find. Andaz Press manufactures unique personalized wood ornaments that a customer can tailor to their specific wants and needs. In particular, their paw print design will make a wonderful dog parent gift!

The Andaz Press Personalized Wood Ornament features an adorable paw print measuring 4” wide. It is USA made, using natural birch and basewood. We choose this specific ornament because its materials are not easily breakable. This can be an important feature when a bouncing pup is running around the tree! Furthermore, you will be able to personalize an engraving upon order. Put a dog’s name, date of birth, or a loving phrase; the possibilities are endless.

While searching through customer reviews, we noticed how much praise the Andaz Press Personalized Wood Ornament is receiving. The design is well made, and the wood is high quality. In short, it doesn’t look like a cheap little ornament! Additionally, its rustic charm will match almost any holiday décor theme. On the other hand, some customers do not like the product’s basic aesthetic. If your loved one is more likely to love glitter and glam, it will not be the best gift for them.

You can expect to pay between $15 and $20 for the Andaz Press personalized Wood Ornament. Due to its high quality, most current customers are happy with the price. Once ordered, you will receive one wooden ornament, one red ribbon for hanging, and one gift bag.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this dog print ornament.

Glitzhome Stocking

The traditional Holiday décor includes one stocking per family member, hung above or around a fireplace. Accordingly, many dog owners love to include a stocking for their furbaby. While a dollar store stocking is perfectly acceptable, gifting a beautiful handmade stocking is a loving Holiday surprise. The Glitzhome Stocking offers you that opportunity.

Glitzhome offers two variations of a dog-themed stocking (and one cat-themed). First, you can choose a goofy 3D dog, which measures 22” in length. In particular, we recommend this version to those wanting a whimsical aesthetic. It features a spotted pup wearing a Holiday hat. Furthermore, his/her ears are separate pieces that are attached to flop around.

Second, you can choose a beautifully traditional dog-theme, which measures 19” in length. It features a black dog sitting in the snow and a white top reading “woof.”

The Glitzhome Stocking is special because each stocking’s front is 100% handmade. The scenes you receive are detailed and embellished with old-world love. The fabric is acrylic on the front and polyester on the back. Not only does this provide great durability, but it remains soft to the touch.

When delving into customer reviews, we note that customers love how well-made the product is. You can expect to pay between $15 and $20 for this quality stocking. In conclusion, we recommend this gift for those who crave old-world décor and crafty items.

Dog Themed Items for the Kitchen

Ann Clark Dog Themed Cookie Cutter Set

Dog mommas and dads are often found in the kitchen, baking up a storm for Holiday cookies. Whether those are doggie or human cookies is a different story! Luckily, no matter which creature you’re baking for, there are lot of cool utensils to help in your endeavor. In fact, the Ann Clark Dog Themed Cookie Cutter Set is a creative, functional gift for the baker in your family.

We recognize that great cookie cutters are hard to come by. From flimsy rims to plastic shapes that just don’t make the cut, they can be an absolute waste of time and money. According to our research, the Ann Clark Dog Themed Cookie Cutter Set should be your go-to option.

We love this company because they are based right here in the USA (Rutland, Vermont to be exact). They use tin plate steel, which has many added benefits in the baking world. First, you can use the cookie cutters for cool, room temperature, or hot food. Second, it has long lasting edges. Third, it is certified food safe.

In particular, the Ann Clark Dog Themed Cookie Cutter Set comes with four different designs included. You will receive a fire hydrant, bone, dog paw, and dog house for under $15. Each has the following measurements:

  1. Fire hydrant: 3 1/8” x 1 ¾”
  2. Bone: 3 ½” x 1 7/8”
  3. Dog paw: 3 3/8” x 2 7/8”
  4. Dog house: 3 1/8” x 3 3/8”

Customers love using this product for both human and/or dog cookies. The cutters can make up to a 1” cut into your doe. However, we do recommend careful handling to minimize the risk of bending your cookie cutter shape.

Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms

Family and friend gatherings are often paired with wine and other spirits.  In fact, the Holiday season is famous for these celebratory moments! Instead of breaking out the duct tape and sharpie, consider a more adorable way to mark your guest’s drink ware. The Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms are cute, functional, and pure genius!

If you have a host or hostess in the family, consider gifting these adorable little wine glass charms. As a matter of fact, we’re confident any wine lover will enjoy the Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms! This set of six cute 1” dog charms adhere to any glass drink ware using the power of magnetic. Simply pace the charm on the outside of your glass, then place the second magnet behind it on the other side of the glass.

Both the manufacturer and their customers note how strong the charm’s magnets are. In essence, you will not worry about loosing them in your yummy drink! On the other hand, it is not recommended to put through the dishwasher.

When digging through customer reviews, one customer verified that the charms will not scratch glass. In other words, you can break out the good drink ware without any fear. If wine glasses are not your preference, the charms will work on any type of glass drink ware. For under $20, the Simply Charmed Magnetic Dog Wine Charms are a wonderful little stocking stuffer.

Dog Themed Items for After Winter

Evergreen Life is Better with a Dog Garden Flag

Not all gifts you give this Holiday season must be used during the winter. In fact, many dog owners love items they can sport all year round. In specific, the Evergreen Dog Garden Flag will only cost under $15 and gives your loved one the ability to proudly show their dog love.

This garden flag is both cute and durable. Polyester burlap made, it is waterproof and fray-resistant. Furthermore, its lettering “Life is Better with a Dog” is heat-transferred onto the fabric. In short, we love the Evergreen Dog Garden Flag because it will hold up in a variety of weather conditions! In addition to its lovable saying, the flag sports a heart design details and unique fabric bone dangling from its end.

The flag measures 12.5” wide and 18” high and you will be able to use it with Evergreen flag hardware. Yet, we can imagine many other garden flag holders will hold it. To keep your flag clean, the manufacturer recommends using spot clean only.

While customers love this product’s durability, they do warn against knock-off products. Some individuals have gone with names other than “Evergreen” and have received horrible imitations. With this in mind, Evergreen has included a visual warning on their Amazon product page. We highly recommend purchasing this garden flag only from Evergreen, not other providers!

Click the Amazon link below to view this dog-themed garden flag.

In Closing

This Holiday season brings a brand-new opportunity to gift great dog-themed products to the pet parents in your family. More than likely, their pups are considered family as well! We scavenged through product details and customer reviews to bring you our top dog owner gifts of 2018. From Holiday décor to kitchen needs and after-winter accessories, these products are tailor made for dog lovers.

At the end of the day, gift shopping takes both time and money. Yet, we hope to make that process a little bit easier for you. Happy Holidays!