Huskies are beautiful creatures known for their piercing blue or brown eyes and wolf-like features. In fact, their fur coats are made so that they can withstand temperatures below zero degrees. Bred for cold weather, a husky probably wouldn’t manage well in an area with only high temperatures. There are many fun facts you probably didn’t know about huskies. Some of these facts however are important to know if you’re considering adding a husky to your family. There are certain standards you should be able to meet and expectations you should have before homing a husky. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Husky Breeds

A fun fact you probably didn’t know about the husky breed is that huskies are able to change their metabolism. These dogs can sprint for hours without getting tired and without tapping into their stored energy. It’s because of this that huskies have extremely high energy and need a lot of space to free roam. A huskies howl can be heard up to 10 miles away and they are known to be rather talkative dogs. Be sure to have plenty of time for your new fur baby, as huskies require a lot of attention and interaction. 

Something else you probably didn’t know about husky breed is that they are extremely friendly dogs. These pups are not your ideal watchdog but they are great family dogs, as they thrive in packs or family units. Huskies are great runners and diggers which means they are great escape artists as well. Even with a fence, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your husky during free play. 

If you have allergies or don’t care for dog hair in your home, a husky is not the dog for you. Their thick fur is self-cleaning which means less baths but they will need a lot more brushing and they shed A LOT. Overheating is possible with such a thick coat so high temperatures can be dangerous, though shaving is not recommended. Soon our team will provide a full-length article going in-depth on all the things you didn’t know about husky breeds.