The best accessories for large dogs take a bit of digging to find. Accessories are something that can let you add fun colors and patterns to your dog’s everyday look. It could be used to show their personality or even to dress them up for a special occasion. However, when it comes to accessories, it seems like large dogs have a small selection to choose from. All of the ones offered online are made for small dogs; which would make it look silly on a large pup and may even be uncomfortable for your big dog to wear. 

     To help your large dogs dress up and be just as fashionable as their friends, we have selected 6 different accessories specifically made for large dogs.No longer will your majestic beast have to settle for plain collars or boring coats! So, take your time and check out all of these great selections. Who knows, you may just find the perfect look for their upcoming birthday or playdate!

Table of Contents

The Best Accessories for Large Dogs

Kuoser Coat

Main Benefits:
  • 7 sizes: extra-small through 3XL
  • many color options
  • two sides: cotton and waterproof
  • hole for hooking leash on collar

      When you have large dogs that are as big as a golden retriever or a Labrador regular dog clothes tend to look like they were made for baby dolls. Thankfully to help these big dogs out Kuoser offers a coat in 7 different size options all the way from XS to XL, XXL, and even 3XL. To help with the fit, even more, it has elastic material around the chest so it will not be too tight and squeeze them.

     Not only will it fit comfortably but with 6 different color options, it will look cute as well. From brown to pink there will be an option for everyone. The coat itself is made out of polyester and a mix of terylene and cotton but the most unique part is what is on the outside. On one side there is a plaid design on cotton and on the other side, there is a base color on waterproof material.

      You may have a little bit of difficulty choosing a color combination but that is where the issues end. With an easy closure that the company calls a hook and loop closure you will be able to put it on and take it off without any problems. Also, with a hole included for you to hook onto a collar or a harness walks will be a breeze as well. So, get the leashes ready because there is no weather that will stop you or your dog from enjoying a walk!

heartybay Bandannas

Main Benefits:
  • medium and large size
  • cotton fabric
  • comfortable
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • sturdy

    Bandannas have been used as an accessory for after grooming, special occasions, or even just for everyday wear. There are so many different designs and colors it is the perfect way to dress your pup up. However, if you have large dogs, none of the regularly sized bandannas will fit. You are forever on a search for a cute and large bandanna! Well, now with Heartybay Bandannas your search is over! This company offers one that is not only large in size but has a cute red and black plaid design.

      The size of the triangle part itself is 31.5 x 13 x 13 inches. Then to attach this part to your dog it has two ropes added to the ends allowing you to tighten or loosen the bandanna around their neck so it sits comfortably. The large size is able to fit dogs with neck girths that measure between 13 and 23.5 inches. With this size, there will no longer be any chance for choking or uncomfortable fabric squeezing their skin.

     To make sure this bandanna is completely comfortable for them it is made with cotton. This cotton is great because it is also non-toxic which means that it will not hurt the environment. When sewing together this material they made sure to put the seams and threads on the inside covered by two layers of fabric. In turn, this will not only make it look clean but it will make it sturdy as well.

Soft Touch Collars

Main Benefits:
  • handmade leather
  • variety of color combos
  • inside pad of sheepskin leather
  • D-ring

     When you have large dogs, you love them with all your heart; which means that you want the absolute best for them. For example, when it comes to collars you would rather them have a strong and sturdy collar rather than a cheap one that will fall apart. To help you give them the best Soft Touch Collars has handmade leather collars.

     These collars are available in 5 different color combinations ranging from brown and cream to tan and teal. To get the right color the leather is tanned for about 40 days with nature-based materials. Not only is there a separate color on the inside there is also a pad of sheepskin leather. All of this is then connected with a solid brass buckle. This brass is also used for a D-ring allowing you to attach a tag or leash.

      To make sure this collar fits various breeds it comes in 4 different sizes from small to large and even includes extra large. The extra large is made to fit a dogs neck that measures between 22 and 25 inches. Its width comes to a total of 1.75 inches while its length comes to a total of 28 inches. According to the company, this collar would be the perfect size for breeds like Mastiffs, Great Danes, and Rottweilers. No matter what size you do pick the company recommends leaving around ½ of an inch of wiggle room.

yagopet Ties

Main Benefits:
  • 10 different plaid designs
  • elastic band
  • easy to modify 
  • comes already tied
  • great for dress-up

      It is quite outrageous that there is nothing to help a large dog get dressed up for a date. What is their date going to think when he shows to the dog park with a tiny little bow-tie or nothing at all?! Well, thanks to Yagopet your dog can now be the most handsome boy on the block with their own set of neckties. In this set, they will receive 10 different neckties that all have a different colorful plaid design.

     The tie itself is longer in length and has an elastic band attached that allows you to put it around their neck. This longer length and the stretchy band makes sure that it fits your dog correctly and comfortably. Some customers who have purchased these ties even say that the band is too large for their dogs and to make it fit they tied it off with a knot. This shows that it was made to fit larger dogs who may have bigger necks but will also fit smaller dogs as well.   

      To create this tie the company used polyester and recommends that when you wash it you do it by hand. This is a great trade-off since you will not have to tie it each time. All of the ties come already tied and will not unravel no matter what their event consists of. These adorable accessories can be used for a wide range of events like an office party or even a wedding.

PAWZ Hoodie

Main Benefits:
  • sizes up to 3XL
  • has a hoodie
  • sturdy and durable trims
  • extra layers of inside fabric
  • pocket included
  • machine washable

     If you live in a state that has cold weather you may be searching for a way to keep your dog warm. Unfortunately, when your dog is larger in size it is hard to find something that will fit. It will not be very useful to block the cold if it does not cover their whole body! Although, now with an XL, 2XL, and 3XL hoodie from PAWZ you will be able to them warm all season long. Not only that but since it comes in either a blue, red, or white plaid design they will look cute as well!

      To make sure that your dog will stay nice and cozy the hoodie has an extra layer of fabric on the inside. When this layer and the rest of the fabric is sewn together the company makes sure to create sturdy and durable trims. In turn, this will make sure that it does not stretch out or fall apart. Another great detail they added when putting together this hoodie is a button that will make it simple to put on and remove.

     Sometimes in the cold weather, their ears may become a bit chilly so thankfully there is a hat attached to make sure that they stay cozy as well. Also, if your dog gets a little bit hungry throughout the day there is a pocket where you can keep things like their favorite snacks or kibble. To make sure that none of these tasty treats fall out and make a mess the pocket is made with velcro. However, if they do get their hoodie a bit messy all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine and it will be as good as new!

RC Pet Products Collar

Main Benefits:
  • bright colors and funky designs
  • smooth webbing material is comfortable
  • D-ring
  • brand logo included
  • sturdy and wide

      Collars with bright colors and fun designs are such a great accessory to show off your dog’s personality. That is until this nice collar gets overtaken by the long fur of your large dog. To help make sure that your dog’s collar will get the compliments it deserves without cutting their hair back there is RC Pet Products Collars. These collars come in either medium or large and have a total of 18 different colorful designs. From flowers to cartoon sound bubbles there is an option for everyone.

      The large size that they offer will fit a dog that has a neck measuring between 15 and 25 inches. If your dog is in between these measurements the collar is fully adjustable to help you get just the right fit. To help it stand out against long hair the collar itself is made to be 1.5 inches wide. Although, do not think that just because it has a lot of material it would be uncomfortable or cause irritation. While making these collars the company used webbing that is smooth which means it will be gentle against their skin.

     Two details that were added to this collar: a D-ring and a label. The D-ring is plated with nickel and will allow you to attach any tag or leash. In fact, if you are interested in a matching leash for your collar the company does sell them separately. The label is special not only because it has the RC Pet Products logo but also because it is reflective. This will allow you to let them out at night without worrying where they are.