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Top Pick : DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion

DERMagic Dog Lotion

The top pick for this list is the DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion! Hairless pups often have itchy or dry skin. With this lotion, this problem can be solved instantly! The DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion treats various skin conditions such as yeast infections, hot spots, scaly or dry skin, and even flea allergies. Made with all-natural aloe vera leaves and vitamin e, the lotion can cure any skin problems your pup may run into. These ingredients work to get into the deepest parts of your pooch’s skin and repair the damage immediately. All of the ingredients are antibacterial and antifungal, ensuring that the product is safe for pets to use! 

The DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion contains no perfumes or artificial fragrances, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will get on their skin. Simply put the lotion on and let it soak in! After a few minutes, your pup’s skin will be soft and sparkling! We recommend covering the affected region with a t-shirt or piece of clothing. This will prevent your pup from licking off all the product and reversing the healing process! With the DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion, your pup will be happy and healthy! 

Taking Care Of Your Hairless Dog

When taking care of a hairless dog, owners need to take extra steps to make sure their pup is protected. Hairless dogs often contract skin conditions, making it extremely important that owners use the right products to combat them! Keep scrolling to learn more about taking care of a hairless dog!

Sun Protection:

Warren London Premium Dog Sunscreen

Owners should be making sure their hairless dog does not have too much exposure to the sun. Since they don’t have fur, they have no protection against the sun, leading to skin irritations. Additionally, too much sun exposure could lead to the development of skin cancer. Most hairless dogs will get the cancer in areas with the least amount of fur, this being their head and belly regions. We recommend using a sun block with at least 50 SPF protection to keep your pooch healthy and protected!

For our favorite dog sunscreen, check out our in-depth review in the article Warren London Dog Sunscreen – An In-Depth Look for more information!


Owners should be giving their hairless dogs regular baths. Since they do not have fur, they need extra products to keep their skin moisturized and smooth. Using a good oatmeal or exfoliating shampoo, will prevent the spring of skin infections or rashes. After using the shampoo, add in an extra moisturizer to fully repair and treat your pup’s skin! 

Protection from Weather:

Owners should look into getting clothes for their hairless dogs. Again no fur means no protection, this includes protection from weather conditions. Dog clothes will keep your pooch toasty during the winter time, keeping them happy and warm even though they have no fur! 

Skin Products

Since hairless dogs have no fur, their skin can often become itchy or dry. Hairless dogs can even contract skin conditions or irritations including cancer, infections, and more. Without the proper products on hand, your pooch will be in a lot of pain. This makes buying the right products such as moisturizers and shampoos extremely important. We have carefully selected the best skin care products that are especially catered for your pup. Keep scrolling for our favorite skin care products for your hairless pooch!

Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

The next pick on our list is the amazing hypoallergenic Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo! With their colloidal oatmeal formula, the shampoo will work to soothe and treat your pup’s flaky or irritated skin. The shampoo utilizes all-natural lavender essential oil to add a calming scent to your pup as well as get rid of their normal pet odor. It is even recommended by veterinarians for it’s high-quality ingredients and soothing formula. With this shampoo, say goodbye to your pooch’s dry skin!

Vet's Best Moisture Mist Dog Dry Skin Conditioner

Vet's Best Moisture Mist Conditioner

The next pick on our list for skin care products is the Vet’s Best Moisture Mist Dog Dry Skin Conditioner! This amazing moisturizer works as a leave-in conditioner for your hairless pup. Once sprayed on their designated areas,  you can watch as your pooch’s dry skin disappears completely! This leave in conditioner will not affect any flea or tick topical medications that your pooch may have taken, so they can sparkle and stay protected at the same time! Made with sage, aloe, and cucumber, these all-natural ingredients will make your pup look and feel great! 

Worried about tangles during bath time? Don’t be! The Vet’s Best Moisture Mist Dog Dry Skin Conditioner actually helps to detangle your dog’s fur as it adds in moisture and helps them get that shine on their coat! Use it daily, when they get out the bath, or just when you notice their skin is irritated to relieve their pain and take away their flaky skin. With so many benefits, the Vet’s best Moisture Mist Dog Dry Skin Conditioner holds up to be a top contender!

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo

earthbath dog shampoo

The third pick on our list is the Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe vera Dog Shampoo! This all-natural, cruelty-free shampoo will soothe any pooch’s dry skin. It’s safe and gentle cleansing formula works to repair your dog’s skin. The oatmeal and aloe vera works to combat skin irritation as it re-moisturizes your pup. The shampoo is fully pH balanced and safe for all pets to use. With it’s amazing natural scent, your pooch will smell fantastic afterwards!

Alternatives and More!

In need of more skin product options for your hairless dog? Not a problem, we got you covered with tons of alternatives. Check out our article on our favorite Skin Care Products for Hairless Dogs or our article on The Best Grooming Products By Warren London for more information!

Clothing Items

For hairless dogs, clothing is almost an absolute necessity. Without it’s protection, your pup will likely freeze if put in cold temperatures. Since they are hairless, they already have no resistance to the weather, making clothing extremely important. Keep scrolling to see our favorite clothing pieces for your hairless pup!

FITWARM Thermal Pet Onesie

Our first pick for clothing is the comfy and cozy FITWARM Thermal Pet Onesie! This snuggly pick is made from velvet, cotton and polyester, keeping your pooch toasty even on those bitter cold nights! To create the comfortable fit you want, use the ribbed elastic legs to adjust as needed. For potty breaks, the onesie is cut higher on the belly region, allowing easy access if your pooch has to go. It’s thick but breathable fabric will keep your hairless pup protected and happy! The onesie even features hedgehog images with hearts for a small stylish touch. With so many benefits, the FITWARM Thermal Pet Onesie is sure to impress! 

For sizing, owners should be making sure they are taking the proper measurements needed to correlate with the perfect size. Take measurements of your dog’s chest girth and back length, excluding their tail. Next, use the sizing chart made by FITWARM to find the right one for you! The onesie is available in sizes ranging from extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large, allowing pups of all sizes to use it! 

FITWARM Fleece Jumpsuit

FITWARM Thermal Jumpsuit

The next pick for clothing on our list is the FITWARM Fleece Jumpsuit! Made from gentle, thick fleece fabric, this jumpsuit is sure to keep your furry friends warm. It’s four-legged design combined with an elastic waistband will allow you to create the perfect fit, making your pooch comfortable and happy! The FITWARM Fleece Jumpsuit is perfect for both everyday wear and any special occasions. It’s simple but snuggly design is sure to add a small fashionable touch to your dog’s look! 

Owners can choose from the sizes extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large for their pup. Owners can take measurements of their pup’s chest girth as well as their back length, excluding their tail to find the proper fit. With so many size options, all of your furry friends can stay warm! 

Cute Bone Onesie

The last clothing pick on our list is the Cute Bone Onesie! This comfortable piece features your choice of either rockets or robots as the design, for a fun, stylish touch. The onesie is made from 100% soft, durable polyester, leaving your hairless pup extremely toasty while in the cold! It includes a four legged design with an elastic waist for adjustment. You may wonder, what if they need to go potty? Not a problem with the Cute Bone onesie! The jumpsuit has an open belly, making it extremely easy for your pooch to go whenever they need to. As an added bonus, the onesie will also help reduce shedding, leaving you with a clean floor! With so many benefits, the Cute Bone Onesie is definitely a great choice for your hairless pup! 

Concerned about cleaning? No worries, the Cute Bone Onesie is machine washable. Pop it in the washing machine on the cold cycle and wait for it to clean. Once done, let the onesie air dry or put it in the dryer on a low setting. After that, you and your pooch are good to go! 

For sizes, the Cute Bone onesie comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. Owners can measure their dog’s chest girth and back length, and then utilize the sizing chart to find the perfect fit. With all these sizes, all of your dogs can be comfortable and happy in the Cute Bone Onesie!

Closing Thoughts

Overall, all of the products above have been carefully selected by us for their superior quality and standard. Each one will help protect your pooch from harmful things such as the sun and cold weather conditions. With these products, your hairless dog will be good to go!