Your active dog loves adventure. Mostly, he/she is filled with energy and all ready to go! To match such an active lifestyle, you need a reliable collar and/or harness. Your playful pup might be a little more rough on their accessories. Accordingly, it becomes imperative to find a great collar or harness that can take the heat!

Our Favorite Harnesses for Active Dogs

Best Overall- RUFFWEAR Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness

For those who have dogs that are rough pullers, this one’s for you. Pet owners will appreciate the two leash attachments on this harness. There is one on the chest for more control during training and one on the back for more relaxed walks and hikes. It also provides aluminum attachment rings for a durable but safe connection for you and your pup. What makes this harness unique is the built-in pockets for dog’s ID tag so your pup can enjoy collar free adventures. This harness also has a reflective trim so dogs will be more noticeable even in the dark.

Additionally, this harness makes it easy to gear up and get on the go! It’s specifically designed to easily slip over your dog’s head while staying secure with side release buckles. While this harness is made for security, it also provides comfort for extended walks, runs, or hikes. Your pup will have a customized fit with four points of adjustment that will allow full range of movement. It also has a padded chest and belly panel for maximum comfort.

The RUFFWEAR Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness comes in six colors and five sizes. The colors include blue, green, orange, purple, berry, and grey. It comes in sizes xx-small (13-17 inches), x-small (17-22 inches), small (22-27), medium (27-32 inches), and large/x-large (32-42 inches). All of their products are tested in a rigorous field that they proudly guarantee against defects in the material and durability.

Best for Small Dogs- Embark Pets Active Dog Harness

 This harness is one you will want your small pup to wear every time you take them walking, running, or hiking. It features a front attachment and a back attachment for extra control and training. It’s great for service dogs, rescue dogs, and therapy dogs with a no pull support. You can also use this harness with seat belt attachments for a safer car ride. The front attachment allows pet owners to train dogs to stop pulling. The back attachment is used for everyday use and distributing the force of pulling evenly instead of just the neck.  

Furthermore, you can adjust the harness for a comfortable snug fit for your dog. It also has soft padded interior that is lightweight so your pup can move around freely without any discomfort. It’s easy to put on and take off with a control handle on the back. It features a reflective trim for nighttime visibility so you can enjoy walks without worrying about losing sight of your dog. The harness works great for different shapes and sizes. A variety of smaller breeds can use this collar including Beagles, French Bulldogs, Yorkshires, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzer, Pug, Miniature Poodles, and Shih Tzu’s.  

Sizes include:

 X- Small – Stomach 13-17 inches, neck 11-16 inches.

Small – Stomach 16-24 inches, neck 16-24 inches.

Medium – Stomach 24-31 inches, neck 17-25 inches.

Large – Stomach 31-43 inches, neck 18-26 inches.

X-Large – Stomach 43-47 inches, neck 19-32 inches.

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Best for Large Dogs- Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

If you want a harness that is safe, stylish, and durable for medium to large dogs, then Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness should be one of your choices. This lightweight material makes it easy for larger dogs to move comfortably for a longer duration. Just like the others mentioned above, it has soft padding in the chest and belly, but what makes this different is that it has mesh lining for a cooling effect. It’s easy to slide over the dog’s head and has pull straps through a buckle for a custom fit. This harness features an O-ring attachment on the dog’s chest and a D-ring attachment on the dogs back.

Safety features include reflective material for good visibility at night and a sturdy handle for securing your dog in the car for a safer car trip. It’s made with premium quality that is easy to fit, durable, and comfortable for pups. What’s better than that? Unlike collars, this harness eliminates the pressure from dog’s necks, which prevents painful injuries in the neck or spine. Even if your dog is not a puller, a collar can still cause an injury if they make a quick unexpected movement.

This harness is great for training larger breeds to not pull as the pressure is evenly distributed throughout your dog’s entire body. Chest sizes include x-small (13-17), small (17-22), medium (22-27), large (27-32), and x-large (32-42).

Our Favorite Collars for Active Dogs

Best Overall – Pioneer Petcore Reflective Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

This collar is perfect for active outdoorsy dogs who love to play. The Pioneer Petcore Reflective Neoprene Padded Dog Collar is designed with an athletic dog in mind. This sport collar is made with high-grade waterproof material that is easy to clean and dries quickly. The material also prevents that smelly wet dog odor. Unlike most collars, it has neoprene lined on the inside for extra support and comfort. The padding goes all around the collar so the buckle does not touch the dog or irritate their skin. This will provide the maximum comfort for even the most active dogs who might pull or jump.

Not only does the material provide comfort and durability, but it also has reflective piping for night safety. It has reflectors on both sides for increased safety for nighttime activities. Pioneer Petcore offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 months replacement warranty. If there is any problem, they will replace the dog collar no questions asked!

It comes in various colors including blue, green, black, pink, purple, and red. You can even customize the collar by embroidering their name and a phone number that is permanently stitched into the collar. If your dog gets lost, this collar will help bring your pup home fast with easy access to your information. Sizes of this dog collar include x-small (8.7-11.8 inches), small (11.8-15.7 inches), medium (15.7-19.7 inches), large (19.7-23.6 inches), and x-large 23.6-27.5).

Best for Large Dogs– Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Dog Collar 

If you love heavy duty but lightweight collars for active dogs then Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Dog Collar is for you. This sport collar is great for dogs who love to go on walks, runs, hikes, swims, and other outdoor activities. The material was specifically chosen for its durability and toughness. It’s made to be able to support energetic and playful dogs. It features padding and improved traction for comfort during higher level activities.

This collar also has reflective thread stitched along the collar for visibility in the dark. Mighty Paw also guarantees your money back if it does not meet your expectations for any reason. You will be able to return it with no questions asked. Size include small, medium, large, and x-large in either black or grey.

Best for Small Dogs- RUFFWEAR Top Rope Strong Dog Collar 

The RUFFWEAR Top Rope Strong Dog Collar is made for you and your dog’s adventures! It has durable woven fabric that will be able to handle high activity level and leash connections. The reflective trim on the collar lets you continue your fun adventures even in the dark. This collar makes it easy to put the leash on and go. It has a metal buckle that stabilizes the V-ring at the top of your dog’s neck. You’ll spend less time getting ready and more time having fun! The single piece aluminum ring provides a strong connection to the leash that will keep your dog safe.

Even better, this collar features a quick ring for dog ID tags that is made of silicone for less noise. The Top Rope collar is available in three neck sizes. Sizes include small (11-14 inches), medium (14-20 inches), large (20-26 inches).

More Collars for Active Dogs

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar – USB Rechargeable 

This is the perfect collar for activities in low light or in the dark. This greatly improves your dog’s safety at night especially near roads or if they get lost. Along the entire collar is a strip of LED light to increase their visibility. The light can last up to 5 hours with full charge, which takes an hour. There are three different light variations in the collar. The first one is slow flashing, the second is rapid flashing, and the third is a steady beam.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar has a strong and durable material that will last a long time and provide comfort for the dog. Sizes include xx-small (8.6-11.4 inches), x-small (9-13.7 inches), small (13-17 inches), medium (16-20 inches), large (19-24 inches), x-large (21.6-27.5).

Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar

If you worry about your high energy dog running away or go missing, this collar is for you. Custom Catch fully engraves your dog’s name as well as your contact information. The lettering is permanently stitched and strands of thread from the embroidery won’t loosen. Having your information on your dog’s collar will increase the chances of your dog being found faster and safer.

Additionally, personalized dog collars give you control of exactly what you want on your dog’s collar. You can also choose from a variety of prints including paws, hearts, and bones. Sizes include x-small (8.5-11 inches), small (11.5-14 inches), medium (14.5-17.5), large (18-22 inches).