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Many dogs have anxiety towards new people, loud noises, and even separation anxiety. Adaptil (dog appeasement pheromone) is a great, natural way to combat anxiety without the use of prescriptions or chemicals. Adaptil copies the natural pheromone that dogs  emit after giving birth in order to help their puppies feel calm. This pheromone also works to calm down adult dogs. Adaptil can help your dog focus better, and decrease the signs of stress and anxiety such as barking, chewing, and other destructive behavior. We love adaptil because it can be given to your dog without physical contact; check out some of our favorite Adaptil products, from diffusers, to sprays, and even collars.

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Anxiety is a natural response to certain situations, objects, or people that your dog feels threatened by. It is normal for dogs to have anxiety when presented with unfamiliar stimuli, but some pups have more fear and anxiety than others. It is important to understand what things may trigger your dog and help them to feel at ease when you can. Common causes of anxiety for dogs are thunderstorms, fireworks, new people, the vet, and various objects. Although, every dog is unique. Dogs may have the same triggers for anxiety but react to these triggers in different ways. Some dogs may destroy the house, some may pace and pant, and others may try and hide. No two dogs are alike in the way they show their anxiety.

common signs of anxiety

Not only does every pup have their own fears and phobias, they also respond with different levels of anxious behavior. A mildly anxious dog may have their tail tucked and be withdrawn or even hide. You may notice your pup trembling or licking and biting themselves. More anxious dogs may continuously pace and pant, increasing their heart rate even more. With certain levels of anxiety, it may be best to take your pup to the vet to rule out any other causes of these symptoms, but these calming dog treats are the perfect solution for many dogs.

will adaptil help my dog?

Adaptil will help calm your dog down and prevent destructive behavior caused by stress or anxiety. Typically it can help reduce excessive chewing, barking, urinating indoors, or general anxiety. The pheromones used in Adaptil will comfort your dog and help them get over their anxiety issues. However; if the root of your dog’s issues is not anxiety, Adaptil won’t do much to help. Dogs with medical conditions that cause urination, excited puppies, and dogs with aggression problems won’t be phased too much by Adaptil. You should seed either trainers or medical attention for these problems. 

why use adaptil?

Oral medication can often have negative side affects and make your dog act differently (not in a good way). Adaptil is a great place to start your search for an anti-anxiety remedy. Oftentimes, by the time your pup is worked up and anxious, they’re too stressed out to eat or drink anything. This can make it hard to try to give them pills or medicated treats to combat anxiety.


You also can’t always expect the triggers that excite your pup. You may not always be at the house to give your pup a calming treat or feed them anti-anxiety solutions. Fortunately, Adaptil is a natural way to calm your dog down without the use of additional chemicals or medications. Your pup will have access to the 24/7 helping them to feel comforted regardless of where you are and what you’re able to give to them. Adaptil can be given through special collars, diffusers, and sprays. 

The collars are great for 24/7 calming. Your pup will have it around their neck at all times, and you’ll only need to change their collar once per month. They’ll always be surrounded by the pheromones, helping to alleviate stress and make them feel more comfortable. The diffusers are great for at-home use. Simply plug them into a room where your dog spends most of their time. The diffusers will fill the room with the odorless pheromones and leave your dog feeling relaxed. If you’re on-the go and need an occasional calming aid for your dog, the sprays are your best friend. You can easily spray your dog’s crate or the inside of your car to make trips to the vet easier, or help them adjust to their new surroundings. Check out our top picks below. 

Adaptil Collar

adaptil collar

If your dog has mild to moderate anxiety, the Adaptil collar is a great option. It allows you to treat your dogs anxious behaviors without giving them oral medication. his collar is worth a try if other supplements or products for anxious dogs haven’t worked for your dog. The collar’s pheromones work up to 4 weeks, giving your pup 24/7 protection for an entire month!

The collar is ideal for puppies especially. You can let your new pup wear the collar 24/7, and it will help them adjust to new situations and become more comfortable in your home. We also recommend the collar for dogs to excessively bark or whine. While wearing it your pup will be comforted and won’t be stressed out to the point where they feel the need to bark or whine. 

If your pup is soiling your house and urinating indoors (not due to a medical problem), the collar can work wonders. Your pup will have 24/7 relief with this collar helping them stay calm and stress-free, making them feel more comfortable going outside and help them to have healthy reactions to excitement and stress.

The Adaptil collar is available in two sizes, and fits just about every dog. We also love that this collar is completely adjustable. No matter how large or small your pooch is, it’ll be just the right size. If the Adaptil collar works for your dog, it’s easy to mark a date on your calendar to change the collar right along with monthly flea and tick treatments. It doesn’t add much to your monthly routine, because all you have to do is put a new collar on!

If you’d like to find out more about this collar, check out our in depth review here.

Adaptil Diffuser Kit

comfort zone

Comfort Zone is a leading brand for Adaptil products that help calm your pup. The diffuser kit is a great way to give your pup Adaptil without buying a special collar or waiting until your pup is anxious to take action. Simply plug the diffuser into a wall, and it’ll slowly release the pheromone. This kit is veterinarian recommended, completely drug-free, and unscented. You won’t be able to smell the effects, but you’ll notice the behavior changes in your dog!

If you have a new puppy the diffuser is ideal. Simply plug it in in an area where your new puppy spends most of their time, and it will help keep them calm in comfortable in their new surroundings. You can also use it to deter excessive barking, whining, or even house spoiling. Just plug it in where your dog spends most of their time, and the pheromones will help prevent the stress and anxiety that cause destructive behavior. The diffusers will cover areas up to 650 square feet, and will last your dog about a month at a time. When the Adaptil runs out, simply buy a refill via Amazon, and you’ll be good to go for another month.

Adaptil Spray

adaptil spray

If you don’t need to calm your pup down 24/7, the Adaptil spray is a great alternative. Simply spray it near your dog before anxiety inducing activities such as going to the vet, and it will release the calming pheromone. It will reduce stress and give your pup a comforting and calming sensation when they need it most. You can easily spray it on your hands and then rub it on your pup’s harness, color, or crate. It can cause eye irritation however, so be sure not to spray it directly near your dog’s eyes. 

This spray is not only handy for using in your home, but it’s the only way to give your pup the relief of Adaptil on the go. You can take it with you on road trips, or even pack it as a carry-on for long flights. You can spray it when your pup needs it the most, no matter where you end up. It’s a great short-term solution to anxiety for dogs that don’t have severe symptoms. You can purchase this travel spray in a convenient 60 mL bottle from Amazon.

When using the spray simply spray 8 pumps directly on your dog’s kennel, inside of your car, or anywhere where your pup may feel anxiety 15 minutes prior to your dog entering that area. You can then re-spray the area every 4-5 hours if your dog still needs a calming aid.