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Many dogs have anxiety towards new people, loud noises, and even separation anxiety. Adaptil is a drug-free way to combat anxiety without the use of prescriptions or chemicals. Their products copy the natural pheromone that dogs emit after giving birth in order to help their puppies feel calm. Not only does it work on puppies, but this pheromone also works to calm down adult dogs. Overall, the purpose of Adaptil is to reduce the signs of stress and anxiety such as barking, chewing, and other destructive behavior. Below, you can find some of our favorite Adaptil products including diffusers, sprays, and even collars.

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If your dog has mild to moderate anxiety, the Adaptil collar is a great option. It allows you to treat your dogs anxious behaviors without giving them oral medication. If other supplements and products haven’t cured your dog’s anxiety, this collar will be worth a try. The collar’s pheromones work up to 4 weeks, giving your pup 24/7 protection for an entire month! For the best results, make sure you leave it on your dog continuously except for when bathing or grooming.  

The Adaptil collar is available in two sizes, and fits just about every dog. Plus, this collar is completely adjustable to give your dog a comfortable fit. No matter how large or small your pooch is, it’ll be just the right size. Also, if the Adaptil collar works for your dog, it’s easy to mark a date on your calendar to change the collar right along with monthly flea and tick treatments. It doesn’t add much to your monthly routine, because all you have to do is put a new collar on your pup.

  • Small: Fits necks up to 14.7 inches
  • Medium/Large: Fits necks up to 24.6 inches

If you’d like to learn more about this collar, check out our in depth article The Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar Review. 

The Adaptil Junior is a calming collar meant for puppies, which helps them learn and adapt to a new home. Regarding the size, it fits necks up to 14.7 inches and is for puppies 35 lbs and less. When bringing a new puppy into your home, they can be extremely anxious. They are getting used to a new environment and don’t have their mother around anymore, which causes lots of stress for a puppy. To combat their anxiety, you can provide them with an Adaptil Junior collar. This will help reduce whining and whimpering, which are common when bringing a new puppy home.

Just like the other Adaptil collar, this one works for up to 4 weeks. Then, you will need to get a replacement. Keep in mind, you should leave it on your dog at all times except for when giving your dog a bath. Also, the Adaptil Junior can be used until your pup is 6 months old. 

The diffuser kit is a great way to give your pup Adaptil without buying a special collar or waiting until your pup is anxious to take action. Simply plug the diffuser into a wall, and it’ll slowly release the pheromone. This kit is veterinarian recommended, completely drug-free, and unscented. You won’t be able to smell the effects, but you’ll notice the behavior changes in your dog. Plug it in in an area where your dog spends most of their time, and it will help keep them calm in comfortable in their surroundings. 

You can also use it to deter excessive barking, whining, or even house spoiling. The diffusers will cover areas up to 700 square feet, and last your dog about a month at a time. According to Adaptil, you should avoid plugging the diffuser in behind doors, furniture, or under shelves. These areas can impair how it works. Ideally, plugging it into open spaces will be your best bet. 

Currently, the only option on Amazon for the diffuser includes 2 refills, making it a bit more pricey. When trying it for the first time, you might not be interested in getting 2 refills. If you’re looking for a more cost friendly option, we suggest the collar or spray.

If you don’t need to calm your pup down 24/7, the Adaptil spray is a suitable option. Simply spray it near your dog before anxiety inducing activities (like going to the vet), and it will release the calming pheromone. The spray will reduce stress and give your pup a comforting and calming sensation when they need it most. In addition, you can spray it on your hands and then rub it on your pup’s harness, color, or crate. However, it can cause eye irritation, so be sure not to spray it directly near your dog’s eyes. 

This spray is not only handy for using in your home, but it’s ideal for taking on trips with your pup. You can bring it with you on vacation, or even pack it as a carry-on for long flights. Traveling is especially stressful for dogs, making this a wonderful item to take with you. You can purchase this travel spray in a convenient 60 mL bottle from Amazon.

To use the spray, apply it to areas that your dog will be spending time in. For example, if you’re going for a car ride, spray it on the seat that they will be sitting in. Then, you’ll need to wait 10 minutes before letting your dog into the car, and the same goes for spraying it in their kennel or carrier. You can reapply it every 4-5 hours. You should NEVER spray it directly on your dog or in their carrier if they are already inside of it. 

About Dog Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response to certain situations, objects, or people that your dog feels threatened by. It is normal for dogs to have anxiety when presented with unfamiliar stimuli, but some pups have more fear and anxiety than others. It is important to understand what things may trigger your dog, so you can be prepared to help them when possible. Common causes of anxiety for dogs are thunderstorms, fireworks, new people, the vet, and various objects. 

common signs of anxiety

Each dog is unique and behave in different ways when experiencing anxiety. It’s important to learn the signs of your dog’s anxiety, so you can take action to help relieve their stress. Some common signs of anxiety in dogs include:

  • Pacing 
  • Excessive panting
  • Hiding
  • Tail tucked between their legs
  • Barking, whining, or whimpering

will adaptil help my dog?

Truly, it’s hard to determine whether Adaptil will work until you try it. Unfortunately, many dog owners say that these products don’t work for their dogs. On the other hand, there are success stories of from plenty of dog moms and dads. If you’re totally against using medication, or your dog can’t take them, Adaptil will be worth a shot. 

Keep in mind, if the root of your dog’s issues is not anxiety, Adaptil won’t do much to help. Dogs with medical conditions that cause urination, excited puppies, and dogs with aggression problems won’t be phased by Adaptil. Instead, you should seek trainers or medical attention for these problems. 

why use adaptil?

Oral medication is often made with chemicals that have negative side effects, which can be worrisome for a pet parent. Adaptil is a great place to start your search for a drug-free anti-anxiety remedy. By the time your pup is worked up and anxious, they might be too stressed out to eat or drink anything. This can make it hard to try to give them pills or medicated treats to combat anxiety. Fortunately, none of Adaptil’s products are used orally. 

You can’t always prepare for your dog stressers, like unexpected thunderstorms or loud noises. In addition, your dog could experience anxiety while you’re away from home and unable to feed them a pill. With Adaptil products, they conveniently reduce stress without having to be there in the moment. For the most constant calming effect, we suggest the collar options. Your pup will have it around their neck at all times, giving them the calming sensation that they need. The diffuser is also fairly constant, but isn’t in direct contact with your dog like the collar. 

Do We Recommend These Products?

If you’ve tried everything to relieve your dog’s anxiety but nothing has worked, we recommend trying Adaptil products. However, we think you should try other effective methods first, since there are a lot of people who say Adaptil hasn’t worked for them. For example, there are plenty of calming treats out there with raving reviews from customers. Specifically, we’ve come to be fans of the SmartBones Calming Care Dog Chews, which you can purchase here. 

As a matter of  fact, we’ve reviewed some of the most high quality treats for relieving anxiety in dogs. To see more calming treats for dogs, head on over to our article on The Best Calming Treats for Dogs.