No-Bark sprays are a great way to correct excessive barking. There are both manual and automatic options available, and they’re all safe to use on dogs of any age! From citronella collars, to pheromone sprays, we’ve reviewed the most popular options to help you make smart buying choices for your pooch!

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why do dogs bark?

Barking is perfectly natural for dogs, however, if the barking becomes excessive, it’s time to make some changes. If you’re dog is barking too much, you should first figure out what is causing this unwanted behavior. The most popular cause of barking stems from your dog’s natural instinct to protect their house. Most dogs are territorial of their yards, toys, houses, and humans. When something or someone gets too close, this can trigger barking. While this is a natural behavior, you can still train your dog to be quiet when a friend comes close to, or inside of your house. 

Many dogs that suffer from separation anxiety will bark when they’re left alone. If you notice that your dog is barking while partaking in repetitive behaviors such as running in circles, this is probably due to anxiety. The answer here may be to get your dog a companion, or be sure that someone is checking in with your pup occasionally for extra love and attention.

Of course most dogs will also bark when they want something; a potty break, food, attention, etc. These barks are important, however, there are better ways for your dog to show you what they want, it just takes the right training. From bathroom bells, to food schedules, you can give your dog everything they need without waiting for them to bark at you. 

If your dog is constantly barking and wagging their tail when they meet new people, this is simply a kind gesture. They’re trying to be friendly, and don’t realize that their excessive barking isn’t necessarily a welcoming gesture. While this is a friendly noise, it still may be best to train your dog to find better ways to greet new guests. 

no-bark sprays

No-bark sprays are probably the simplest manual training aid to correct barking. The sprays are all very humane, and you can use them to correct any unwanted behavior; barking, chewing, even jumping. Your pup doesn’t necessarily need to be wearing a special collar for these sprays to work, you simply have to be with your pup. You can try out sprays that smell bad, simply annoy your pup, or simply catch them off guard and make them want to adjust their behavior. 

pet corrector

This pet corrector works a little bit differently than traditional sprays. Rather than emitting a bad scent or taste, this can emits a hissing sound with a quick burst of hair. In this way, you can catch your dog in the act, and use the can to train them not to bark. This is a great product to use if you need help correcting more than just barking. You can use this can to correct all kinds of bad habits; jumping, chewing, stealing food, and more. It’s completely human, and safe. All it contains is air, helping you communicate to your dog that their behavior is wrong. 

Many pet parents have found this corrector to be a life savor.  If you have a pet with multiple behavior issues, we suggest giving this all-encompassing corrector a try.

Citronella Collar

Citronella collars are a very popular option for people who don’t want to use shock collars. They let out a bit of citronella when your dog barks. Most dogs will hate the smell, gradually learning that barking will lead to the unpleasant smell. Usually the spray is too small to bother you, but as your dog’s nose is ultra sensitive, they’ll get the full effect. 

Petsafe is a brand we’ve grown to trust. Their citronella anti-bark collar is one of the best on the market. It uses a quick burst of citronella spray to deter your pup from barking. If you’re worried about the citronella scent, you can try out the unscented version as well. 

The Citronella Collar uses a 6-volt battery (included), no need to worry about recharging the collar all the time. The collar holds 25 sprays, and the can holds up to 300 sprays. With most pups, the cans will last your pup for a long time. 

Unfortunately, because the collar will consistently spray your pup for barking, it could deter them from barking altogether. This is more common with extended use, if you’re concerned, simply remove the collar. 

You should also be aware that the citronella collar is pretty sensitive. It could spray your pup for whining, or barking softly to get your attention. Fortunately, you can adjust the microphone accordingly to make the collar as effective as possible. 

While this collar may not be the perfect solution, it is a great way to deter barking without hurting your pooch. It’s also affordable, and sure to last your dog a long time!

sentry stop that!

The Sentry spray works a bit differently than the other sprays we’ve seen on the market. It uses both noise and pheromone technology to correct behavior. It’s completely safe, easy to use, and best of all – it works! The noise will get the attention of your pooch, and the pheromone will calm and refocus your dog almost immediately. Rather than simply catching your dog’s attention with a burst of scent or air, this spray works to create a longer-lasting impact with your dog. 

To use the spray, just stand about a foot away from your pup and spray out a short burst. Your pup will learn pretty quickly that they need to adjust their behavior to avoid the sprays. If you have a pup with any behavioral issues that you want to be able to correct manually, this spray will be an absolute lifesaver.