Splish, splash, shake; now your bathroom floor is covered in water! Giving your dog a bath is always an adventure. It is never easy trying to keep them still while they are trying to escape the sound and strength of the water. In the end, you and your bathroom always seem to get soaked; getting a bath that you never intended. However, thanks to Aquapaw, bathtime will be a lot easier and a lot less stressful!

With a bathing tool and a distracting feeder, your dog will stay still and allow you to clean from their paws to their ears. This will not only save you a lot of time but will save a lot of dirty towels! So, let your dog live their best life in the mud because a bath is now nothing that either of you will fear.

We wanted to get a closer look at the Aquapaw’s Pet Bathing Tool and Slow Treater. The idea of having a product to lend a hand during bath time is simply genius!


   The Aquapaw company started with the goal to make bath time easier for not only you but your pet as well. In order to do this, they wanted to make products that would not be so scary to your dog. In turn, this will make them more comfortable in the bath and decrease their attempts to escape. The first of their products is called the Pet Bathing Tool and was released on Kickstarter in November 2016. Although, their helpful tools did not just stop there! Recently they have released their second product called the Slow Treater. With both of these tools, the company hopes that your bath time will be a lot more enjoyable and create an even closer connection between you and Fido.

There are three parts to the team that make this company and its products possible. Daniel Lentz is at the top of the list as the founder of Aquapaw. From his experience of bathing the family’s dogs, Daniel knew the challenges that all pet owners face. To combat these challenges in college he came up with the idea of the Pet Bathing Tool. It took a couple years to perfect but in the end, the product was ready!

Tom Zipprian is the co-founder and helped to make Daniel’s thoughts come to life. As a professional Design Engineer, Tom works to make the products that the company is envisioning real and ready for customers. To finish the team is Cali, who Aquapaw has named the “boss.” Cali, who is a dog, helps the company by testing out products and letting them know if it is ready for the dog community!

For creating these helpful tools the company has earned three different awards. These awards are 2017’s Editors’ Choice Award from Pet Product News, 2017’s Industry Recognition Award from Pet Business, and Best in Show in the Dog Category at the Global Pet Expo. With all of these awards, it is clear that Aquapaw’s tools are a favorite for many! However, if you are still worried about your purchase they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. With this warranty, if your product gets damaged over time from personal use they will either repair the tool, replace the tool, or give you a refund.


The first product that Aquapaw has is the Pet Bathing Tool. This tool is one of a kind because of its unique features. With the glove on your hand attached to a hose, all you have to do is make a fist to turn it on! Making that fist, you will press a button on your palm that allows the water to start running. Being able to do all of this with one hand allows your other hand to stay free. In essence, you can make sure your dog stays in the tub and does not shake all over the bathroom. Or, you can use your free hand to further sooth your furbaby and keep them calm.

The Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool’s glove sports rubbery bristles that help massage into your pup’s furry coat. This enables you to truly scrub out deep grime and thoroughly wash all layers. Fido will feel like he or she is at the spa! Furthermore, the product comes with two different connective adapters. In addition to the shower adapter, there is a hose adapter which enables you to give baths outside as well!

To make this product the best it can be, the company made sure to take special care making each of these features. By working to make each the best, you will be able to use them for many bath times to come. For example, the glove has a strap that will allow you to tighten or loosen it as you please. This means that it will fit any hand and not fall or slip off! Also, being silicone made, the glove is comfortable and will not irritate your skin.

The product’s eight foot hose allows an owner to reach all the way around around sized pup. With this, you will not be straining to get the soap off or accidentally spray their face while trying to spray from far away. To make sure that the water makes it to the glove and does not leak they use sturdy adapters made from chrome plastic. However, because each country does not have the same hose you can choose from North American adapters or International adapters.

With so many well-made features there is no question that this tool will help during bath time. According to Aquapaw, the water flow is 2.5 gallons per minute, which is almost the same as a showerhead. Although, to not scare a dog they slowed down the strength of the water flow. In turn, this will allow you to fully clean them without Fido shaking or trying to escape. Also, with the rubbery bristles on the glove, you are able to get deep into your dog’s fur. This means that no matter how thick their fur is they will still be fully cleaned. Some customers even said that the scrubbing from the bristles actually calmed their dog down even more!

To make bath time even easier you do not have to take the adapters on and off each time. Once they are on you can just switch the water flow back and forth from the shower head to glove. In the end, all of these features work together and allow you to give your dog a bath without any issues. Instead of a big scary event, it is now something you both can enjoy.


   If you have tried everything but your dog still hates baths, distracting him may just do the trick! Aquapaw’s Slow Treater enables an owner to spread their pup’s favorite treat and easily offer it during bathing time. In essence, this product gives Fido a great, irresistible distraction!

According to the company, you can stick the Slow Treater to things like tiles, glass, or somewhere like the refrigerator. During bath time, the dog will lick the treat off and be so distracted that they will not care about the water. The rubbery bristles in the middle will make them work harder to get the treat stuck between them which will slow them down and give you more time to bathe. When you are done, easily remove the product by using its tabs to pull it off your surface.

To make sure this product is the best it can be Aquapaw made sure to include many more great and helpful qualities. For example, the product is made out of one 100% silicone. This means it is safe for your dog to lick and will not make them ill. To help slow down your dog, even more, this product is also freezable. This will allow you to freeze the treat on the product and make it take a little extra work to lick it off.

With all of these treats being squished in between the bristles, you may have been worried about the cleanup. However, since it is completely dishwasher safe there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is throw it in for a round in the dishwasher and it will be ready for the next time! Additionally, the Slow Treaters are manufactured to be stackable. This means that they will easily fit anywhere and not fall all over to make a mess.

With all of these great features working together Aquapaw’s Slow Treater will definitely help you and your pup during bath time. Just by placing the treat-filled product on the wall your dog will be inclined to get into the tub! This will save a lot of pulling, pushing, and crying from both you and them. Also, by having the treat stuck to the wall they will stay in the tub until it is all gone. In turn, this will allow you to have the time you need to make sure they are fully clean.

By having them focus on getting the treat off the product their mind will be so preoccupied with something else they will not even care for the bath! This will make them stay still so you can make sure all the soap is scrubbed in and also washed all off. A few of Aquapaw’s customers even said they would use this product while clipping their dog’s nails. With this tool, bath time can be something your dog actually looks forward to and does not try to avoid at all cost.