There are many different styles of leashes that each have specific features to match your particular lifestyle. However, one has been at the fore-front of some controversy among pet parents and training experts: the retractable dog leash. This style of dog leash ifeatures a small container in or near the handle that stores extra length of leash. The wound-up can be pulled out or in by the dog or owner. Plus, a small button gives an owner the power to put a hard stop on the leashes extension or retraction.

     This dog leash may be popular among dog owners but there are some important things to consider before you get one for yourself. Since they are so popular, it is clear that there are some pros to using a retractable dog leash. Although, what many owners do not realize is that there are also some pretty glaring safety cons. These cons are not just discomfort or sturdiness. Instead, there are actual safety hazards with using retractable leashes that could cause some issues for you and your dog.

     Now, before you go and spend hours researching all the pros and cons, we want to let you know more about our upcoming article. In this piece, we will present you with all of the information and research we have done on retractable leashes. Not only will we cover all aspects of the controversy, but we will also include the best and worst scenarios to use one. If after the article you find that this leash is right for you we will also have a few of our top retractable leashes included for you to check out. These leashes will all be available on Amazon allowing you to order it with just a click of a paw.