Traveling with your dog can be great for bonding and getting them out of the house, whether you’re going camping, hiking, or even just a short trip to the store. What isn’t great is when your dog gets out of the car and you realize that your once clean  seat is now covered in fur and dirt, and whatever else your dog could have possibly dragged in. With a dog seat cover, this problem can be solved! They will keep your pup comfortable while simultaneously keeping your seats spotless. If you love travelling with your pup, a dog seat cover is almost an absolute necessity! 

BarksBar Seat Cover

In this article we will be covering the amazing BarksBar’s dog seat cover, a high quality and affordable option to protect your pup and your car! We will also go over the benefits of the BarksBar dog seat cover and why it should be considered as a new edition to your dog gear for every trip, no matter how big or small. Traveling with your best friend should be something to remember and enjoy, not something to stress and upset you as the owner. With the BarksBar dog seat cover, you can eliminate any and all stress associated with travelling with your pup! Keep scrolling to learn more about the amazing BarksBar dog seat cover! 


Made from high-quality, durable polyester material, the Barksbar dog seat cover will provide the longevity and comfort you and your pooch need. The polyester is completely waterproof, so there are no worries when it comes to water or other liquids soaking through into your seats. This makes it perfect for a day at the beach or hiking with your dog, or any other activity involving water. As an added bonus, the cover also features two pockets for storing any personal items such as leashes, bowls, water bottles, and more!

Sizing Options

Another great quality about this seat cover is that since it comes in two different sizes, standard and extra large, ensuring that it can fit in pretty much any vehicle. The standard cover measures 54’’ X 58’’ while the extra large option measures 60’’ X 64’’. The Barksbar dog seat cover is compatible with normal cars, trucks, and even large SUVs, so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting. Additionally, the cover includes 7’’ side flaps to add extra protection for the side of your vehicle and add cushion for your pup! The variety of sizes can accommodate any and all pups of all sizes and breeds, making sure all your furry friends can tag along for the adventure! This makes it an all inclusive product that can fit the needs of any adventurous dog owner!

Installation Process

When it comes to installation, the process is quick and easy. You won’t have to worry about factoring in too much time in order to put it in your car. The polyester cover is equipped with velcro straps that are securely wrapped around the seats. These are there to protect your windows and doors from any damage as well. 

Transforming The Cover Into A Hammock

Another favorite feature of this seat cover is its ability to convert into a dog hammock. Simply attach the straps to the other side of our vehicle and your good to go! If used as a hammock, it will help keep the floor of the vehicle clean, as well as helping your dog be more comfortable and keep them from falling out of the seat in case of sudden stops.

Cleaning Process

Worried about cleaning up afterwards? Don’t be! The cleaning process is simple, easy, and most importantly quick. The BarksBar hammock has been tested and is said to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, so there is rarely damage to this durable seat cover. This includes being able to withstand the washing machine. Simply pop the cover into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and watch as the mess disappears! While the machine can be thrown into the dryer, BarksBar says that letting it air dry will have the best results for your seat cover. Only weighing two pounds, this product is great for traveling, and can be typically found between twenty and thirty dollars, depending on the size you are looking for. This inexpensive, but effective dog seat cover will for sure have you and your pooch satisfied! 

About The Company : BarksBar

BarksBar Logo

BarksBar is a pet supply company that holds our furry friends to the highest priority. They believe that when it comes to our pets, they deserve the absolute best when it comes to comfort and quality. It can often cost a ton of money to take care of our pets and offer them the very best, so BarksBar has aimed to offer high quality materials and products at the fairest price possible. Afterall, loving and taking care of your pet shouldn’t take you broke.

BarksBar has a lot of other great products to offer through their Shopify website. Their products are trusted and bought frequently, landing this specific product as the best seller product when it comes to seat covers. Having a pretty good reputation, we think their other products are worth looking into.

Probably the thing that makes this product stand out more than their competition is its ability to fit in most cars of all sizes and is perfect for all breeds of dogs due to its size and ability to convert into a hammock. No other product has the durability and quick installation and converting ability as the BarksBar cover.

The company’s values also set them apart. Unlike some other companies, they’re not interested in taking your money. They want to provide durable products for a fair price, which really sets your dog up for the highest chance of a good time adventuring. The quality is really tested and most people seem to be very satisfied with their experience with the seat cover.

Is This Right For My Dog?

The best thing about this seat cover is that it really offers comfortability for dogs off all breeds and sizes. Not all dogs are the best at riding in cars. Some like to run around on the floor where they could possibly get stuck or hurt themselves. Others just may not be as graceful and are prone to falling. Since this seat cover is easily changed into a hammock, this makes it perfect to keep your dog secure in one spot that lowers their chance of being hurt.

When it comes to protecting your car, this seat cover is all great for pretty much any breed. Made from high quality polyester, no matter how destructive your dog can be, it stands a good chance of keeping your seat safe from not only the elements but from your dogs as well. When it comes to seat covers, the BarksBar seat cover covers all of it’s bases to provide for all pets and people.

If your dog is nervous when it comes to traveling, it is recommended to look into medications that can help calm them. However the sturdiness of the hammock especially can help your dog feel grounded and help to calm them down. As always, keep a close eye on your dog in order to ensure that they are safe and happy while traveling.


The seat cover has been tested and has been proved to be able to withstand most extreme temperatures. The clean up is also quick and easy, as it can be just tossed into the washer and then hung up over a railing to dry. The material is also super durable both against extreme temperatures and against dogs themselves, and their destructive tendencies. With so many benefits, how could you not love the BarksBar dog seat cover?!? 

A Word Of Caution

The only caution I can really offer about this seat cover is when it comes to cleaning, While BarksBar says that the seat cover can withstand most temperatures, they urge that air drying after washing for best results. This could be just to ensure a long and durable life for your cover to use it for the longest time possible. If you do choose to dry yours, make sure to look over it after taking it out to make sure that there is no damage to the product.


If the BarksBar dog seat cover does not seem to be the one for you, no worries! We have plenty of alternative products for you to choose from. Check out our article on The Best Dog Seat Covers for more information on amazing products like this one! 

Closing Thoughts

 When it comes to protecting your seats, how much better can you get? A fair price for such great quality makes this a product that you just can’t pass up. The hassle free installation and quick washing leads it to being a go-to addition to traveling equipment on any trip. BarksBar, being a company that is loved and supported by many customers from all over, adds a level of trust that can take a lot of stress off of you as an owner. We think that this seat cover is definitely worth adding to your gear for your next adventure to ensure you spend less time worrying about the mess, and more time spending time with your dog and making a trip to remember.