All dogs have the natural instinct to chew; unfortunately, this can be bad news for your house. If your pup doesn’t yet have good chewing habits, you may need to look into an anti-chewing spray. Chew sprays discourage your pup from chewing your things in a safe way. We’ve reviewed some of the best and most popular anti-chew sprays, and we’re here to help you find the perfect spray for your pooch! Use these sprays on your fence, furniture, clothes, shoes, and even on your pup.

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why do dogs chew?

There are a variety of reasons that dogs chew. First of all, they have a natural instinct to chew which leads to fresh breath, and better all around oral health. New puppies (much like babies) are going to constantly chew to aid in the teething process. Dogs also chew when they’re anxious, playing, and looking for food. Chewing is not only good for your pup’s physical health, they’re great for the mental health as well. We can understand why dogs chew everything to bits! Fortunately, there are sprays available to deter your dog from chewing on your household items, and to encourage them to chew on their toys. 

anti-chewing sprays

Anti Chewing sprays are a great way to deter your dog from chewing unwanted areas. They’re typically non-toxic, and safe to use on just about any surface. You can spray your clothes, Christmas tree, furniture, and shoes. You can also spray your pet. If your pup has itchy areas or wounds that you want them to leave alone, spray a little bit on them to deter chewing. Most sprays are safe to use pets, and some even have soothing properties. We highly recommend anti-chew sprays as a training method. It’s a safe way to correct your pup and teach them things that they can and can’t play with. 

top pick: Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray

apple chew spray

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray is our number one pick. It’s safe, non-toxic, and affordable. Grannick’s spray has a bitter apple taste that, while not harmful to dogs, will deter them from wanting to gnaw on your stuff. This spray also discourages fur biting. Simply spray it on their paws or furs, and you’ll be able to help your pup stop chewing at their skin and fur. This spray can eliminate hot spots and keep your dog’s wounds safe from gnawing. 

This spray has non-toxic and safe ingredients that are perfect for fur, furniture, shoes, and more. It actually works, and the smell shouldn’t bug you at all! Dogs have such sensitive noses, that the little amount necessary to keep them away, won’t bother you at all. We suggest spraying your furniture and household items once a week. 

runner up- Emmy's Best

Emmy’s best is another popular brand when it comes to anti-chew sprays. This spray contains water, isopropanol, bitter principles, and tea tree oil. These ingredients work to soothe your dog’s skin, while simultaneously deterring bad chewing habits. You can use this spray on plants, furniture, electronics, wood, and of course, on your pet. It’s great for dogs that constantly chew at their fur, have hot spots, or wounds that need to be left alone. This formula is safe to use on them, and is a non-toxic way to keep their mouth off of unwanted areas. 

One of the reasons we love Emmy’s Best is that they donate a portion of each purchase to pet charities. Not only are you saving your furniture, you’re also helping other animals in need! We highly recommend this product to pet parents that have never tried an anti-chew spray. They have a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee; if it doesn’t work on your pet, you can always return it. You can purchase this spray in either an 8 oz. or 16 oz. bottle from Amazon below.

anti-chew spray

soothing pick: particular paws spray

We know that most of you will use this spray to protect your furniture, clothes, and shoes. However, if you think you’ll need to deter your pup from chewing their own skin, fur, or wounds, this is a great pick. It has a great bitter taste that will deter chewing, but also contains tea tree oil. The tea tree oil will help to sooth your dog’s skin after chewing, or even wounds. The oil also acts as an anti fungal and antiseptic for hot spots. 

This anti-chew spray has a bitter scent and taste to deter chewing, but is safe on any surface. You can apply it to furniture, fabric, leather, shoes, and of course, directly on your pet. It has a very light scent that will bother your pet, but chances are you’ll never smell it. 

multi-use pick: the company of animals pet corrector

This pet corrector works a little bit differently than traditional sprays. Rather than emitting a bad scent or taste, this can emits a hissing sound with a quick burst of hair. In this way, you can catch your dog in the act, and use the can to train them not to chew. This is a great product to use if you need help correcting more than just chewing. You can use this can to correct all kinds of bad habits; jumping, chewing, stealing food, and more. It’s completely human, and safe. All it contains is hair, helping you communicate to your dog that their behavior is wrong. 

Many pet parents have found this corrector to be a life savor. It’s safe, humane, and can be used to correct a variety of behaviors. If you have a pet with multiple behavior issues, we suggest giving this all-encompassing corrector a try.

pet corrector spray

extra strenght pick: Barker & Pooch Chewfix

extra strong chew spray

Have you tried anti-chew sprays before with no luck? The Barker & Pooch Spray may be your best bet. This extra strength formula is super bitter, and able to discourage chewing from just about any dog. This spray contains water, a bittering agent and citric acid. This spray is one of our favorites because its strong formula doesn’t leave any stains or smells. You can use it as often as you want on just about any surface. 

Chewfix is made in the USA with quality ingredients that are safe to use anywhere. Use it on your pets, furniture, shoes, or any other areas you want your pup to stay clear of!