Most pet owners view dog agility equipment as something for the pros. In fact, whether you are training your pup for a competition or simply need a new activity to burn off their energy, dog agility equipment is accessible for everyone. The beauty is: you can go all out and create a new course or you can buy a single piece just for fun. However, where do you find reliable dog agility equipment that will not break the bank? Through much research, our team has narrowed it down to the top three companies for dog agility equipment.

     Yes, dog agility is a sport and many pet parents spend intense training sessions with their active dogs to compete. The sport itself allows you to direct your dog through a series of obstacles; encouraging both speed and accuracy. Not only does participation and training increase your bond with Fido, but it helps many high-energy pups burn off energy and remain sharp. Nowadays, many owners are taking this idea to their own backyards with small weave poles, jumps, or tunnels. Although not aiming for competition, they gain all the benefits of bonding and exercise.

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A Quick Look at the Best Dog Agility Equipment

     Through our in-depth comparisons and research, we have found that the top three companies for dog agility equipment include: Affordable Agility, Lord Anson, and PawHut. Here is a quick look at our favorite dog agility equipment from those companies. They were chosen based on price point, durability, stability, customer reviews, ease of use, and of course the fun factor!

What Equipment do I need?


     Using even one piece of dog agility equipment can create a new, special activity for your dog. Most pet parents place the outdoors for ample room. However, depending on the size and nature of the obstacle, you could use it in an indoor space. Just keep in mind that you will need to clear away some furniture and remove breakable objects!

     The primary goal of these obstacles are to encourage your dog into new and interesting movements, all the while following your commands. Some dogs will pick it up quickly, while others can remain uninterested and require some patience. However, these activities are absolutely perfect for high-energy dogs, like herding or working breeds, that constantly need to use up energy. Otherwise, you might start to see some bad behaviors as they find their own methods for activity.

     To begin your dog’s agility journey, we highly recommend starting with a simple adjustable jump. Basically, this includes a sturdy frame that holds a bar for your dog to jump over. Make sure to get one that is adjustable, that way you can raise it higher as you dog improves. On the other hand, you can lower it for shorter breeds. In this case, look into Affordable Agility’s Practice Adjustable Jump. It comes at an affordable price for those just dabbling in dog agility. For an in-depth review on this product, continue scrolling.


     For owners and their pups who have already been through some agility training, you may know exactly what you need but are unable to find it. Those obstacles you have been using are now worn out and need replacing or maybe you need something to add onto the course. More than likely, your pup has mastered something and is now ready for the next step.

     If you have not already done so, that next step includes weave poles. This is a more advanced obstacle in dog agility because it requires your dog to dodge a line of poles, using both speed and accuracy. It takes more concentration on their part and more training on your part. However, the results can be astounding and your dog will love the thrill of accomplishment. Additionally, weave poles are a staple in most dog agility competition arenas. Therefore, you will need to practice it diligently.

     The best competition-grade weave pole set comes from Lord Anson. The company does not manufacture a wide range of individual dog agility equipment, but what they do make is highly specialized. In fact, one of their other products made our list of the best dog agility equipment. To check it out, keep scrolling!

The Best Dog Agility Equipment

#1 Affordable Agility

     Affordable Agility is, in our opinion, the absolute best company to find dog agility equipment. Their goal is to create well engineered products at decent prices and to always have them in stock so shipment is quick. With their headquarters located right in Bloomfield, NY, they also strive to keep as many of their products as possible USA-manufactured. Not only do they have a dedicated team of friendly and knowledgeable individuals, but they have over 10 dogs amongst them to test and use the products. That way you know it is safe, reliable, and fun!

Products Offered

     This company is not only our favorite, but customer reviews tend to agree. Their dog agility equipment has a wide range of options, so you can easily find any set of individual piece you desire. They offer three combo sets that include multiple obstacles and are easy to travel with. Additionally, their individual obstacles include:

  • Tunnels
  • Closed tunnels and chutes
  • Weave poles
  • Bar jumps
  • Add-on wings
  • Tire jumps
  • Broad jumps
  • Teeters
  • Pause tables
  • Dog walks
  • Contact trainers and contact combos
  • A-frames
  • Unusual obstacles
  • Course accessories

     Depending on which combo set or individual obstacle you purchase, the price can range from $25 to $250. Of course, the single items are less expensive. However, if you are dead set on investing in a combo, purchasing the whole combo is actually less expensive than buying each of the obstacles individually. 

     Throughout all of their dog agility equipment, Affordable Agility uses very durable materials. For obstacles that use poles, like jumps or weave poles, they use UV resistant and water resistant PVC pipes. For obstacles that use fabric, like the tunnels, they use high quality Polyester Darcon. You can definitely use these outdoors, but we recommend putting them away if you and your dog will not be using them for an extended period of time.

Best Dog Agility Equipment from Affordable Agility

     As our favorite company for dog agility equipment, it is no wonder why we have chosen two of their products to be the best. This includes their Dog Agility Essentials Set and their Practice Adjustable Jump.

Affordable Agility Dog Agility Essentials Set

     The Affordable Agility Essentials Set runs on the more expensive side, but that is because you are receiving a durable and high-quality combination of obstacles. This one set includes a set of weave poles, the adjustable bar jump, and the adjustable tire jump. Each is made from UV and water resistant PVC, which will hold up to both your rambunctious dog and the weather elements. The weave pole set comes with six poles, which is standard. Plus, both the bar and tire jump are adjustable, which is a must as your dog grows in height and ability! For more detailed information on this product, head on over to this article on the Affordable Agility Dog Agility Set. If you know you want to start or continue with dog agility training, this set will not let you down.

Affordable Agility Practice Adjustable Jump

     The Affordable Agility Practice Adjustable Jump comes in the set mentioned above, but you can also purchase it individually. In fact, we previously chose this obstacle as the number one item for those wanting to introduce their dogs to agility equipment. It is a basic necessity for dog agility, easy enough to begin training with, burns excess energy in your dog, and will not make a hole in your wallet. You can even use it indoors where space permits. 

     Not only does Affordable Agility make this obstacle durable and reliable, but you are able to adjust the height of the jump. This allows the equipment to last much longer; catering to any size or ability your dog may be at. We found that it is actually fairly easy to put together and take apart, that way you do not have to struggle as your pup eagerly awaits their new activity. Unfortunately, you should not use jumps like this when your pup has or is prone to joint pain. The motion and impact of jumping may be hard for them to sustain.

#2 Lord Anson

     Coming in as the second best company for dog agility equipment is Lord Anson. Unlike Affordable Agility, who solely concentrates on manufacturing agility equipment for dogs, Lord Anson produces a range of canine products. With their headquarters located in Charlotte, NC, this company has six dogs of all breeds and sizes on hand to help them test and use the equipment. That way, you can receive something that truly works well. Plus, Lord Anson proudly donates proceeds to four organizations: Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue, Agape Animal Rescue, Hands to Hearts, and H&P Animal Alliance.

Products Offered

      For dog agility, Lord Anson offers three products: a dog agility set, dog agility weave set, and dog agility cone hurdle set. Each are competition grade, which makes it perfect for owners truly wanting to get their pup involved in the sport. Although each is called a set, the dog agility weave set and dog agility cone hurdle set are actually just an individual obstacle that repeats.

     Depending on which product you go with, they will cost you in the range of $70 to $100. This runs a little expensive, but remember they are competition grade and made with high quality materials. This includes specially molded cones that will not wobble and thick gauge plastic poles that will not warp over time. The result: as your energetic furbaby moves through each obstacle, they will remain stable. Furthermore, you can leave them standing outdoors without any worry over the weather elements (except for hurricanes of course!).

Best Dog Agility Equipment from Lord Anson

Lord Anson Dog Agility Cone Hurdle Set

     The best dog agility equipment from Lord Anson is their Dog Agility Cone Hurdle Set. There are two options: the 4 rod set and the 8 rod set. However, we suggest the 4 rod set because it comes a bit more affordable. The hurdle set has been tested by experienced designers and dog owners, making it more reliable than something you might pick up on a whim inside the store. It includes tall cones that are specially molded for less wobble and adjustable bar height. Plus, each rod is extra long, at 5ft in length, to give any sized pup plenty of jumping room. This will come in handy in order to make your furbaby more comfortable with the obstacle. For further in-depth information and review, check out this Lord Anson Agility Set Review. By far, if you are looking for a dog agility obstacle that is well-crafted, this one is the way to go.

#3 PawHut

     PawHut comes in at the third best company for dog agility equipment, primarily due to good customer reviews for something more affordable. For those looking for competition grade or advanced equipment, they may not be for you. However, for owners simply looking to dabble in dog agility or searching for a new activity for their pup, PawHut is a great spot to start. The company offers a range of products for dogs and other household pets; everything from dog houses to bird cages. They do not have a website of their own, but instead conduct business through an Amazon store-front.

Products Offered

     PawHut offers a good range of dog agility equipment sets and individual obstacles. Overall, you can choose from their:

  • Dog obstacle agility training kit
  • 5 piece outdoor game agility training kit
  • 3 piece portable pet agility set
  • Fixed weave poles
  • 4 piece adjustable jump bars

     On the more affordable side, dog agility equipment from PawHut runs about $35 to $70. However, their full starter kit with multiple obstacles runs higher at about $270. They use pretty standard materials like polyethylene poles and tear resistant polyester for tunnels. This makes each obstacle fairly durable, but some customers do notes that it can fall apart during use. Therefore, they are a good starting point to see if your dog likes agility training. If it becomes more of an interest, that is how you know to upgrade to something like Lord Anson or Affordable Agility (as seen above).

Best Dog Agility Equipment from PawHut

PawHut Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit

     PawHut’s best dog agility equipment includes their Dog Obstacle Agility Training Kit. We specifically chose this option because it is an affordable option for a starter kit, allowing you to “test the waters” with your dog. It creates a wonderful indoor or outdoor activity for you and your dog to engage in because the materials are light enough to prevent home damage. You will not, however, be able to set up the weave pole or jump inside because it requires staking into the ground. But, we picture it as a wonderful activity for taking on that family camping trip. 

     The kit includes an adjustable high jump, weave poles, square pause box, and a round open tunnel. Plus, it comes with a handy carrying bag so you can easily travel with it. Each obstacle is pretty lightweight and we found it extremely easy to set up and break down for storage. Unfortunately, you will not want to leave it sitting outside. Although its 190T polyester material is tear resistant, we have our doubts that it would not be blown away or torn up by other animals. Ultimately, this option is a great pick for owners needing a new and affordable activity for their pup.