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Our Pick: K&H COOLIn’ BOWL

     The K&H Coolin’ Water Bowl is the best cooling, water bowl that we have found on the market.  Simple and convenient, it will keep your dog’s water cool up to 15 hours.  That means you only have to “deal” with the bowl once a day!  You can easily leave it outside in the shade, or around the house without having to refreeze it throughout your busy day.  It works so well, you could even get away with leaving it in the sun if necessary, though that will of course reduce how long the water really stays cool for your pup.  Rather than have to worry about electricty or mechanical parts, this cooling water bowl uses a chemical compound inside the bowl’s base to retain frigid temperatures for the bowl.  It’s clever, and most importantly, it works!  For your money, this is the best option on the market that we’ve seen.  For a more in depth take, and a look at a few other options out there, keep scrolling!

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     Just like humans, dogs like to drink their water cold. It’s refreshing, and also helps them hydrate much better. Especially in the summer months, it can be incredibly hard to keep your dog’s water bowl cold enough throughout the day. Adding ice to your pup’s bowl isn’t always ideal, so what are your options? There are a variety of dog water bowls designed to keep your dog’s water bowls cold for much longer. Depending on how long your dog’s water needs to be kept cold and how readily available you want the water, we can help you find the perfect cooling water bowls for your pup.

types of cooling water bowls

      The first options available to you are self-cooling water bowls. Typically these water bowls are made with a unique ceramic material, which will take cool water and keep its temperature low for an extended period of time. Instead of freezing the bowl, all you have to do is soak the bowl in cold water for a few seconds, and the water will remain cool throughout the day. If you choose to, you can also freeze them overnight to keep water cool even longer. However, even if you forget to freeze the bowl, your dog’s water will still stay cool throughout the day.

     Many water bowls designed for outdoor use can simply be frozen overnight. A special cooling chemical or gel will be activated overnight. Then, when you pull the bowl out of the freezer, the result will safely keep your dog’s water bowl cold for an extended period of time. If you want to prolong cooling, you can even add water to the bowl before freezing. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s water going warm by the end of the day, no matter how hot it is outside.

     Of course, if you don’t want to have to refreeze the bowl overnight there are other options available to you. For example, you can also purchase a water fountain for your pup. These are typically electronically powered and therefore don’t need any daily maintenance to keep your dog’s water not only cool but fresh as well. Some dogs love having the water constantly flow around in their bowl. If you need a long-term solution that won’t require freezing, dog water fountains may be your best bet.

Helping Your Dog in Hot Weather

The primary purpose of a cooling water bowl is to help your pup feel perfectly hydrated through warm weather. Whether than means you live in a beachy climate or the Summer months are coming down hard, there are key aspects of the heat that will effect your furbaby. To learn these aspects and how you can help as their owner, head on over to our Summer Guide for Dogs.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Breed: The k&h coolin' water bowl

     The K&H Coolin’ Water Bowl is without a doubt the best cooling dog bowl on the market.  This fantastic product makes for a simple and convenient way to keep your dog’s water cool all day long. Unlike traditional frozen cooling bowls, this water bowl will keep your dog’s water cold for up to 15 hours. You can easily leave it out in the sun or around the house without having to refreeze it. In addition, the K&H Water Bowl has unique cooling crystals that keep your dog’s water cool all day. To activate the crystals, all you have to do is fill the inner cavity with water before you use it for the first time. If you freeze part of the bowl overnight, you can extend how long the water stays cool even more. We love this bowl because it’s safe for dogs to use, and it’s a no-fuss bowl. No electrical wires, no mandatory freezing, and you can use it indoors or outdoors.

     To activate your new bowl, all you have to do is remove the rubber from the bottom of the bowl and fill the interior with water. Then, simply replace the rubber part and check that everything is sealed nice and tight. Next, shake the bowl for ten seconds and let it sit for 45 minutes, now the unique cooling crystals will be activated. You can then put the bowl in the freezer and let it freeze completely. For added cooling, you can put 1″ of water into the bowl before you freeze it. When you take the bowl out of the freezer, add water, and your pup will have cold drinking water for up to 15 hours! You can purchase the bowl in either a 32 ounce or 96-ounce size right from Amazon.

Runner UP: Neater Pet Brands Polar Bowl

     The Polar Bowl is a unique stainless steel water bowl that will keep your dog’s water cool and free from bacteria all day. When you freeze the bowl, its gel core within the stainless steel is activated. Ultimately, the stainless steel, combined with it’s gel super-powers, will be able to keep your dog’s water cold for hours. If you really want to extend the cooling effect, you can freeze a small amount of water in the bowl. You’ll be happy to hear that this bowl is completely safe for dogs to use. The gel is non-toxic, and stainless steel is safe for dogs as well.

     The bowl is dishwasher safe as well for easy cleaning. However, when you pull it out of the dishwasher, it will be very hot so be cautious of unloading it. We would highly recommend this dog bowl for dog parents in need of a safe and non-toxic way to keep their dog’s bowl cool, whether they’re inside or outside. Plus, with the right drop-in dog bowl housing, the stainless steel can be a sleek addition to your kitchen. The Polar Bowl is available in two sizes:

  • Small:14 oz.
  • Large: 58 oz.

#3 PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Fountain: Our Premium Pick

     The Petsafe Ceramic Fountain is a great way to keep your dog hydrated with cool, clean water 24/7. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your bowl frequently, or freezing the bowl overnight. It’s definitely ideal for dog parents that don’t have a lot of spare time. Also, it’s  great for pup parents that travel; your dog sitter won’t have to worry about cleaning the dog bowl while you’re away, and your dog’s water will always be cool. We really love this fountain for several reasons; it’s hygienic, easy to clean, and holds plenty of fresh water.

     The Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Fountain can hold 70 ounces of water at a time and has an upper and a lower level, so multiple pets of different heights can easily drink at the same time. The fountain has dual free-falling streams that will add oxygen and encourage your dog to keep drinking. Additionally, the dog fountain has a carbon water filter that will keep the water fresh and clean. You can replace this filter every-so-often for a small price. The ceramic fountain uses a pump to circulate water and keep it moving constantly. All of your dog’s water will pass through two filtration systems; these filers will clean out any unwanted particles, dog hairs, or bad tastes from the water.

     Typically, water fountains take around 5 or 10 minutes to clean due to all of the moving parts. Fortunately, this water fountain is dishwasher safe! Just throw it on the top shelf, and you’ll be good to go. We would highly suggest this fountain for busy dog moms and dads that need clean, cool water for their dogs year round.

More Dog Drinking Fountains

     If you’re interested in knowing other great drinking fountains for your thirsty pup, check out our other top picks for dog water fountains here. One of the best ways to keep Fido’s water fresh and cool is to go for a fountain design. Especially for picking drinkers, they will save you the hassle of constantly re-filling fresh water.

#4 Petmaker Ice Water Pet Bowl: Our Budget Pick

If you want to keep your pup’s water cold but don’t want to break the bank, this is a great option for you. Fortunately, the Petmaker Ice Water Pet Bowl is extremely affordable and easy to use. It measures at 9.5″ x 3″ and holds up to 16 oz, which is a pretty average size and should work for most dogs. To provide your dog with cold water, simply remove the gel bowl insert and place it in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Then, put it back in the outer support ring of the bowl and fill it with water. Finally, your furry friend will have cool water for up to 8 hours!

When it comes time to clean the bowl, you will need to wash the gel insert by hand. Luckily, the outer ring is dishwasher safe to make cleaning simple. By keeping your dog’s water cool at such an affordable price, the Petmaker Ice Water Pet Bowl is an ideal choice for those looking for a bargain. 

#5 cool pup freezable water bowl

     The Cool Pup Freezable water bowl is a safe and easy way to keep your dog’s water cool for a majority of the day. The bowl is made of durable acrylic that’s durable enough for indoor or outdoor use and is safe for drinking. When it comes to size, the Cool Pup Bowl holds 16 ounces of water and is 8.6 x 8.4 x 1.2 inches. Plus, the water bowl is BPA free, so you can be sure it’s safe for your dog. All you have to do is put the insert into the freezer overnight and your pup will have refreshing water for those hot summer days. We love this bowl because it’s fairly inexpensive, safe for your pup, and stays cool all day.

     We would definitely recommend this bowl for dogs parents that need a durable bowl to keep their dog’s water cold while they’re at work, or even just while your dog is playing outside. The Cool Pup Bowl holds just enough water to keep your dog hydrated and cool on those hot summer days.


     If you leave your dog out in the summer or if they choose to be outside, you need one of these cooling dog water bowls. A cooling dog bowl can help give you peace of mind, because you can be sure that your dog is getting plenty of refreshing, cool water. Just like humans, dogs need to drink plenty of water. If the water you leave for them gets warm or even hot, your dog may not want to drink it. Hopefully by now, you’ve found the perfect cooling water bowl to keep your dog hydrated this summer! If you are interested in learning more about Summertime for dogs, be sure to hit up our Summer Guide for Dogs. Longer than just a typical article, the Summer Guide will give you a run down of everything you need to be prepared for the dog-heat of Summer.