What’s the one thing all dogs love, that’s right, tennis balls. They’re an age-old, classic toy, and you can buy dog balls in just about any size or shape to suit the needs of your pooch. And while tennis balls aren’t great for your dog, there are plenty of balls out there made specifically for dogs. Unfortunately, there are thousands of balls on the market designed for dogs, and it can be hard to sift through the clutter and find a ball that’s not only fun, but durable, affordable, and safe as well. That’s where we step in. Kai and her furry friends are putting all of the top dog balls out there to the test to help you and your pets pick the right toy!

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interactive pick: outward hound treat puzzle

Outward Hound Treat Ball

Now, this is a quality ball!  At a $15 MSRP, this ball comes in at a higher price-point. It is also significantly more friendly towards dogs of any size.  At 5 inches in height, it comes up to about chest level to smaller toy breeds; and while this puzzle treat ball could fit in the jaws of larger breeds, the construction is significantly more sturdy than it’s predecessor featured above.  The two halves slide independently of the green center strip, allowing the ball to do some interesting turns and swivels.  Add to that the green center of the ball is weighted off-center, and you have a ball that swivels, wobbles, and rolls every-which-way to create a level of unpredictability that your dog will appreciate to keep them involved.

Inside the toy, there are various flaps and poles designed to keep treats jostling and making noise when the ball is pushed around by your pup.  This is a wonderfully innovative design for its cost and simplicity, and while ultimately it is still a level 1 toy, it’s a great first purchase in the interactive toy department.

One thing we noticed that seemed odd was that the openings for treats are directly opposite of each other.  This means if you’re loading the treat with a hole at the top, they’re falling right back out at the bottom.  You have to either cup your hand over the bottom hole while you load treats in, or you need to feed them in one at a time with the ball tiled.  Certainly not a deal breaker, but it does seem odd when you experience it firsthand, so it’s notable for you.

tennis ball pick: the dog's balls

If you love the traditional tennis ball look, these are a great upgrade from an average tennis ball. These tennis balls for dogs are thicker than normal tennis balls and made will all-natural materials. The felt used is non-toxic and non abrasive on your dog’s teeth and gums. They are perfect for games of fetch and they are compatible with all dog ball launchers which makes playing will your dog easier, and more fun for everyone. These balls bounce well, and do not squeak. Your dog will enjoy playing fetch with these tennis balls indoors and outdoors. They are a bright yellow color with The Dog’s Balls logo on the front. They come in three sizes, 1.89 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3.23 inches.

If you’d like to check out more of our top tennis ball picks, check out our in depth reviews here. 

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puppy pick: Kong Puppy Activity Ball

kong puppy ball

Looking for a great interactive toy for your puppy?  The Kong Puppy Activity Ball is your answer!  You can fill the grooves and the inside with treats, food, or snacks for your growing pup. This toy is made of a high quality, durable rubber material that can withstand your puppy’s aggressive play.  Fortunately, it’s not excessively easy for the treats to be taken out so your pup will stay engaged for a decent amount of time.  This puppy toy comes in a small and medium size and either pink or blue in color. If you’ve got a growing puppy on your hands you could find this to be a perfect fit for them. The activity ball is great for pups who have too much energy and owners looking for a toy to keep their pups occupied.

The dimensions of the ball are 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches. They’re made for puppies up to 9 months of age as they learn to chew and fetch. If you have a toy breed or smaller dog, they’ll be able to play with the ball even as they become full grown. They’re great for heavy chewers and pups with too much energy.

Fortunately, this is one of the few activity balls on the market that is both quiet and effective.  The treats won’t simply pour out of the ball as it rolls, which will keep your pup occupied as they try to figure it out. It’s rubber material also makes it a great toy for teaching fetch, for both indoor and outdoor play.

indoor pick: Chuckit indoor ball

The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is a soft and accident-free version of the classic ChuckIt Tennis Ball. It’s perfect for throwing through the house or garage without worry that your household items or hardwood floors will be damaged. It is a lightweight toy with the perfect amount of bounce for indoor play thanks to its Bounceflex Core Technology.

This ball is great for rowdy pups who need sufficient play time rain or shine. It is 4.7 inches in diameter, only 2.4 ounces, and great for playing fetch. The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is much larger than the classic ChuckIt Balls, which are a maximum of 3.5 inches in diameter for the extra large ball. These balls are best for small to medium dogs or puppies who aren’t heavy chewers, although gentle large pups will also love this toy. Pair it with the ChuckIt Indoor Launcher for slime free fun. You can purchase both of these toys, and the full line of ChuckIt Indoor toys on Amazon.


durable pick: JW pet bouncin' baseball

jw pet ball

JW Pet is another well known brand that our pets love. All of their toys are made with quality, durable materials that are safe for dogs, and fun, too! The JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseballs are a favorite toy for all of our puppy testers, from Kai the Chihuahua, to Harley the Collie. They’re available in a variety of sizes, and are just about indestructible. Each ball has a squeaker inside, enticing play and keeping your dog engaged longer. The balls bounce, are easy to clean, and best of all, are puncture resistant. Check them out on Amazon, and you may just have your dog’s new favorite ball.