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Trucks are durable and practical vehicles that many pet owners drive every day. Hunting trips, camping trips, transporting large items, or even simply heading out to the bank, a truck can make your life a whole lot easier for many reasons. Yet, your truck should never, ever be used to transport a pet like a piece of lumber. Unfortunately, way too many rugged dog owners think it’s okay to ride along with Fido loose in the truck bed! We highly recommend considering a dog box for your truck to safely transport your pup.

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Best In Show: The Owens 55065 Dog Box

Owens 55065 Dog Box

The Owens 55065 Dog Box is a single compartment dog box that will keep your dog safe in the bed of your truck. The heavy duty dog box is made with a rugged diamond tread construction to prevent rusting and other wear and tear. It contains 4 season vents with storm covers so your dog can get fresh, moving air during travel. For more details on the safe, heavy-duty dog box, jump down in our article!

why own a dog box for your truck?

Ultimately, sporting a dog box in your truck bed for Fido is a matter of safety. This important factor is so large that one may even say a dog box is a need, not a want. It is extremely dangerous for your pup to ride loose in a truck bed for many reasons:

  1. Dogs will not be aware of when you are going to brake on the road
  2. Dogs can not brace themselves when you brake
  3. Truck beds are slippery
  4. Dogs can jump out unexpectedly
  5. Debris can hit your pup
  6. Wind can blow your pup around or even out of the truck bed

These six main hazards can result in broken limbs, joint injuries, or far worse. Even if you consider yourself the best driver in the world, you will never be able to predict other drivers on the road. Furthermore, your pup relies on you to keep them safe.

You may think that bringing your pup inside the truck cabin will solve the issue of safety. Danger still awaits an unrestrained pup in the cabin. Consider these hazardous reasons:

  1. Your dog can be a distraction and may cause you to have an accident
  2. Unrestrained, your dog will experience injury or death in an accident
  3. Dogs can still jump out of the cabin windows

In conclusion, driving a durable and rugged truck with your pup loose either in the bed or cabin is extremely unsafe. To counter the hazards, the best option an owner has is to utilize a dog safety belt or dog box. A durable dog box will give you peace of mind and comfort for your furbaby!

Our products picks

The owens 55065 dog box

Owens 55065 Dog Box
  • Has removable storm covers
  • Made from Diamond tread aluminum
  • Lockable Slam latch doors
  • D-Ring anchor points

The Owens 55065 Dog Box is made to safely transport your partner from point A to Point B. With the total dog compartment dimensions measuring to be 20″W x 36.5″D x 19″H, this is a suitable option for your average sized dogs. This would be the perfect fit for your loyal Labradors, your sprightly sight hounds, and your bravest bird dogs!   

Key features of this durable dog box include removable storm covers to keep your companion sheltered from the elements. It is also made from rugged, diamond tread aluminum to ensure that it will not rust like other materials. This heavy-duty dog box has slotted doors for crate cooling fans to make sure that your dog won’t overheat in the hot summer months. 

With D-rings that can be used to strap the box into the bed of the truck and lockable slam latch doors, this box is a great choice in order to protect not only your dog but your things from being snatched too. 

While the price tag on this long lasting, sturdy dog box may not be easy on the eyes, you can’t put a price tag on safety. This dog box is well worth every penny you will invest into it!

a budget pick: Gunner kennels g1 dog crate

  • Escape Proof Aluminum Door
  • Insulated Walls
  • Ventilated Walls

If you’re looking for a dog box that was thoughtfully build to be solid and durable while staying on a budget, the Gunner Kennel G1 Dog Crate is the box for you. With an escape proof aluminum door, insulated AND ventilated walls, this solid and safe dog box is a great choice when transporting your partner. The double walled construction provides extra protection from UV rays, impact from uninvited objects, and cold temperatures. This dog box has water repelling windows that can help keep your dog dry when it rains. Even though they might not be able to block 100% of the rain, the drain plugs make it easy to remove any stray water that might’ve ended up in the crate. 

Unlike other dog boxes, this inexpensive but sturdy dog box is highly unlikely to shuffle around the bed of your truck even when you hop over a speed bump going 15+mph! You’d have a hard time finding another dog box for this affordable price that would offer the same stability as the Gunner Kennel G1 Dog Crate. With the crates stainless steel hardware, this dog box is sure to last a life time without rusting or becoming discolored. The sturdy handles make this crate a breeze to put into the bed of your truck. The elevated feet and broad base prevent tipping. Even though it has many useful features to keep the box stable, we still recommend that you use the tie down pins to ensure that your crate isn’t rolling around in the bed of your truck during your trip. 

With excellent airflow and ventilation, this durable dog box is more than likely going to be the best option compared to any other average dog crate out there! With a variety of sizes ranging from G1 small to G1 large, you are sure to find a perfect fit for your hunting hound or adventure buddy.

the owens 55002 dog box

  • Locking T-Handles
  • Aluminum Storm Door
  • Adjustable Rear Air Vents

The Owens 55002 Dog Box is specifically made to transport your dog. It is a part of the Owen’s k-9 Transport Series and proudly manufactured in the USA. Measuring 45 x 23 x 26” and weighing 64 lbs, this dog box will absolutely fit large dog breeds.

We love this dog box because it is made from a rugged aluminum with diamond tread. Significantly, it will not rust or rot like other materials. The front entryway includes a large barred front door coupled with locking T-handles and comes with an aluminum storm door. Equally important, an adjustable rear air vent provides great air flow for your pup! To ensure that your dog is as comfortable as he can be, the Owens 55002 Dog Box is built with corrugated insulation materials so your dog doesn’t get too hot or too cold. It is also built with a removable storm door to shelter your dog from inclement weather. 

The manufacturer includes removable weather covers to protect your pup from bad weather and heat. We notice that this cover can also be utilized to hide your pup from possible theft! Although the Owens 55002 Dog Box requires some assembly, you can also conveniently deconstruct the product for storage on the off-season. Finally, and importantly, the box easy to clean.

something to consider

Assembly is required for this dog box upon delivery. However, the crate is designed to be easy to assemble and take apart making it a breeze to transport and store. 

uws southern single door dog box

UWS Southern Single Door Dog Box
  • Ideal for warmer climates
  • Cargo Rack
  • RigidCore Foam Filled Core

Our next pick includes the UWS Southern Single Door Dog Box. Like the previous Owens 55002 Dog Box, this box also has only a single door and chamber. As its name suggests, the UWS Southern Single Door Dog Box is specifically manufactured for warmer weather because three of the four sides are only barred. This allows for an open-air effect and keeps your pup happily refreshed in the wind. For cooler climates, consider the UWS Northern Dog Box.

This dog box is made from sturdy, rust-proof aluminum. Measuring 36.5 x 24.5 x 37”, it weighs a little heavier at 75lbs. To match its heavy-duty design, a stainless-steel t-handle will keep your pup safely enclosed in the box. By and large, we picked this certain dog box due to the welded railing keenly trimming the top of the box. This railing provides a great tie down point and will keep your pooch extra secure. The door utilizes a stainless steel locking mechanism that is able to prevent your dog from escaping.

best for multiple dogs: the owens 55077 dog box

  • Rattle Free Spring Loaded Carrying Handles
  • Slam Latch Doors with Storm Covers

Dog boxes for your truck can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. The Owens 55066 Dog Box is great for transporting two pups because it sports two doors to different compartments. It measures 48 x 36 x 20” overall and each compartment is 24 x 34 x 20”. Consequently, the product weighs heavier at 85lbs. Customers do relay that each compartment fits large dog breeds.

This particular dog box is a part of Owen’s Hunter Series and, therefore, is designed with the hunter in mind. Durable aluminum with diamond tread makes the box and a provided lining makes the product easy to clean. The slam latch doors are lockable and come complete with storm covers. Furthermore, a 7″ x 10″ rear and side vent provides optimal air flow for your furbaby!

It is our observation that Owens dog boxes are of great quality and reliability. That is why two of their dog boxes made our top picks! The USA manufactures all of their boxes and they sport similar functional features.

something to consider

This dog box fits between the wheel well of full sized trucks. The Owens 55077W will not fit in smaller trucks such as Toyota Tacomas and Tundras. The 55077W will not fit in trucks that are 40″ between wheelwells. 

If you are using a smaller truck, look into the Owens 55085W. The 55085 also fits in full sized trucks.

what to look for in a dog box


Since your truck bed is going to be exposed to the elements while it’s staying in the bed of your truck, it is important to invest in a high quality material that isn’t going to wear down over time. Galvanized metals are the way to go. They will last longer than just about any other material on the market and can withstand rocks, gravel, and other things that can blow up from the road. Most economy metals will rust if they are exposed to rain and wetness for long periods of time. Your third option is plastic. Plastic crates can handle moisture just fine but they are more likely to get scratched and damaged from materials that blow up from the road. Metal crates are also more likely to withstand a crash than a plastic crate. 


Rigidity is determined by both the material it’s made from and the engineering of the dog box. Metal crates are less likely to collapse or break in an accident compared to a plastic crate. There are collapsible dog boxes available. They are easy to store and transport but compared to their competition, they might not be as rigid. 


While a dog box might not provide total protection in an unfortunate accident, it provides a whole lot more than none at all. You want to look for a box that can be locked. A lock will ensure that your dog can’t let himself out and that unwanted guests can’t let themselves in. You’ll also want to look for a box that can be attached to your truck bed so it isn’t sliding around. Not only could a thief snag your box, but if your truck box is able to move around, it could damage the bed of your truck, the sides of the bed, and possibly injure your dog. There is also a risk of the box bouncing out of the truck if it isn’t strapped down. With all of those factors being possible, not securing your dog box to the truck is just a bad day waiting to happen! Tie-down Pins provide the maximum amount of security for your truck bed and should be highly sought after. 


With the wind blowing, temperatures can feel cooler for your dog than they do for you. On the other hand, while the box is sitting in the sun, temperatures can rise and get pretty hot. Insulated walls can help protect your dog from the extremes. 


Similar to basic dog crates, size is an important factor to consider. Your dog should have enough room to stand up, turn around, and lay down. With more room to move, in the unfortunate event of an accident, your dog will have more space to be tossed around the crate which can leave room for more injury than necessary. 


It is crucial to select a crate that will keep your dog dry and comfortable. Even with their personal fuzzy coats, they are still susceptible to hypothermia- especially when they’re exposed to high winds and cold temperatures. Search for truck boxes that have rain deflectors on the vents to prevent rain from splashing into the box and puddling on the ground. 

To Consider

Both Owens and UWS produce wonderful dog box options and seem to be among the few companies who do so. In our honest review, a customer will find better prices on their equipment by visiting the company website. While Amazon is easy and convenient, viewing the Owens and UWS website is both cheaper and offers a better range of product. At the same time, Amazon users have yet to significantly review any dog box product. A customer will not be able to rely on such avenue for purchasing decisions.

Custom Made Dog Boxes

If you are unable to find a dog box for your truck through an established, well-known manufacturer, consider seeking a business who will custom-make one for you! Additionally, these custom-made dog boxes will often cost the same as larger companies; depending on the size and shape you request.

View these businesses to get started:

  1. Deer Creek, IN –
  2. Alum Line Dog Boxes, IA –
  3. Diamond Deluxe Dog Boxes (Jackson Creek Manufacturing), NC –

Dog Box Cautions

After purchasing the optimal dog box for your truck bed, traveling with your pup(s) will become exponentially safer. Yet, there exists some cautions an owner should be aware of when using the product. First, absolutely do not leave your pup inside the box when housing in a truck cabin. You are locking your furbaby into a small, enclosed area as temperatures rise. The heat your dog will experience can result in extreme harm or fatality! Secondly, dog boxes are not manufactured to be attached to a truck hitch during travel. Only use the product safely inside the truck bed.

Wrapping Up

Your tough, rugged pup enjoys going out on adventures: hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, you name it! To get there, you harness the power and durability of a handsome truck. Do not make the hazardous mistake of allowing Fido up into the truck bed or cabin without a dog box. Keep them safe and comfortable during your trip and adventures!

We reviewed three amazing dog box options for your truck bed. The Owens 55002 Dog Box, UWS Southern Single Door Dog Box, and the Owens 55066 Dog Box feature outstanding, durable characteristics that make them stand-outs! From aluminum material to great air flow, each will ensure your pup in comfortable for the ride. Consider your needs and make a choice perfect for you and your pup!

At the end of the day, we want both you and your furbaby to be happy and safe. Expect to see decently high prices when it comes to dog boxes for your truck. You will be hard pressed to find anything under $200. If you are a hunter, it could be easily worth it. Understand that these products are for the safety of your pup and we would not recommend them if they were unreasonably priced.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of you and your pup heading out for another adventure. It’s a big world out there and, with your courageous dog, you two can conquer it one paw at a time. Then, come home, rinse off the mud, and chill out on the couch together. Happily, relax up for the greatness ahead!