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We’ve reviewed some of the best dog camera to keep an eye on your precious pup while your away. Technology has advanced to the point where we are always connected to our family and friends, so why should it be different for our dogs? With our favorite high quality cameras, you can keep an eye on your dog at all times. You’ll feel much more at ease when you have to leave your dog for long periods of time.Dog cameras are especially great for puppies who are getting used to their surroundings or dogs with separation anxiety. You’ll be sure to know if you’re walking into a mess well before you open your front door. Even if you have a perfectly behaved dog, it’s always nice to see they are safe and happy at home. 

Below you’ll find great pet monitors ranging from our top pick, the Furbo, down to our bargain pick – which is great for dog parents that don’t need all the bells and whistles that accompany a whole system. 

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what to look for in a pet camera

There are a variety of features you can find in pet cameras today; you may quickly begin to realize that you don’t want to pay a crazy amount of money for a camera that has 50 features when you only really need 1. We understand that every single dog owner has their own unique needs, and so does every dog! There are a variety of factors to consider before spending your time in money figuring out what pet camera you’ll benefit from the most. 

One of the most popular features on pet cameras is the ability to have two-way communication with your pet. This is ideal if you want to calm them down when they’re upset, or you want to hear what they’re up to in the house. It also, of course, allows you to talk to family members and pet sitters if you want to quickly reach them. This is also ideal if you need to check on your kids while they’re at home. 

top pick - furbo dog camera

furbo camera
Key Features: Wireless, Treat Dispensing, Easy to set up, Notifies you of Barking

Our top pick is the Furbo Dog Camera. This camera is full of fun features that keep your pup free from boredom and safe while you’re out of the house. What makes this camera so unique is its unique treat tossing ability. The Furbo can hold up to 30 pieces of your pup’s treats, and easily toss them from your mobile phone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Androids. 

The Furbo is also incredibly easy to set up. Simply plug it in using the USB cord, download the free app, and connect your device to wifi. It’s simple design is what makes it our favorite pet camera. No hassle, no wires, and no worrying about your pet.


We also love that this camera has two way chat designed for dogs. It has a barking sensor that will send a notification to your phone when barking is detected. This will allow you to see what’s going on at your house, and talk to your pup via the device if you need to calm them down for some reason. The camera also has a privacy mode, so when you return to your house with your mobile phone, the camera will shut down until you leave again.

The Furbo has a 720p HD camera and night vision to allow you to live stream video and see your dog easily through the wide-angle lens day or night. We would highly suggest this camera for any pup parent in need of a simple way to monitor their pet while they’re away. It also allows you to treat your pup and calm them down no matter what’s going on in the house. 

runner up - pet cube camera

pet cube camera
Key Features: Remote Lasers, Durable Design, Two-Way Audio

The Pet Cube Camera is a great way to keep track of your dog while you’re away, and also keep them entertained. You can help prevent destructive behavior by keeping your pup occupied through the cube. The cube is incredibly easy to set up. You can download the free app for either Apple or Android products. The app allows you to both talk and hear from your pets at any point. It has two-way audio and automatic sound-detection alerts so you’ll know when your pup is barking. What really makes the pet cube unique is the lasers. The Pet cube features a pet-safe laser toy that you can control from your phone to prevent boredom. You can even put the laser into automode and let the laser distract your pup no matter what you’re busy doing.


The Petcube even has night vision so you can check on your dog without leaving the lights on to see them while you’re away. We also love that this device is built to last in households with aggressive pups. It has a non-slip bottom to prevent your pup from pushing it around accidentally, a chew-proof cord, and a durable design.

The camera in the cube easily allows you to watch over your dog instantly from anywhere. It was 1080p HD video with a 138 degree angle view with 3x digital zoom. This makes it incredibly easy to watch over your dog while you’re away. 

We would highly suggest this cube for any pup parent in need of a simple to use camera to watch over their pets while they’re away. It will also allow you to keep your dog entertained even when you’re busy at work with the autoplay lasers.

premium pick - PetChatz HD Camera

HD Pet Camera
Key Features: Two-Way Audio & Video, Treat Dispensing, Simple Setup

The Petchatz HD Camera is a one of a kind camera that allows you to keep a close eye on your pets while you’re away. It’s specifically designed to calm down anxious dogs that don’t like being home alone, and to help prevent destructive behavior. With this camera you can provide digital daycare for your pup now matter how far away you go! The simple to use, durable design makes it great for households with multiple pets that don’t have time to deal with tricky electronics. The Petchatz makes it easy and convenient to check in with your dog periodically, and you can record all interactions. 


The Petchatz easily and securely attaches to your wall so you can easily be at your dog’s level through out the day. The device doesn’t have any corners or edges that can be chewed on, so you can trust that it will last no matter how aggressive your dog is. We also love that the camera itself has a calming scent that tends to soothe anxious pups. 

The Petchatz has a variety of features that make it well worth the investment. First and foremost it has a silent mode that allows you to watch over your pup silently if you don’t want them to be distracted by the device. You can then interact them by pressing the chat button. This will allow your pet to hear and see you, and you’ll also be able to see and hear them. If you think your furbaby deserves a treat, you can even dispense a treat for them through the device right from your phone!

The app is compatible with both Android and Apple products, and is simple to set up. In our opinion this system is well worth the money due to its ability to calm down anxious pups and give you peace of mind while you’re away.

bargain pick - akaso wireless camera

pet camera
Key Features: Two-Way Audio, Alarm Linkage, Pan Ability

The Akaso Wireless Camera is a great pick for dog families looking for an affordable way to keep track of their pets. This camera is designed not only as a pet camera, but as a home security camera as well. It’s various features easily allow you to follow your pet’s movements and make sure they’re not getting into trouble. The camera has great resolution, even at night; it can even pan around the room to give you a full 355 degree view of everything going on in your house. Priced at under $40, you won’t have to worry about dishing out the big bucks for a camera with unnecessary features.


The Akaso camera is the only camera we’ve reviewed that has the ability to pan and tilt.Easily pan 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically so you can see all corners of a room. You’ll also have great resolution no matter where you put your camera. The resolution is 1280 x 720p, and supports night vision up to 30 feet. You’ll have HD picture day or night. 

The two way audio feature allows you to talk to your family or your pet day or night. And of course, you can hear from your pet whenever you feel it necessary. All of the footage captured by the camera will be recorded to a micro SD card so you can keep track of everything. 

This camera also has alarm linkage. It has a built-in 105DB siren, motion sensor, and wireless alarm sensors. All of the alarm features are supported by wifi so you can trust you’ll always a working alarm.  We would highly suggest this camera for dog owners looking for an affordable way to monitor their pets and their homes remotely. 

Features Pick - Yi Home Security Camera

y1 camera
Key Features: Motion Sensors, Night Vision, Two-Way Talking, Senses Crying

The YI home camera has just about every feature you could possibly imagine to keep a close eye on your pet. It’s designed to be a home security system and works much better than typical pet cameras. This pet camera is designed to monitor noise, motion, and make sure your home is safe and secure at all times. Of course, this allows the camera to also keep a close eye on your pet. It records in 1080p which allow it to capture clear images of your home and pets while you’re away. It also has night vision so even at night you’ll receive clear images of any motion. The system also has great security so you can be sure your footage is safe and protected.


The YI 1080 home camera is wireless, so you can place it anywhere in your home that has wifi. Simply connect the camera to the wifi via the mobile app, and you can access the system anytime. You’ll also receive activity alerts through the app, so make sure you download it on your phone. The app can alert you to baby’s crying, motion, and you can always check in to take a look at your pup. We love this camera as a pet camera due to its two-way talk feature. You can easily hear what your pup is up to and talk to your dog through the monitor anytime.

When you purchase the camera you’ll receive one camera, an adapter, a USB camera, and a detailed manual. This camera is great for dog parents in need of a great home monitoring system. Priced under $60, it’s well worth the money.