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     With today’s advanced technology, pet owners are using devices to help keep their dog safe. Not to mention, many of these devices make daily dog-parenting activities more efficient and effective. At the top of the list: dog cameras. These cameras are one of the most cost efficient and effective methods for daily use as you head out to work or on a day trip. Just like a baby monitor or camera, dog cameras are incredibly useful to keep an eye on your pup while you are away or simply in another room. They are especially important for new puppies, dogs with illnesses or injuries, and senior pups because you will need to be aware of their actions, habits, or emergency situations. 

     The market does not make it very easy to understand which dog cameras are the best for your unique needs. Ultimately, when purchasing a new piece of technology, more time and care is going to go into picking your best option. This article highlights the very best dog cameras out there based on customer reviews, easy of use, quality of technology, and price. From the top pick to the bargain pick, your search begins and ends here.

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A Quick Look at The Best Dog Cameras

     Here is a quick look at the best dog cameras. For more information and in-depth review of each, keep scrolling.

What to look for in a pet camera

  • Decent camera image quality
  • Sound quality
  • Two-way communication for soothing your pet or interacting with pet sitters
  • Easy of use
  • Cell phone compatibility
  • Interactive features (optional)
  • Affordable price point
Good Image and Sound Quality

     There are a variety of features you can find in pet cameras today. Ultimately, you will quickly begin to realize that you do not want to pay a crazy amount of money for a camera that has 50 features, when all you really need is 1. We understand that every single dog owner has their own unique needs, and so does every dog! There are a variety of factors to consider before spending your time and money figuring out what pet camera you’ll benefit from the most. Above all, the first feature you will want to pay attention to is the image and sound quality of the dog camera. For example, do you need a wider-shot for larger spaces like the living room? 

Two-Way Communication

      One of the most popular features on pet cameras is the ability to have two-way communication with your pet. This is ideal if you want to calm them down when they’re upset, or you want to hear what they’re up to in the house. It also, of course, allows you to talk to family members and pet sitters if you want to quickly reach them. In fact, having this feature plays double-duty. The pet camera will turn into an everything camera; allowing you to interact with your kids while they are home as well. 

Ease of Use and Device Compatibility

     Finally, the last feature you need to look at is the pet camera’s easy of use. Most pet cameras work in tandem with your cell phone through app installment, and this is exactly what you will need. It will allow you to view images in real-time and catch any emergency situations on the spot. Some cameras are old school and simply use a USB drive to record images for you to view later. We have found those to be less effective unless you simply want to find out what your dog is up to all day!

Additional Features (Optional)

     Many pet cameras will have features allowing owners to interact with their dog on a whole-new level. This may include a treat dispensers that an owner can activate or a laser pointer for those feline-friendly households. While these options give you a way to reward your pet as if you were really home, it will hike up the price point. You should consider what your budget is and if your dog needs this type of interaction to feel comfortable. In fact, you may be able to save that money and substitute with a treat dispensing toy like the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball.This toy will also provide a nice, intellect-building distraction for your dog while you are away.

The Best Dog Cameras

#1 furbo dog camera

Main Benefits:
  • 1080p HD, 160 degree camera with night vision capability
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Treat dispenser
  • Barking alert sensor
  • Event-triggered cloud recording
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Highly rated among customers, received media attention

     By far, the number one pet camera on the market today is the Furbo Dog Camera. Its camera quality is next to none at 1080p HD with both live streaming and night vision capabilities. You can see an example of this image quality here. Plus, its 160 degree wide-angle view helps to see most areas of a living space. However, we do recommend placing it in a corner or up against on of your walls, that way you have more of the room included in view. Once your pet camera and connecting app are set up, it will allow up to 2 people to be watching at the same time.

     In its most basic function, the Furbo Dog Camera also includes a two-way audio communication. That way you can easily sooth your pup with your real-time voice. Plus, you can remotely activate the treat dispenser from your smartphone; popping out treats as a reward for good behavior. Most dog cameras that dispense treats can only hold a minimal amount. However, the Furbo Dog Camera can hold up to 30 small dry treats or pieces of kibble!

     One of the most unique aspects of this particular dog camera is an additional, optional barking alert. The camera has a barking sensor that will detect when your furbaby is barking and send a notification to your phone. It is immensely useful because you will have real-time updates on if and when an emergency occurs that causes your pup to bark. Even better, if your pup has anxiety that cause them to bark, you will instantly know when to soothe them using the two-way communication.

     Among other innovative features, we specifically love Furbo’s event-triggered cloud recording. Using cloud storage, it records clips of video when events are detected. This is incredibly useful to look back and see what your dog does all day by themselves. Or, you can use it to investigate what sort of events or objects trigger certain behaviors and anxiety in your dog. Be aware, though, Furbo now charges additional costs for special features like barking detection and more. At their base cost, you will have standard video and audio capabilities.

Tech Requirements and Set-Up

     For the Furbo Dog Camera to work properly, you will need a stable home WiFi or broadband internet connection at 2.4GHz. Plus, you will need an iOS 10 and later versions or Android 6.0 and later versions. Other than that, everything is simple and easy to set up.

     To begin your set-up, follow these three steps:

  1. Plug the Furbo into an electrical outlet
  2. Connect your smartphone to the device’s app and home WiFi
  3. View the devices camera quality and explore your capabilities

#2 WOpet Smart Pet Camera

Main Benefits:
  • 720p HD camera with high-quality night vision capability
  • Crystal clear two-way audio communication
  • Treat dispenser
  • Makes a cute sound when treats are about to be dispensed
  • Easy to set up and use

     The WOpet Smart Pet Camera comes in at #2, specifically because its sound quality is fantastic for two-way audio communication. Plus, the design is very stable and has a sturdy base that is not easily knocked over by clumsy dogs. The camera itself is 720p HD and operates wirelessly. It even has infrared LED night vision that comes is clear, allowing you to view your pets and home without interference when lighting is low. Along with live-streaming, the camera has two extra features: video recording and picture taking. This way you can capture all those adorable (and silly) pet moments just as you normally would. 

     A built-in speaker and microphone (which you will see on its face) enables two-way voice communication in real-time. You will, however, have to be connected to WiFi for this to work properly. However, being able to talk to your dog and sooth or praise them is the ultimate feature for a pet camera. This one will not disappoint!

     It also features a treat dispenser, which pops out treats fairly quickly so be prepared. This will only work for small, dry treats or kibble. The treat-dispensing action allows you to bring personalized interaction to your dog when you are away. It will make them feel even more at-ease and be rewarded for great behaviors! To dispense a treat, you will activate it remotely from a smartphone using the device’s app. The WOPet Smart Pet Camera, in particular, makes an adorable, small sound before the treat pops out; helping your dog know when a snack is coming!

Tech Requirements and Set-Up

     In terms of technology and compatibility, you will need to have an iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0 and above in order to link properly using a smartphone. Unfortunately, like all other pet cameras, if you do not have a smartphone, there will be no way to have a connection and monitor your dog. The WOpet Smart Pet Camera needs to operate via WiFi network of at least 2.4GHz frequency (it does not support 5GHz). Once the device arrives, you can follow three easy steps to set-up:

  1. Plug the device into an outlet using its USB cord
  2. Download the WOPET app on your smartphone
  3. Connect to the home WiFi

     Luckily, if something does go wonky during shipping or set-up, the company offers a 30-day full refund. Even if you are a little skeptical on using its technology, they offer 24/7 technical support so you can become a master. Overall, the device comes with a 1 year warranty.

#3 Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Main Benefits:
  • Highly rated among pet camera review sites
  • 720p HD, 130 degree camera
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Only runs video when you want to use it
  • Treat dispenser and laser pointer
  • Instantly upload photos to social media
  • Wall-mounting capability
  • Easy to set up and use

     At #3 comes the Pawbo Life Pet Camera, specifically because it comes highly recommended by most, if not all, current review sites for pet cameras. Unlike other pet cameras, this one is unique because it will only run video when you log in to use it. Therefore, it is primarily used to check in on your pets from time to time. However, many customers like this fact because it will not constantly take up your device’s storage. You simply set it up, log into your device while you are away, see what’s going on and dispense some treats, then log out to carry on with your day!

     The Pawbo Life Pet Camera’s image quality uses 720p HD with a 130 degree wide-angle lens; which means you can place it in the corner of a larger space and have minimal blind-spots. Not only does it stream live video, but you can record video or simply snap some images to store directly on your smartphone or other device. It even gives you the capability to upload those snapshots to social media remotely! That way your loyal followers or family members will never miss an adorable pup moment.

     A built-in speaker and microphone allow for two-way communication between you and your dog (or dog sitter). Its quality is pretty decent and, as long as you are connected through WiFi, you will not have any issues with the sound cutting out. Other features include a built-in laser pointer for your feline family members and a treat dispenser. The bottom of the Pawbo Life Pet Camera pops out, giving a number of compartment for small dry treats or pieces of kibble. There are 8 compartments and you will be able to fit about 3 to 4 treats in each. Each time you activate the treat dispenser remotely from your smartphone, Pawbo will pop out the number of treats in the next compartment.

     Unique to this pet camera is the ability to mount it on a wall. On the back of the Pawbo Life Pet Camera, you will notice two holes specifically designed for wall-mounting. This gives you an easy option to keep the camera up and away from any destructive pet behavior. Ultimately, keeping your wallet pretty happy!

Tech Requirements and Set-Up

     In order to set up and operate the Pawbo Life Pet Camera, you will need a smartphone or similar device. Specifically, the device’s technology supports iOS 8 or later versions (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod) and Android 4.0.3 or later versions. Your home will need WiFi; running at least 2.4GHz with a WPA2-AES encryption. This way your audio and streaming stays secure. If all this sounds like a foreign language and complicated, rest assured, customers have commented on the ease of set-up and how it is actually easier to operate than other pet cameras on the market. Plus, the company is there to back you up. They have a service support team, easily accessible through pawbo.com

     To begin your set-up, follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Pawbo Life app on your smartphone or similar device
  2. Connect the Pawbo Life Pet Camera through the app
  3. Find your home’s WiFi to connect to

     If you end up receiving a damaged product through the mail or realize you no longer need the camera, Pawbo offers a 7 day grace period for return and refund. These 7 days begin once you receive the product and you can even contact their team for a product exchange.

Best Bargain Pick

Vinsion HD Pet Camera

Main Benefits:
  • Best of the most affordable
  • Basic features, no bells and whistles
  • 1080p HD, 360 degree camera
  • Ability to zoom in and out
  • Picture and video encryption for security
  • Two-way audio communication

     Most dog cameras come with treat dispensers and other features that can jack up their price above $100. However, if you simply need something to keep an eye on your pet and provide some soothing two-way audio communications, we highly recommend taking a peak at the VINSION HD Pet Camera. As the best of the bargain picks, this camera runs under $50 through Amazon. Although designed as an all-around home camera, most customers buy it specifically with their pets in mind.

     Its camera quality is above an beyond for such a reasonable cost; having 1080p HD and a full 360 degree panoramic view. Using its connecting app, you can actually move the camera view in all directions. Including zooming in and out. Seeing up to a 50ft distance, it is navigation intelligent and has virtually no blind spots! Its motion detection capability will send notifications to your smartphone. Plus, you even have a decently clear night vision option for low-light environments. With pet cameras, keeping the video and audio secure is a huge concern for pet parents. It is made crystal clear that VINSION features both picture and video encryption, that way you will not have to worry.

     This camera has a built in microphone that allows for two-way audio communication. However, it is unclear as to how quality the audio is. It is our understanding that you will be able to communicate to your pet or pet sitter effectively, but know that there is a two second lag time.

     One of VINSION HD Pet Camera’s best features includes the unique ability to share your account with others. After bounding the camera to one primary account, it can then be shared with up to five other accounts! This is perfect for keeping family members and pet sitter in the loop. That way, if an emergency were to occur, they have direct notification and can monitor the home for themselves instead of waiting on your commands.

Tech Requirements and Set-Up

     To operate the VINSION HD Pet Camera, you will need a home WiFi of 2.4G (but not 5G). To the best of our knowledge, it is compatible with most smartphones and smart devices because the company does not specify any requirements. Be aware that the camera’s electrical chord is a bit on the short side, so you may need to get creative with your placement. Another caution includes changing WiFi routers. Once you have the camera connected to one router, you will probably experience some difficulty switching it to a new one.

     To begin your set-up, follow these three steps:

  1. Download the “360eyeS” app or use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the product’s box
  2. Plug in the pet camera
  3. Connect to and set up the pet camera using the app you have downloaded

     If you are unhappy with the camera or the product has been damaged through shipping, the company does allow a 3 month return policy. Plus, the product comes under a 1 year warranty.