Traveling with our pups in the car can often be quite the “experience.” From muddy paws to drooling, the car can become a wreck in no time. There’s no need to buy an expensive designer dog seat cover when you can find a high-quality product at a consumer-friendly price. There are a variety of seat covers out there that you can find to suit your needs and your dog will find super comfy!

     There are hammock covers, front seat covers, and even covers for your trunk area. A dog seat cover keeps dog hair, dandruff, and dirt within the cover. You’ll be much more likely to bring your dog on fun car rides knowing that they won’t destroy your car’s interior. These covers are great for long haired dogs, dogs who travel, or any dog at all. Enjoy a cleaner car and an easier cleanup process when you purchase this perfect seat cover!

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The benefits of a car seat cover

     Car seat covers are not only great for dogs, but great for kids (or adults), as well. No matter how clean you try to keep your car, let’s face it, messes happen. From spills to hair and the ever present food crumbs, it’s nearly impossible to keep your car looking clean. Our dogs seem to triple the mess!

     As we all know, the seats are one of the hardest places to keep clean in a car. Both leather and cloth seats require special cleaning supplies that can be expensive and aren’t guaranteed to work. It’s a huge bummer. That’s why car seat covers are such a tremendous help! As soon as you see the dirt start to pile up, simply remove the cover, shake them out, and wash them. If you really want to keep your car clean, you can try a hammock cover for your pups. They not only keep your seats clean but the floors as well!

     The best advantage to having a car seat cover is their efficiency. Purchasing a car seat cover will save you an unbelievable amount of time and money. No more professional cleaning trips, hours spent vacuuming out the car, or the need to re-upholster your car. Especially with furry friends riding around with you, they’re a lifesaver! Check out our top picks today to find out what might fit you and your pup’s preferences.

top pick - barksbar seat cover

dog seat cover

     The BarksBar Pet Seat Cover is one of our all-time favorite car accessories. As far as seat covers go, it’s a great choice that’s not only practical, but affordable as well. It has all of the features you could possibly ask for, and makes keeping your car clean easy. It’s made from quality materials, is easy to install, and safe for your car. It’s also one of the only seat covers you can find with storage pockets. Easily store all of your dog’s traveling needs and prevent your pup from tearing everything apart. The BarksBar is convenient, affordable, and chic; we think you’ll love its various features as much as we do!


     This seat cover can either be a standard bench cover, or you can use it as a hammock-style cover. As a hammock, it covers everything from the back of the back seats, to the back of the front seats. This will keep your seats clean, as well as your floor! So how does it stay in place? The cover has great velcro openings for seat belts and seat anchors to keep it in place no matter how your pup acts in the back seat. The BarksBar is also made from quality materials that you and your dog will both love. The tarp is made from a heavy duty waterproof polyester that is not only comfortable for your dog, but easily wicks away drool and accidents. 

     The BarksBar cover is not only made with dogs in mind, but is also one of the best covers out there for cars. It has color-fast material which will prevent any type of color bleeding. It’s also free of Azo dyes and metals such as arsenic or mercury to ensure your dog is safe, even if they choose to lick or eat off of it. Fortunately, this cover is also built to withstand extreme temperatures so you won’t have to worry about damage to your car during hot summers. 

     We love this cover because of how easy it is to install. Simply snap and buckle the straps around all of the headrests and tuck all of the seat anchors in. When the cover gets too dirty, simply remove it and throw it in the washing machine. The cover fits just about every car; and is available in two sizes. The Standard size is 14.2 x 10.7 x 2.5 inches, and the larger cover is  60″ x 64 inches.


passenger pick - barksbar front seat cover

dog seat cover

     Our front seat pick is another great BarksBar product. Just like the back standard BarksBar, this front seat cover is made from quality materials that are not only great at repelling dog hair, but other stains and odors. It’s easy to clean, easy to set up, and most of all, your dog will be comfortable. If your dog loves to call shot gun, this is a must-have product. It’s one of the only quality front seat covers we’ve come across that is designed specifically for pet use. And when your furry friend isn’t in the car, it’s comfortable for people too. 


     The BarksBar front seat cover fits on the passenger’s seat for all standard vehicles, trucks, and SUV’s. There’s no need to look for special measurements, or make any adjustments to the seat covers. This is a HUGE time saver! The covers have a great waterproof design that we love. If you spill any liquids, or if your dog has an accident, the moisture will easily wick away, and won’t leave any stains. 

     Unlike the standard BarksBar seat, the front seat is made with a high quality quilted material that gives it a high-end feel all of your passengers will love (four legged or not). It also has a rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to keep it from sliding around when your passengers get in and out. 

     Just like the rest of the BarksBar seat covers, this one is made free of AZO dyes, and heavy metals that may hurt your pups. Your dog is safe to eat off of them, and there won’t be any color bleeding. This will save both your car, and your dog from having issues. It’s also completely machine washable (on the gentle cycle). When it gets too dirty, simply take it our, throw it in the washing machine, and you’ll be good to go!

     We highly recommend this cover for dog owners that have furry friends that like to sit up front. It’s comfortable, made from quality materials, and easily protects your seats. 

kid friendly pick - urpower pet seat cover

dog hammock cover

     The URPower Pet Seat Cover is a great hammock-style dog seat cover for your car’s back seats. If your dogs are like ours, they’re always piling up in the back making messes. A back seat cover will be a lifesaver.

     It’s made with quality materials, and is great for not only pets, but kids as well. It can fold in to be great seat covers for your kids, and they’ll still have access to the seatbelts. No matter who or what gets in your back seat, this cover will keep your seats clean and stop any nasty odors from seeping into your car. 


     The URPower cover is made from 600D oxford cloth and a quality cotton. It also has a great waterproof polyester material and slip-proof pvc net to keep it in place no matter how crazy your pets get in the back seat. Your dogs and kids will be comfortable in the back seat with its triple layer padding; and you won’t have to worry about leaks getting into your seats. From juice, to accidents, to food stains, you can rest assured that your seats will be safe from the messes. 

     The cover is also tremendously easy to install. For us, this is a must because who wants to mess with a difficult seat cover?! The cover comes with a seat anchor , 4 adjustable plastic clips to go around the head rests, and even have quick release clips. When its time to clean the cover, simply dampen a cloth or vacuum up the messes.

     When your kids jump in the car, the hammock can quickly transform into a regular seat cover. The front portion will fold in, and stay put with a simple velcro strap.

     We definitely recommend this product for pet owners that need a great comfortable seat cover that can protect their seats from both kids and pets. It’s 58 inches by 52 inches, making it ideal for just about any car, truck, or SUV.  

undetectable pick - Elegant Comfort Seat Protector

     Let’s face it, some of you love your cars and you don’t want an ugly tarp covering your seats. What you may not realize is that you don’t need to sacrifice the elegance of your car in order to protect the seats. The Elegant Comfort seat cover is designed to keep your back seats looking chic, while also protecting what you paid for! These covers look fantastic in your back seat, and are available in three colors to match your interior; beige, black, and grey. We love these covers because they keep your interior looking sharp  and clean no matter what messes happen in your car.


     The Elegant Comfort cover is made from a quilted microfiber material that’s 100% waterproof. No matter what spills or accidents occur, your seats will be safe. Of course, when the covers get dirty, all you have to do is either wipe them down, or machine wash them. We love these covers because all of the odors and dirt wash out quickly and easily. No more wet dog smell in your car!

     To set the cover up in your car all you have to do is drape the cover over your seats and attach the straps around the back headrests. Fortunately, the straps are triple stitched, so no matter what goes on in your back seat, the cover will stay in place. The only downside is that there are holes cut out in case you want to use the seat belts. Unfortunately these can’t be sealed shut. Therefore, your dog (or kids) may be able to get dirt by the hole, leaving dirt near the seatbelt clips. 

     These covers will fit on just about any car. As long as your seat is between 50 and 58 inches wide, you’ll be good to go! And if not, you can return it and you’ll get a full refund. 

trunk pick - Gifted Pets Cargo Liner

trunk cover

     If you have an SUV, you may find that the trunk is the most convenient place for your pooch to be. They’ll be able to stretch out, sleep, and they won’t be able to jump into the front while you’re driving. We’ve all experienced that distraction! It’s also ideal because you can put a cover in the trunk that will protect it, and not have to worry about your pooch ruining your back seats. If you do decide to have your dog in the trunk area, you may want to consider a trunk cover. It will save you hours of cleaning and vacuuming, and your dog will have a comfortable place to lay down. 


     The Gifted Pets Cargo Liner is a great way to protect your trunk from fur, spills, leaks, and anything else that gets put in your trunk. It’s 100% waterproof, so you no longer have to worry about accidents, water leaks, or drool. Your entire trunk area will be protected, leaving one less thing to clean when it’s time to clean out your car! When it gets dirty, simply take it out and throw it in the washing machine. No more wet dog smell lingering around your car, or heaps of fur in your trunk. 

     This cargo liner is made with a durable material, yet it’s quilted fabric makes it comfortable for your dog to lay out on. Your pup will also love that it always stays in place due to its non-slip textured backing. They can roll around and you can be confident the cover’s not going anywhere. 

     This liner is available in three sizes to ensure a great fit for any SUV. The regular is42″ wide x 78″ long including the 20″ bumper protector; the large is 52″ wide x 82″ long including the 20″ bumper protector, and the XL is 55″ wide x 106″ long including the 20″ bumper protector. We recommend this protector to any pet parents that need an easy way to keep their trunk areas clean while they’re traveling with pets. You’d be amazed by how much cleaning it will save you.