enchanted sofa

     While many dog owners like to purchase traditional beds for their pups, you may want to consider a nice couch for your pup as well. Dog couches allow your dog to spread out, and they have their own space. Even better, many dog couches are lifted off the ground higher than floor beds, which often makes dogs use them more. If your pup looks at a dog bed like “you expect me to sleep on that?”, then a dog couch is your solution.

     Let’s face it, some dog couches just weren’t designed with dogs in mind. There are so many different styles on the market, it can be hard to sift through the madness and find the perfect fit for your pup. Your dog deserve a comfortable couch of their own. They can use it as a bed, a place to take a nap, or just a place to lay when all the couches are taken! Price, ease of cleaning, your dog’s size, and sleeping style are all factors to consider before purchasing a sofa for them. A designer sofa might look cute in your living room, but if your dog doesn’t actually use it, you’ve just wasted money on a purchase your pup won’t appreciate.

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why does my dog need a couch?

     While your pup may love to cuddle up next to you while they sleep, every dog needs a place to call their own. If your dog is constantly jumping up and down from the couch or a bed, it’s bad for their joints. Plus, it helps to spread dog hair and dander around your house.

     A dog’s couch or bed will give them a sense of security while you’re out and about. It is a place that will always be for them. Once you find the perfect fit for your pup, you’ll soon see how much your dog can love their very own sofa.


dog sofa

     One of our team’s favorite dog beds is this adorably fashionable Pet Sofa Bed. It is perfect for doggie kings and queens and is a definite conversation piece for your home. As you can see, the Pet Sofa Bed is uniquely desgined for the modern pet home.

     This dog bed is best for extra small and small dogs who weigh up to 12 lbs. Our dogs love its adorable gray and white chevron pattern. However, if it isn’t your favorite, there are many more Enchanted Home Sofa Beds to choose from.

     We love this particular model because it is a truly luxurious and comfy place for your dog to nap. If your dog prefers secluded areas, they will feel the most comfortable in a bed that engulfs them in fluffy comfort and warmth like this one. It’s padded rim has a higher rise to give your pup the privacy they crave.

     The sofa bed dimensions are 26.5″ x 16″ x 16″. It has lifted feet to keep your small pup away from cold drafts, and is very easy to spot-clean with a damp cloth. It is compatible with the Enchanted Home Pet Therapeutic line that uses cooling and magnetic therapy to sooth your dog’s aches and pains.

     We recommend this couch for any stylish pup sofa to any small dog looking for a great couch to call their own. They’ll have a secluded place to snuggle up, and great support for their head all the way around.

Main Benefits

  1. modern style
  2. high rise rim for privacy and head support
  3. great for small dogs
  4.  keeps your dog off the cold, hard floor

ENCHANTED HOME brisbane tufted sofa

brown dog couch

     Classy meets rustic comfort with this great pet sofa. Your dog will have the best seat in the house as you kick back and watch TV. The Enchanted Home Brisbane Tufted Sofa is made from quality materials you’d find in a regular leather couch, but it’s made just for your rustic dog. And because it mimics the shape of a regular couch, many dogs are drawn right to it. This sofa is raised off of the ground just a bit which will protect your dog’s joints and make it easy to get on and off of it. The height also makes the couch less drafty.

     This tufted sofa is made of a soft faux-leather that’s easy to clean and comfortable for pets. As you can see, it has brass nail heads and is lifted 2″ off of the ground. These beds are suitable for dogs up to 30 lbs (the dog pictured is 20 lbs.). The bed is 33.5″ x 21″ x 12″. The actual cushion is 21″ x 15″.

     This bed made our best picks because the sofa cushion has a zipper. If the cushion is too stiff, you can unzip it and remove some of the stuffing, of course you can always put more stuffing in as well. 

Main Benefits

  1. classy faux leather
  2. rustic charm
  3. easy to clean
  4. zipper on cushion allows you to remove or install padding
  5. keeps your dog off a cold, hard floor

ENCHANTED HOME ultra plush sofa

enchanted sofa

     Number three on our list is another great Enchanted Home dog sofa. This sofa is made for dogs a bit larger, yet has a great couch-like comforting fit for your pup. They’ll have the back support, and two small armrests that they can use to prop their head up. Just like all great pet sofas, this sofa is lifted off of the ground. This eliminates drafts for your pup, while still being easy on their joints. Dogs also love being above ground level, and this gives them an opportunity to get even closer to you. 

     The Ultra Plush Sofa fits dogs up to 75 lbs. The couch is 40.5″ x 30″ x 18″, and the cushion is 30″ x 22. We love this couch because it has a chic look that’ll match any decor, while still being soft and cozy for your furry friends. And if it gets dirty, simply remove the removable cushion cover and machine wash on cold. 

     We recommend this couch for dogs that need a simple couch to lay out on when they can’t get up on your couches. It’s ideal for larger dogs, giving them plenty of room to stretch out, and a head rest on both sides. It’s also easy to jump up and down for as it’s barely lifted off of the ground. 

Main Benefits

  1. great for large dogs
  2. raised back with arm rests to support your pup’s head
  3. matches any decor
  4. removable cushion cover
  5. easy for dog to jump up and down
  6. keeps dog off cold, hard floor

Chesterfield Faux Leather Sofa

     The Chesterfield Leather Sofa is a great comfortable couch for just about any pup. They’ll have a comfortable, thick cushion, and a headrest all the way around the edges. There’s plenty of room for them to move around, and now they’ll have their very own couch. Dogs love this couch because it feels so much like the couches we sit on. It’s even lifted off of the ground avoiding annoying drafts and making them feel like a part of the family. 

     The Chesterfield Sofa is 33.5” W x 16″ H x 30.25” deep, suitable for just about any sized breed. It’s made from faux leather, microfiber, foam, and birch wood. While the cushion is removable for washing, keep in mind that you do have to remove all of the buttons which can make it a tedious task. This couch will look great in any room in your house; in addition to grey it’s also available in beige and brown. 

     We recommend this sofa to any dog parent looking for a sofa with great head support. This bed is both functional and chic; with a thick comfortable cushion and faux leather armrests for their head, your dog will have a great place to stretch out. 

Main Benefits

  1. unique circle shape
  2. thick, comfy cushion
  3. raised edge for head support
  4. removable cushion
  5. good for most dog sizes
  6. keeps dog off of cold, hard floor

keet deluxe orthopedic sofa set

dog couches

     This Orthopedic dog set is by far one of the most comfortable dog sofas that you can purchase for your pup. This set not only includes the couch, but also a matching mat, matching pillows, and a matching toy with a squeaker! Your dog will have everything they need to feel right at home. With the Keet Deluxe set, your dog can have the best seat in the house and will always have a cozy place to call their own.

     This great set has an orthopedic memory foam cushion that will give your dog the support they need. It’s especially beneficial for senior dogs that have achey joints. The cushion is made from a micro suede material, and can be removed for cleaning. Because this set comes with pillows and an additional mat, your pup will have a variety of places to lounge at all times! This set is also great for households with multiple dogs; one pooch can take the couch while another takes the cushioned floor mat.

     The Keet set is available in seven colors, and three great sizes to accommodate smaller and medium sized dogs. The smallest size is17 x 23 x 12 inches, and supports up to 10 lbs.; the medium is 17 x 28 x 18 inches, and holds up to 20lbs., and the large is 24 x 36 x 20 inches, and supports dogs up to 40 lbs.

Main Benefits

  1. comes with couch, matching mat and pillows, and matching squeaker toy
  2. orthopedic memory foam
  3. great for senior dogs
  4. wide variety of colors
  5. keeps dog off of cold, hard floor

frontpet dog recliner

dog recliner

     The FrontPet couch is one of our favorites, why? Because it reclines! It’s one of the only dog couches out there that also serves as a bed. If your pup wants a head rest or a cozier place to sleep you can put all of the arms up. If not, you can lower everything to give them a great flat, padded surface to sleep on. The unique design allows your dog to have plenty of room to move around no matter what position the recliner is. They’ll also have plenty of head support in either position. 

     The FrontPet Recliner is made from a two tone faux leather that makes it a great addition to any room. The cushions contain compressed memory foam wrapped in a great foam padding. The entire surface of this recliner is comfortable for dogs, and even liquid resistant. Easily wipe away drool, accidents, and other messes your pup makes on the couch. 

     The recliner is 35″ L x 40″ W, when fully reclined, and  24″ L x 28″ W x 14″ H, when upright. We have found this couch to be incredibly sturdy for even the heaviest dogs. It sits just barely off the ground, making it great for your dog’s joints, and allowing them to have great protection from hard surfaces. 

     We highly recommend this bed for any dog parent that needs a spacious and cozy bed for their pup. It’ll fit just about anywhere in your house, and you can switch up the armrests to suit the needs of your dog. 

Main Benefits

  1. reclining action
  2. head support in any position
  3. sturdy for heavier dogs
  4. liquid resistant material
  5. keeps dog off cold, hard floor

dallas manufacturing leather sofa

     The Dallas Manufacturing Co. sofa is one of the easiest beds to maintain. The cover is completely machine washable, and will always smell fresh. The filling is polyester fiber with fragrant cedar shavings which will not only draw your dog to this couch, but help it keep odors away. This couch has great soft padding that will allow your dog to get comfortable in no time, no hard edges or arm rests. There are even soft cushioned built in head rests for your pup. 

     The Dallas sofa is 29 x 29 x 12 in, suitable for smaller and medium sized dogs. In our experience we’ve seen that dogs about 30 lbs. and under can fit comfortably in the sofa. We definitely recommend this sofa to any dog that needs a comfortable “bed” that also gives them great neck support. 

Main Benefits

  1. easy maintenance
  2. machine washable cover
  3. cedar shavings keep it smelling fresh
  4. padded back and arm rests for head support
  5. keeps dog off of cold, hard ground