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  Like humans, dogs can suffer from bad breath, plaque and or tartar buildup, bleeding or painful gums.  All of these are reasons for concern for your pup.  We’ve looked at all the options on the market for their ability to improve teeth and gum health and bad breath, so that we can make a recommendation for you based on our research, so you don’t have to research yourself.  We have assessed the value of all the top brands out there, and even some you haven’t yet heard of, all in an effort to bring you the best recommendations.  From Z-Bones to Whimzees, Dental Chews to Dentastix, keep reading to learn more!

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A dog’s dental health is one of his or her most important assets. Aside from manually brushing a dog’s teeth, dental chews are the best option to maintain or improve dental health. However, there are many potential dangers one has to consider when choosing dental treats. Antlers, raw bones, rawhides, and plastic chews are known to be choking hazards or to contain harmful substances for dogs’ digestive systems. Luckily, there are great alternatives, such as Whimzees Dental Treats. Kai has found that Whimzees Dental Treats are not only one of the most effective dental chews on the market, but are remarkably safe and nutritious for dogs. These all-natural dental chews, made in Holland, are safe for your dog’s throat and stomach. They are sold in great variety, and they are sure to please any dog in need of a great dental chew.


Dentastix are one of the most popular dental treats on the market, and for good reason. Their unique shape and safe ingredients make them great for your dog’s oral health. You can feed your pup one dentastix every day, and you’ll quickly begin to notice the difference. Their breath will smell better, and their teeth will be free of plaque and tartar. Toy breeds can have 1 treat per day as long as they’re over 5lbs; medium adult dogs can have one per day as long as they’re over 10 lbs, and larger adult dogs can have 1 a day as long as they’re over 10 lbs. There are five different packs of Dentastix you can try out depending on your dog’s unique needs and preferences. There are the original dentastix, fresh stix, bacon flavored, beef flavored, or you can buy a variety pack!


The original Dentastix have the unique X-shaped texture that helps scrape plaque and tartar off of your dog’s teeth with ease. These Dentastix have been proven to reduce tartar buildup by 80% when used everyday. These Dentastix contain a variety ofhealthy ingredients that are full of Vitamins such as A, B, and C, that are not only healthy for your dog and easy to digest, but delicious as well.  

The fresh Dentastix have all of the benefits of the original stix, however they also keep your dog’s breath smelling great. They reduce tartar buildup by nearly 80%, and they also keep your dog’s breath fresh. If your dog has issues with bad breath, we would recommend these treats over the original; your dog will still maintain great oral health, but you’ll also receive the benefits of fresh smelling breath!

Of course if you have a picky pup on your hands you can also try out the beef or bacon flavored Dentastix. Both flavors can reduce tartar buildup by 80%, and will freshen your dogs breath. If your dog just doesn’t take the the original flavor, these are a great alternative, they’re just as healthy, with an extra burst of flavor. You can try out all flavors and varieties right through Amazon.


Whimzees are gluten-free and 100% vegetarian. Their beauty is in their simplicity. All Whimzees are made from six main ingredients. Their potato starch base makes them yummy and digestible. Glycerin, powdered cellulose, malt extract, and yeast, held together by the all-natural emulsifier, lecithin, give these chews a ton of great health benefits. They are rich in fiber, amino acids, and vitamin B (all while being low in calories). They are highly digestible, meat-free, wheat-free, and fight plaque and tartar growth. Their dense, organic makeup allows these treats to last much longer than other similar brands such as Greenies.


In addition to the beneficial base ingredients, five of the ten available chews come in three different colors. Each of these colors come with a bonus health benefit. The green Whimzees, made with alfalfa extract, have extra amounts of vitamins K, C and B6s, as well as beta-carotene, which is converted in vitamin A. Brown Whimzees, made with annatto extract, are rich with antioxidants, so they are great for a dog’s cellular health. The brown Whimzees use more malt extract for color, which improves dogs’ metabolism. All variety packs of these five Whimzees chews include a mixture of these three colors. The other five Whimzees are not available in different colors, but they have special benefits of their own as well.

The ingredients in Whimzees Dental Chews are not only healthy, but they are safe for dogs to chew on and digest. While they are made hard enough to keep from chipping apart in the packaging, Whimzees are softened when chewed on and activated by saliva. This means that Whimzees are much less likely to chip or damage your dog’s teeth. This also means that stronger dogs who mistake chews for treats will be able to chew through Whimzees.

Whimzees Stix have a classic dog dental chew shape that can be enjoyed by any dog. Their thin and straight shape makes them so easy to enjoy, but the Stix also have smooth grooves that help scrape the plaque and tartar right off your dog’s teeth! The Stix are available in all sizes from extra small to extra dogs. If you want to find out more about the dental treats offered by Whimzees, check out our in depth review here.

zuke's z-bones dental chews

Zuke’s Z-Bones are full of healthy and nutritious ingredients that will keep your pup healthy all-around. These dental treats are a potato-based chew that will scrape plaque and tartar buildup off of your dog’s teeth with ease. They’ll also gently polish your dog’s teeth as they chew away at them. No matter what your dog’s tastes are, you can find the perfect Z-Bones for them. These dental treats are available in four delicious flavors; apple, carrot, clean berry crisp, and berry. Al four flavors are great for your dog’s dental health, and have a unique blend of ingredients to keep them healthy.


The apple flavor contains ingredients for fresh breath such as parsley and alfalfa which will keep their mouth feeling great. These treats are made without gluten, corn starch, or synthetic chlorophyll. You can trust these potato-based treats to keep your dog’s mouth feeling great. In addition to the parsley and alfalfa they contain healthy fruits and vegetables such as ground peas, apples, and spinach. These nutritious ingredients will support a healthy diet and give your dog the Vitamins they need to get through the day. 


The carrot flavored Z-Boes contain great fruits and vegetables such as pea protein, carrots, pumpkin, and tumeric. The carrots are not only great for your dog’s eyesite, but will give them plenty of Vitamins and minerals. In addition to these ingredients they also contain alfalfa, rosemary, and fennel to give your dog great dental health and fresh breath. 

clean berry crisp

The clean berry crisp flavored Z-bones get rid of bad breath from your dog’s mouth and stomach. To clean their teeth and gums they contain parsley and alfalfa. Additionally, the contain healthy ingredients such as pea protein, cherry, cranberry, and fennel. These treats are full of nutritious fruits and vegetables that will aid in your dog’s digestion and give them plenty of vitamins.


The Berry flavored Z-Bones use parsley, alfalfa, and fennel to promote fresh breath as well. Additionaly, they contain peas, pea protein, cherry, and cranberry. All of these ingredients work together to help your dog achieve not only fresh breath, but a healthy body all around. 

All flavors are available in 3 sizes; mini, large, and regular. The mini Z-bones are ideal for dogs 20-25 lbs; the regular Z-bones are ideal for dogs 25-60 lbs, and you can give any dog over 60 lbs. the larger sized Z-Bones. We would highly recommend these treats to any dog that needs a nutritious way to achieve great dental health. 

blue buffalo wilderness dental chews

Blue Buffalo has some of the healthiest treats you can buy for your pup. They’re easy to digest, and only contain safe ingredients. Their dental chews are no different. They contain simple ingredients; free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They also never contain chicken by-product meals, corn, soy or wheat. They have a great chewy texture that will scrape plaque and tartar buildup off of your dog’s teeth, and will also sooth your pup’s gums during the teething process – that’s right, these delicious treats are also safe for puppies over five pounds.


Blue Buffalo’s dental chews contain a unique blend of ingredients that keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. They also contain sunflower oil, which is a great omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3’s contain DHA, which will aid in your pup’s cognitive development. Additionally, they contain taurine which is great for your dog’s heart; the vitamins included in these treats are also great for your dog’s immune system. You can feed your dog one wild bone a day, and help them work towards a healthier lifestyle. 

The bones are available in mini, small, medium, and large.  The mini bones are ideal for dogs 5-15 lbs; the small bones are ideal for dogs 15-25 lbs; the medium bones are ideal for dogs 25-50 lbs, and the large are designed for dogs over 50 lbs. We would highly recommend these dental chews for dogs  or puppies that need a simple dental treat to keep their whole body feeling great. 

dingo dental stix

Dingo’s Dental Sticks contain a unique blend of ingredients that make them taste great, and give your pup healthy teeth and gums. Each dental stick is made with real chicken that will entice your pup to chew all the way through them. They’re also made with baking soda and parsley which will keep plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth and gums, while giving them fresh smelling breath. We love these treats because they’re a high protein dental treat that your dog will actually consider a treat. They taste great, and contain ingredients that will “tear into tartar care”.


The Dingo dental sticks contain chlorophyll chicken jerky, and parsley seed to create a unique dental treat your dog will love. You can purchase Dingo’s dental sticks in either a 10, 20, 48, or 192 count. All of the dental sticks also have a long shelf life of 3 years, so you won’t have to worry about throwing out expiring treats. Considering their low price, you may want to take advantage of the larger packs. You can feed these treats to your dog fairly often and they’ll keep their teeth in gums in good shape.