Male Disposable Diapers

     There are a variety of reasons for dog owners to try out diapers for their dogs. Dog diapers come in handy for both short and long term use. After surgeries or during illness they can be used to prevent accidents on your floors. They can also be used as a training aid for puppies starting to go through potty training. They’ll be there as a safety net to protect your floors in case your pup doesn’t make it outside, or to the puppy pad. Many dog owners also use dog diapers for female dogs when they’re coming into heat. Of course, senior dogs also tend to need dog diapers long-term as they become incontinent. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to try dog diapers, we’re here to help you make the best purchase. When it comes to diapers you need a product that’s dependable, comfortable, and affordable.

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Types of Dog Diapers

Female Dog Diaper

     There are a variety of diapers that you can try out for your dog. There are diapers designed specifically for female dogs that are more comfortable for them to wear. If you have a new puppy, you should try out puppy diapers – they’re a bit smaller, and they won’t bother active dogs constantly running around full of energy. If you’re in need of a diaper for the short-term use you can also try out reusable diapers. While they’re not the easiest to dispose of, they’re much more inexpensive than trying to purchase disposable diapers every week.

     The main types of dog diapers you will find are:

  • diapers designed for females
  • belly bands designed for males
  • smaller puppy diapers
  • reusable
  • disposable

Male Reusable Pick - Wegreeco Belly Wraps

Wegreeco Diapers

     Reusable diapers are not only great for the environment, but they save you money as well. Buying in packs of three allows you to always have clean diapers on hand, without having to purchase dozens of disposable ones every week. Wegreeco male diapers are comfortable, lightweight, and absorbent. Wether you have a puppy or a senior dog, or a pup suffering from excitement urination, these diapers keep your floors dry, and prevent unnecessary accidents. They’re available in seven sizes, and are soft and comfortable enough for just about any dog. We also love that they offer a 2-year warranty and moneyback guarantee on all of their products. 

     Wegreeco’s belly wraps are super absorbent to prevent any leaks or accidents. They have an absorbent pad sewn into the diaper, and a 100% waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks. Fortunately, they’re also incredibly comfortable for your pup. Made with quality materials, your dog won’t even realize they’re wearing a wrap. They have a soft inner lining that wicks moisture away keeping your dog feeling dry and clean all day. They also don’t have a rough texture that distracts pups and make them feel uncomfortable running around. We would highly suggest these diapers for male dogs of all sizes that need a reusable wrap to prevent accidents. You can trust the absorbency and comfort for your pup. 


When measuring your pup for sizes, make sure you measure your dog’s waist right in front of their back legs. 

XXS: Waists 7.5-9″

XS: Waists 11-13″

Small: Waists 13-16″

Medium: Waists 16-20″

Large: Waists 20-25″

XL:Waists 25-35″

XXL: Waists 35-38″

Main Benefits

  1. machine washable
  2. reusable
  3. super absorbent

Female Reusable Pick: Wegreeco Female Diapers

female diapers

     Wegreeco also makes female diapers that are great for female dogs in need of extra protection. They come in a variety of sizes making them ideal for dogs of all sizes and ages. They’re comfortable for your dog, lightweight, and easy to wash. The Wegreeco female diapers are designed especially for dogs in heat, puppies, and females that suffer from excitement urination. They have a comfortable velcro closure that’s comfortable for your dog, and makes them easy to put on. Of course they’re also machine washable so you can easily take them off and push them after use. Because they come in a pack of 3 you’ll always have a clean diaper on hand for your pooch.

The Wegreeco female diapers have a super absorbent pad sewn into the diaper and a waterproof layer to prevent leakage. You can trust these diapers to keep your floors clean, and your dog feeling dry while wearing it. You can also feel better knowing that you’re helping the environment by purchasing reusable diapers. These diapers are fantastic for dog owners that need an inexpensive way to keep their pups dry and comfortable all day. No more accidents, and no more stains on the carpet!


Small: Waist Size 4″ to 9″

Medium: Waist Size 9″ to 15″

Large: Waist Size 15″ to 20″

Extra-Large: Waist Size 20″ to 27″

XX-Large: Waist Size 28″ to 38″

Main Benefits

  1. machine washable
  2. comfortable
  3. super absorbent
  4. reusable

Female Disposable Pick - Simple Solution Diapers

     Disposable diapers are great for dog parents that don’t want to deal with washing reusable diapers all of the time. You can simply take them off when your pup fills them off, and throw them away. The Simple Solution Diapers are available in thirty packs, allowing them to last a long time at a minimal price. They’re specifically designed to fit female dogs, so you can ensure a comfortable fit. They’re great for dogs in heat, senior dogs, puppies, and those with excitable urination. They’ll keep your floors dry, and your dog comfortable all day long. They’re super absorbent and have great protection for your dog. These diapers are available in two sizes; small and medium. The small is designed for dogs 8-15 lbs, and the mediums are designed for dogs 15-35 lbs. 

     These disposable diapers are comfortable for your dog and safe for your floors. The best part is they have straps designed for fur! This ensures the diaper won’t slip off of your dog. Plus, they keep the fur from sticking to the folds of the straps. They also have a great hole cut out for your pup’s tail with extra long wings. As a result, your dog’s tail to wag with comfort and they won’t allow any leaks. You can also trust the absorbency of these disposable diapers. They have a super absorbent core to lock in moisture, and the stretch waistband allows your dog to run around and stretch without allowing leaks. We highly recommend these diapers for dog parents in need of a comfortable and discreet way to keep their dog’s accidents to a minimum. 


Small: dogs 8 – 15lbs

Medium: dogs 15 – 35lbs

Main Benefits

  1. no constant washing
  2. fur won’t stick
  3. comfortable
  4. minimal to no leaks

Male Disposable Pick - Out! Wraps

Male Disposable Diapers

     Out!’s disposable diapers are a great pick for male dogs. They allow your pup to have a brand new diaper every time you put one on. No rewashing, and no lingering smells. They’re great for puppies, seniors, and dogs with excitement urination. These diapers are designed for dogs with waists between 14 and 19 inches, and have a stretchy fabric allowing dogs to have a comfortable fit no matter how they’re shaped. They come in a 12 pack so you can try out a great sample of these diapers to make sure they’re perfect for your pup before buying in bulk. 

     The Out! Wraps are made with super absorbent material to prevent accidents and keep your dog feeling dry. They have a great strong core that locks in moisture, and leak-proof barriers. They also have leg-lifting protection so you can be sure your floors are safe no matter how your dog moves around. These wraps are also fur friendly. They won’t slip off your pup, and the fasteners won’t let your dog’s fur stick to the wrap when you’re trying to remove them. We highly suggest these wraps for dog owners looking for a convenient way to keep your dog clean all day. They also have a great pattern that you and your pup can both love! 


Dogs with waist size between 14 – 19″

Main Benefits

  1. fur friendly
  2. leak-proof barriers
  3. leg-lifting protection
  4. patterned

bonus - surgi snuggly

Full Dog Diaper

     The Surgi Snuggly was designed by veterinarians for dogs that tend to slip out of diapers. It’s comfortable for dogs, safe to use, and convenient for dog moms and dads. The snuggly is an inescapable onesie designed for dogs that can’t seem to keep a diaper on. You can be sure your pup won’t experience anymore messy accidents with this onesie. It also has antimicrobial fabric which reduces germs and odors. 

     The onesie also acts as an anti-anxiety jacket. It’s comfortable, soft fit reduces anxiety and prevents your pup from trying to take it off. It also has a great hole for your dog’s tail to allow them to stretch out and run around with ease. We highly recommend the snuggly for any dog that can’t keep diapers on; the snuggly is machine washable, comfortable, and easy to use. 


Small: Spines 10-13″; Waist 12-13.5″

Medium: Spines 14-17″; Waist 22-27″

Large: Spines 18-21″; Waist 25-31″

X-Large: Spines 21-24″; Waist 26-32″

Large Long: Spines 21-24″‘ Waist 25-31″

Main Benefits

  1. inescapable
  2. machine washable
  3. antimicrobial fabric
  4. can reduce anxiety