Hot Pick alert! At-home dog DNA testing is growing in popularity throughout the past ten years. Owners and shelters alike, are curious about the heritage of their pup. But this extends beyond simple curiosity. If you can identify your furbaby’s predominant breeds, this will lead you to understand what potential health risks they could experience. Pugs, for example, are prone to skin and breathing problems. Knowing such hazards before they arise can save lives!

With all the hype around at-home dog DNA testing, we had to do some digging. How do they work? Do they actually work? Are they safe? What products are the best? Coming soon, read our full article on at-home dog DNA testing products. Have all your questions answered and gain the knowledge you need to pick the best at-home dog DNA test for you and your pup.

Most of these dog DNA testing kits are very simply to use. Just order the product, perform a cheek swab on your furry friend, put it back in the container, and ship the kit back. After a period of time, you will receive the results. You will then have a percentage breakdown of your pup’s breeds! The more breeds that a company has in their database, the more comprehensive (and accurate) your results will be.

We found that at-home dog DNA tests are not cheap. Expect to pay over $50 for even the cheapest kit. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of money for a quality and more accurate kit. In our full-length article we will provide you with some great options; from least expensive to luxury. We can promise you that all these products are safe, easy to use, and will provide you with basic to extensive results.