When it comes to mealtime every Fido is different. Some pups will scarf down their kibble without any thought while others will be a bit pickier. However, there is a pitfall to only feeding your pup kibble. While it is easy to purchase a big bag a dry food, your furbaby may not be getting the right nutrients and vitamins that they need. As health conscious dog owners turn to their pooch’s dietary needs, we have seen increasing use of healthy dog food toppers.

     Thankfully any absence in your dog’s diet can be filled with food toppers. Since there are such a wide variety of food toppers on the market you can spend hours trying to find the right one! To help you get started, we have picked our top 4 dog food toppers for you to look over. Also, since all of these options are also on Amazon you do not even have to drive all the way to the pet store because it is just a click away!


     The best thing about food toppers is that they are very simple to use and have a lot of different advantages. All you have to do is pour these toppers on top of or mix it in with the kibble your pup already eats. Just by doing this with each meal your Fido will receive multiple benefits.

     Like we mentioned in the introduction, these food toppers can add nutritional elements that they are not receiving from regular kibble. For example, in each of these toppers, real meat is the main ingredient which will provide your pup with rich protein. Also. some of these toppers include vegetables and/or fruit. These ingredients provide multiple nutrients and vitamins that are not always found in kibble.

     Not only do these toppers include good ingredients they also made sure to leave out the bad. One ingredient all of these toppers left out is grain which is great because it is known to cause allergies. In addition, these companies also left out ingredients that could be upsetting to sensitive stomachs. In turn, this will keep the food easy to digest making them and their bellies happy.

     However, all of these benefits will not help your pup if they do not eat the food. With meat like fish, beef, turkey, and chicken is the main ingredient in these toppers it will naturally provide a delicious flavor. This, in turn, will make even the pickiest eater look forward to mealtime. No matter how good the food is for them it is just as important that they enjoy eating it as well.



     At the Honest Kitchen company, they create a topper in the form of tasty clusters. USA made, they use 4 different types of meat to create 4 different flavors. These flavors include cage-free turkey, free range chicken, ranch raised beef, and wild caught fish. No matter which one you choose you can be sure that your Fido will get the chance to enjoy the flavor of the natural meat.


     To make these clusters the company dehydrates 6 different ingredients. The main ingredient at 90 percent is meat but that is not the only healthy element. Inside each cluster, there are also dehydrated ingredients like eggs, apples, pumpkins, and blueberries. Since there are only 6 dehydrated ingredients each cluster is processed only a small amount.

     According to the company, this food topper can be enjoyed by older dogs in the adult and senior stages. There may be a certain age range but there is no specific range when it comes to their size. In turn, this means that any breed can enjoy this topper on their kibble. To help make sure that you have the right amount for your pup they offer it in a bag that is 5.5 ounces or a bag that 14 ounces.


     Meat may be the main ingredient but what is also important is what the company decided not to include. The topper itself is labeled human grade which means it is safe for human consumption. To be able to label it this they had to follow strict FDA safety requirements. Inside each cluster, you will find no preservatives, GMO ingredients, meat by-products, bones, or offal. Also, to make it safe for sensitive stomachs they also excluded corn, soy, rice, wheat, and grain from their ingredient list.

     You do not have to just hope that the company is telling the truth when they describe what ingredients are included in each cluster. If you open the bag and look inside you can actually see things like cranberries and green beans inside. Another thing you do not need to blindly hope for is the fact that this topper will be okay for sensitive stomachs. The company actually conducted a survey with 6,289 customers. In this survey, 75 percent of these customers saw their pups digestions issues improve.


     Inside of each of Instinct’s Rawboost Mixer bags, there is a raw food topper that is freeze dried. They make each bite of their food in the United States and they stick to their raw mission. To them, raw means something that is all natural because it is made of real meat and ingredients while only being slightly processed.


     To create this raw topper they use cage-free chicken and chicken organs. This is the first ingredient so it is clear that is full of protein. In fact according to the company they use up to 28 ounces of real meat. However, meat is not the only good ingredient they also use vegetables and fruit that are non-GMO.

     In this recipe, all the natural ingredients work together to help improve your pups skin, coat, and even their digestion. During the freeze-drying process, they remove moisture but make sure to keep the nutrients and flavor inside each bite. Although, a few things that are not included in any bite is grain, corn, wheat, soy, potato, or by-product meal. Not only that but they also exclude artificial colors and preservatives.


     When ordering this food topper you get the choice of 4 different sized bags. The sizes of these bags range from a 1-ounce trial sized bag all the way up to a 14-ounce bag. To make mealtime even easier they also offer an 8 pack of 0.5-ounce bags. In each of these bags, there is a single serving so you just have to pour it out on top of their kibble.

     No matter if you have a dog or a young pup they can both enjoy this topper. To help you figure out the right amount to feed them there is a table included on the packaging. In this table, they correlate the weight of your pup to a specific cup size to use each day. This table starts with a pup who is under 20 pounds and gets a ¼ cup a day and goes all the way up to a dog over 60 pounds who gets a ¾ cup a day or more.


     While making the food topper at Stella & Chewy’s company in the United States they freeze dry their ingredients. With these freeze-dried ingredients, they are able to create 5 different flavors. These flavors include beef, chicken, lamb, salmon and cod, and turkey. Not only do you get to choose between different flavors but you also get to choose between 4 different sizes. To get the right amount for your pup or pups the bags range from 3.5 ounces to 18 ounces.


     When it comes to what is inside each of these freeze dried pieces it all starts with the meat. There is actually a total of 95 percent of meat, organs, and bone included in this topper. Although the good ingredients do not stop there inside each piece there is also certified organic fruit and veggies.

     According to the company, a pup at any age or size can enjoy this food topper. To make sure that you give them the right amount they have a table on the bag that shows the correlation of pounds to the number of ¼ cups. This table ranges from small dogs that are under 20 pounds to large dogs that are over 40 pounds. You can either use the topper as it is or adds water to rehydrate it if your dog enjoys that more.


     It’s important that the ingredient list does not include added hormones, antibiotics, grains, and fillers. In turn, this means that the ingredients are all natural and processed only a small amount. One thing that the company takes seriously is where all the ingredients come from. According to them, each ingredient is sourced from credible and known farmers and fishermen.

     The main difference between freeze-dried toppers like this and other dehydrated toppers is that the ingredients are not cooked or heated making sure all the good nutrients stay inside. Two of the ingredients that you do not have to worry about being inside are grains or gluten. Instead of worrying about these ingredients that could cause issues with your pup they use ingredients like natural oils and omega fatty acids. Both of these ingredients actually help your pup by keeping their skin and fur healthy.

     These 2 ingredients are great but the beneficial elements do not stop there. These great ingredients also include ground bone, natural enzymes, meat, and organs. Your pups teeth and mouth will stay healthy with help from the ground bone and natural enzymes. Also, with the ground bones, meat and organs will help your pups muscles and body stay strong. Since there are so many great ingredients included in each piece there is no room for extra unwanted carbohydrates.


     In the Wellness Natural Pet Food kitchens, they create 4 different flavors of food toppers. These 4 flavors are created by mixing chicken, beef, salmon, or tuna. To add even more nutrients they also include vegetables like broccoli and carrots or pumpkin. For example on the flavors offered are chicken, salmon, and pumpkin while another is tuna, beef, and carrots.


     To create each of these flavors they use a limited amount of ingredients. Surprisingly each packet only includes a total of 5. At the top of the ingredient list is the meat which is then followed by the broth. In turn, this means that the recipe is full of protein that will benefit your pup at each meal.

     With these 5 ingredients, they make sure that each one is completely natural. This means that their recipe includes no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. In addition, the company also looks out for pups with allergies by making it grain free. The meat is also in this all natural category because they do not use any meat by-products.


     To help you get the good ingredients easily to your pup the topper comes in pouches. These pouches allow you to just tear the top open and pour it out for simple mealtime preparation. Each of these pouches is 2.8 ounces and inside it holds between 40 to 49 calories.

     These Core Simply Shreds are not the only protein-based toppers you can receive from the Wellness Natural Pet Food company. They also include products called Bowl Boosters and 95%. Bowl Boosters is a topper made from only freeze-dried meat put into bite-size pieces while 95% is actually 95 percent meat and also a vegetable that can be either used as food or a topper.