A dog lift harness are great for larger dogs that need an extra hand every once in awhile. Even more, they’re a necessity for dogs that struggle for dogs that can’t walk, jump, or stand up easily. Rather than putting more pressure on their joints, the dog lift harness will allow you to lend a hand (without breaking your back). At the same time, most dog lift harnesses will allow your pup to still feel independent. Even if your dog is in great shape, a harness may be a good idea. They can save your pup’s joints, by allowing you to help them jump in and out of the car. When traveling over rocky or icy conditions, a dog lift harness can also act as a safety device.

     Considering just how many scenarios a dog lift harness can come in handy, we’ve gone through a lot of research to pick out our favorites. 

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benefits of a lift harness

     When you have a very small dog, such as our chihuahua, Kai, it’s easy to carry them around and make sure their joints are safe in the process. At 5 lbs, there’s no need to help them walk, we can simply carry her around.

     However, if you have a larger dog that you can’t just easily pick up and carry around with one hand, a dog lift harness or sling can be a complete lifesaver. They secure around your dog’s waste and allow you to take pressure off of their legs during strenuous times. They not only save your back, but they give Fido the independence to get around on their own (with a helping hand from you). 

     Whether you have a post-surgery dog that needs help getting around or a senior dog with achy joints, a dog lift harness can help them feel more comfortable throughout the day. Use them to lift your dog in and out of the car, onto furniture, and even in and out of your bed. Dogs joints weren’t really designed for jumping on and off of high surfaces, so it’s no wonder that many dogs suffer from joint problems. Some dog breeds are even more prone to have joint problems. With a harness, you can help to protect your dog’s joints from future abuse.

1. Senior Dogs

     As your pup ages, their achy bones and joints will begin to feel strain from many daily activities. All those acrobatics they did as a young sprout are now catching up with them. In fact, as you and your dog grow together, you both may be feeling similar signs of aging. A dog lift harness will not only take strain off your elderly dog’s joints, but it will save yours from feeling pain when lifting a heavy animal. At the same time, the lift harness will still provide a great sense of independence for your pooch.

2. Post Surgery

     Even the youngest of dogs can experience surgery. After their surgical procedures fully heal, life will become a heck of a lot easier. However, your furbaby will need a little extra help in the mean time. Especially, since you don’t want any further injuries. A dog lift harness or sling is an easy way to ensure their safety. 

3. Specific Dog Breeds

     As many of you know, some dog breeds are prone to joint problems or other health issues that make getting around a bit harder. For example, German Shepherds are prone to hip dyspepsia. To name a few others; Labs, Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Dachshunds are also prone to joint issues. While smaller pups are easier to pick up and down, those larger breeds may take an olympic strongman to maneuver!

4. Tough Terrain

     Your dog is probably fit as a fiddle. In fact, you and your adventurous pup may hit the trail or go exploring! A dog lift harness is probably not at the top of your list, but it can help when the terrain gets tough. Mountains, rocks, and ice present falling dangers to not only you, but your excited furbaby. Taking a lift harness along (or even having Fido wear it during the hike), is an excellent safety precaution. Heaven forbid your dog takes a fall, the harness will allow you to get them safely out of the situation.

Best Dog Lift Hernesses

gingerlead harness

     The Gingerlead is one of the best selling lift harnesses on the market. Why? It is not only comfortable and safe for your pooch, but it actually lasts. It’s made from durable materials that you can actually see. In fact, vets even use this harness on dogs in need of an extra hand. 

     All of Gingerlead’s products are made in Colorado, U.S.A., with quality materials you can trust. This harness won’t bunch up on your pup, nor will it rub them the wrong way. The interior of the harness has a support pad that both cushions your dog’s stomach area, and also prevents bunching. The interior is corduroy, and the entire harness is machine washable!

     This harness has an integrated leash that can also be attached to your dog’s collar or regular harness.  When your pooch is heading towards the stairs, or trying to get up and down out of the car, simply grab the harness and ease them around. This harness is ideal for senior dogs, those with achey joints, and dogs that simply need help getting around. 

     Additionally, the harness has adjustable height settings, making it comfortable for you, too! No matter how tall or short your pooch is, this harness will save your back, and protect your dog’s joints. You can purchase this harness for either male or female dogs, in a variety of sizes. Visit Amazon to find the perfect fit for you pup!

main benefits

  • Veterinarian Tested & Used
  • Made in the USA
  • Bunch Resistant
  • Female/Male Versions
  • Adjustable Height
  • Attaches to a leash/harness



XS Male/Female

Small Male

Small Female

M Male/Female

Large Female

Tall Male

Tall Female

Pad Width
















lanney harness

     The Lanney Harness is another great pick for dogs in need of an extra lift. Made of heavy duty material, you can trust that this harness is not only comfortable, but durable. The outer cover is made with 600D oxford fabric, and the interior is lined with fleece. 

     This harness is comfortable for you, too! It has adjustable handles that make it easy to help your dog out, no matter how tall or short you are. 

     The Lanney harness is available in two sizes; Large, and XL. If you’re purchasing this harness for front leg support, measure their chest girth to find the right size. If you’re using it for back leg support, measure their abdomen. 

     To use the harness, simply secure it around their torso and connect the harness with the velcro. When you’re finished, you can throw it in the washing machine, it’s easy to use, and easy to wash. 

     We highly recommend this harness for dogs that are recovering from surgeries, struggle to get around, and those that have achy joints. It’s one of the most affordable options out there (priced around $20). That price includes a free bonus collar included that will give you even more control over your pup while you’re helping them get around. 

Main Benefits

  • Limited Sizes
  • Rolls Up
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Adjustable Height
  • Comes with a Collar
  • Affordable
  • Attaches to a harness/leash












45-75 lbs

75-200 lbs

Outward Hound PupBoost

     Outward Hound is one of our favorite doggie brands. They have a variety of product lines; from toys, to harnesses, to life jackets, and more! Anything you’ll ever need for your pup, they have. 

     Of course, we weren’t surprised to find out that they also have a leading lifting harness. Not only is this harness a quality pick, but it’s the most affordable option we’ve seen. Priced around $10, you’ll get a simple lifting aid without all of the hassle. 

     Keep in mind that with this harness, you are only getting a simple pad to wrap around your pooch when they need an extra hand. This harness doesn’t attach to a leash, nor will it stay on your dog while they’re walking around. To use it, you must manually strap it around your pup and secure it with the velcro at each end. 

     This product is ideal for dog owners that need a simple way to help their dogs jump in and out of cars, and off and on furniture. You don’t receive all of the bells and whistles that you do with the other products, but that also means you’re not paying for those extra features. 

     This harness is ideal for just about any size pup. It’s 36″ long, and 12″ wide. As you can see, it also has helpful handles that will help you steady your pup while you’re giving them a lift. 

main benefits

  • One Size Fits Most
  • Around $10
  • Easy to Use
  • Quality Materials

Solvit Lifting Harness

     The Solvit Harness is made by PetSafe, a well established brand that we love and trust. Founded in 1991, The Solvit Harness is built a bit differently than our other picks. This harness is made specifically for your dog’s rear legs. As you can see, it goes around your dog’s back and rear legs, giving you a simple way to lift their rear legs. This is great for dogs with arthritis, or those recovering from surgery. It basically reduces the pressure from your dog’s hips. 

     You can easily use this harness with any dog. It’s available in three sizes, and also has adjustments that make is suitable for either males or females. There is a protector panel included that can be removed for females. 

     You’ll also be happy to hear that this harness is completely machine washable. The only part that’s not machine washable is the male protector piece. This can simply be washed in a sink with soapy water. 

     This is a great pick for dog owners that need an easy way to support their dog’s rear legs during active times. It’s around $20 through Amazon, and is comfortable for your pup as well. Simply find the right size for your dog from the size chart below, and you’ll be ready for your next walk with Fido!










7-35 lbs

35-70 lbs

70-130 lbs

main benefits

  • Supports Rear Legs
  • Designed For Both Male & Females
  • Three Sizes
  • Affordable
  • Comes With Lifting Leash & Handle For Harness

In Closing


Lifting Harnesses are a must-have for owners of dogs with joint problems, injuries, and those that simply don’t have the energy to jump around. Additionally, jumping is pretty terrible for your dog’s joints in general. So, even if your dog can still get around well, a lifting harness may save them from injuries down the road. 

If you have any questions about any of the harnesses we’ve covered in this article, please reach out to our team at [email protected]