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Dog Pens are a great alternative to the typical crate. They give your dog more room to roam around; and they won’t feel as constricted as they would in a crate. We also love that they have a full view of everything going on around them, which can calm the nerves of anxious dogs. Your pup will be able to exercise a bit in the play pen, and can even play with other dogs without getting too close. Dog pens are usually easier to tear down than dog crates as well; this allows you to easily take them with you and fold them away when your dog is free to go.

outdoor play pens

Dog pens are also great for outdoor use. If you don’t yet have a fence, they’re a great way to give your pup outdoor time without worrying about them wandering off. They can relax in the sun, play in the grass, all without being tied down, or stuck on a leash. You can even buy play pens large enough to let your dogs run around in the pen. However, you must keep in mind that dogs should never be left in direct sunlight outdoors as it can be hot. Some dogs also have a tendency to dig whenever they’re outside, play pens won’t prevent your dog from digging their way out so you must still keep an eye on their behavior while they’re outside.

If your pup is using a playpen indoors you may need to put weights around the outside if you have a large dog that can easily push the pen around. Other than that, they’re a great way to keep your pup put when you can’t watch their every move. Check out our reviews of some of our favorite dog pens; they’re easy to set up, convenient to use, and give dogs ample room to run out.

top pick - midwest exercise pen

midwest exercise pen

Midwest is one of the most popular brands for dog crates, kennels, and exercise pens. We’ve come to trust this brand, and we’ve found that their products are made with durable materials that last. The Midwest Exercise is our all-time favorite exercise pen for dogs of all sizes. Your pup will have the space they need to run around, and you won’t have to worry about them escaping. Their exercise pen is also easy to set up and collapse – no tools required!

what makes it so unique?

So what sets this pen apart from others on the market? First of all, Midwest follows the strictest quality – control procedures allowing their crates to be held to a high quality standard. All of their products undergo full-scale inspections, and they take your dog’s safety very seriously. This metal exercise pen is made with durable wire that has black E-coat finish that protects the metal from rust and damage from the elements. You can set this play pen up either inside or outside and trust that it will be safe against soil, dew, and of course typical wear and tear. 

Of course the main reason you’re purchasing an exercise pen is to allow your pup to actually burn off some energy. With the Midwest playpen your dog can do just that. The pen is made from 8 panels to give your dog 16 square feet of room to run around! Each panel is 24″ wide, and you can purchase a variety of heights; 24″, 30″, 36″, 43″, or 48″ high. 

When you purchase the pen from Amazon you’ll receive the 8 panels, 8 ground stakes for outdoor use, and 4 thumb snaps for easy no-tool assembly! We highly recommend this exercise pen for dog owners that need a long-lasting quality exercise pen for either indoor or outdoor use. You can trust the high quality metal used in construction, and you’ll even receive a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. 

soft sided pick - esk collection pen

soft sided play pen

Soft sided exercise pens are the best option if you need a play pen that’s easy to move. They’re great for vacations, camping, and last minute use. They take just seconds to set up, and you can easily throw them in your car when you’re traveling. Fortunately, soft sided exercise pens are also typically less expensive than metal crates. The ESK soft sided pen is our favorite soft sided pen for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it’s large enough for even the biggest dogs, giving your pup ample room to play. The pen is also easy to set up, machine washable, and safe for dogs to use. 

This exercise pen is designed with 8 panels that easily pop open. The pen is 48″ in diameter, and 24″ high. The ESK pen is one of our favorites due to it’s unique design and quality materials. The fabric is waterproof 600D oxford Cloth and it includes breathable mesh to allow your pup ample fresh air. The top and bottom of the pen have zippers and velcro to allow easy access and prevent your dog from escaping. Of course the pen is also easy to wash, all parts are 100% machine washable. 

The ESK portable pen can be stored just about anywhere, and it’s one of the easiest exercise pens to set up. We highly recommend this pen for dog owners that need an inexpensive way to keep their dog put no matter where they go. It’s easy to travel with, and you can move it around with ease. 

plastic pick - iris pet playpen

plastic exercise pen

The Irish Playpen is a sleek and durable exercise pen perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The playpen is made in the USA with heavy-duty molded plastic sure to be rust-proof and weather proof. Each panel is 33.6″ wide by 24″ high, with one panel containing a handy door. This exercise pen provides 8 square feet of room for your pets, and you can even buy a two panel add on to give your dog more space. You can trust that your pets will have a safe place to spread out when you need them to stay put. 

With this play pen you won’t have to worry about your pets escaping as soon as you turn your back. The space between each bar is only 1.5″ and there are both horizontal and vertical bars preventing even the tiniest pets from squeezing through. You can also purchase a mesh roof for the play pen to prevent dogs from jumping over the gates. The mesh roof will provide shade with outdoor use as well. We highly recommend this exercise pen for small and medium breeds that need a place to exercise and play when you can’t have them running all over the house. The gates easily latch to keep the front door closed, and the edges are easy to assemble. The gates also have non-skid rubber feet to not only protect your floors, but to keep your dogs from pushing the pen around.

This playpen is available in 8 sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Considering all of the simple and safe features included in this play pen, we believe that this pen is well worth the money – for either indoor or outdoor use. 

outdoor pick - oxgord metal pen

outdoor pen

Outdoor play pens are a great way to give your dog access to the outdoors without having to purchase a fence. Your pup will have the space to run around a bit without the ability to wander too far. The Oxgord outdoor exercise pen is a great pick for dogs of just about any size. It has a sturdy steel construction that ensures your dog will get a great deal of use out of this pen. The pen is available in a variety of sizes, and is easy to assemble with just one person. If you need an easy to use indoor/outdoor pen for your pup, this is a durable and sturdy way to go. 

The wire in this pen has an E-coated finish that prevents corrosion and rust. This pen is great because it’s easy to set up, break down, and it collapses for storage. The octagons also features a lockable door for your pups to easily walk in and out of the pen. You’ll also be happy to hear that it’s available in five sizes to ensure dogs of all sizes get ample room to run around. All of the pens come with eight panels that are 24″ wide and each pen is 64 inches in diameter. You can purchase the panels in different heights; 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″. 

We highly suggest this pen for any pup parent that needs a spacious and durable pen to keep their dogs put both indoors and outdoors. You won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust, and you can trust that your pup won’t be able to escape the pen. 

heavy duty pick - Bestpet playpen

dog exercise pen

Some pups need the added protection of a heavy duty dog pen. Your pup won’t be able to chew or paw their way out, and they’re typically taller to prevent escapes. The BestPet Heavy Duty Playpen has a sleek and durable design that will keep your pup put no matter how hard they try to escape. The pen is 40″ high, making it extremely difficult for dogs of almost any size to jump over. The pen is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and can create a fun space just about anywhere. 

So what makes this pen so durable? The entire frame is made with 1/2″ metal tubes that prevent your pup from bending or chewing through the wires. This pen comes with eight panels that can easily be configured to create any space you desire. You’ll also receive stakes with the pen which make it easy to anchor the pen into the ground if you’re using the pen outdoors. This will prevent your dog from nudging the pen around in the yard when you’re not with them. We would highly suggest this exercise pen for any dog parent in need of a tall and sturdy pen to keep their pet contained both indoors and outdoors. 


It is important to note that this pen should not be left outdoors when you’re not using it. It can easily rust if exposed to dew or rain for extended periods of time. You should also be aware that there isn’t any rubber on the bottom of this pen which can lead to scratched floors. However, you can easily place a rubber mat underneath of the pen to prevent this