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The world is becoming a dog-friendly place, it’s now easier than ever to bring your furry friends with you wherever you go. From restaurants to shopping malls, to nights out on the town, bringing fido along with you is like a dream come true for many dog moms and dads. Unfortunately, it can be hard to walk your dog on a leash to many of these locations; your dog may constantly be overwhelmed by other people, dogs, smells, and food. Dogs may eat, smell, or lick things that aren’t safe for them when they’re in strange new places that they’re trying to explore.


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Dog purses allow you to easily carry your dog around with you, and enable you to keep them close to you at all times. Unlike a leash, your dog won’t be able to wander a few feet with you and get themselves tangled up and excited with what’s ahead of them. With a purse, you’ll always know where your dog is, what they’re exposed to, and what they’re stepping in. If you’re in a rush, purses are a great way to travel with your pooch. You can go at your own speed and trust that your dog is right on your side.

Purses are also great for smaller dogs that tire out easily. If you have a lot of shopping to do and you’re afraid your furry friend won’t be able to walk around at your speed, a dog purse may be the perfect option. They’re also a great way to carry around your belongings when you’re walking your dog. Once they get tired, you can put them in your purse, knowing full well that they have ample room to sit and lay down without feeling squished. Coming soon we’ll release a list of our top dog purses of the season. All of our picks are safe for your pup, and comfortable for you to carry around.

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Alfie Sling

dog sling

The Alfie Sling is one of the more comfortable purses designed specifically for carrying precious cargo. It’s one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to take your dog with you wherever you go. Your pup will always be close to your body so you can check on them, pet them, or even feed them right from the sling. The sling is made from a soft cotton material that’s 100% machine washable, and will be allow your dog to have a comfortable trip. We love this hands-free design, and we think you will too. You can throw the sling over your shoulder, and let your dog lay in the sling while you do your weekend trips and errands. 


The Alfie sling is ideal for dogs up to 12 pounds. It’s 9 inches deep, and has an adjustable shoulder strap that measures between 14″ and 35″. You can easily adjust this two way secure strap to be the perfect fit for your needs; preventing back aches, and keeping your dog close to your body. The sling is also reversible, so you can switch it up based on your outfit. You can try out the sling in a variety of colors right from Amazon. 

The Alfie sling also has a safety collar hook, so you won’t have to worry about your dog jumping out of the sling. Simply hook their collar or harness to the strap, and you can be sure your pup will stay in the sling. 

Dogs love these slings because they keep them warm, and of course, close to you! You’ll love the comfortable straps, and your dog will love the soft cotton interior. We highly recommend these slings for dog owners looking for a comfortable way to carry their dog with them. It’s a hands-free option, and is comfortable for both you and your dog. 

Petparty Fashion Handbag

The PetParty Fashion Carrier is the most functional fashion handbag we’ve seen on the market so far. You’ll have a great purse that you can use with or without your pets, and when it’s time to travel with them, they’ll have a comfortable place to hang out. It even has a removable comfort pad; when your pup isn’t in the purse you can easily take it out to make more room for your belongings. This is a great purse to have if you don’t want to waste money on a carrier that is only for walking around with your dog. 


The PetParty handbag is a great purse for all of your needs. Keep in mind however that it’s only meant for very small breeds (under 10 lbs.). The purse is designed not to be too bulky or large, which doesn’t allow for very large breeds. We also recommend measuring your dog for length. If they’re longer than 12 inches they may struggle to feel comfortable in the bag. The bag is 17.3 x 2.9 x 14 inches. 

Despite the fact that this purse is designed to look fashionable, it’s actually quite comfortable for your dog. It has great ventilation, a comfortable pad at the bottom, and you can always leave the top open so that they can see everything going on around them. 

This purse is available in two colors, and is surprisingly affordable. It has a variety of pockets that you can use for makeup, keys, wallet, poop bags, or anything else you and your dog need while you’re out. 

betop pet tote

betop carrier

The Betop Pet Tote is a great purse to use when you’re outdoors walking around with your dog. It’s made from quality synthetic leather that won’t fade in the sun, and is soft enough for your dog to feel comfortable. You’ll also be happy to hear that it has plenty of room for your dog to move around, and there’s extra storage space. We love this tote because it functions beautifully as both a purse and a dog tote. You don’t have to constantly switch over all of your things to a new purse everytime you want to take your dog along for the ride. 


The Betop Tote is a stylish and convenient way to bring your dog with you wherever you need to go. This tote is comfortable for both you and your dog at all times. It has mesh on one side giving your dog visibility and fresh air at all times. It also has three holds on the opposite that your pup can see out of. Of course the top can also be unzipped all the way to let your pooch stick their head out of the purse. There’s also a removable bottom included with this purse allowing you to easily clean the bottom if your pup makes a mess, or if you want to use it as a regular purse when you don’t have your dog with you. 

When you’re using it as a regular purse, you can lower the flaps so that people can’t see into your purse. Fortunately, this purse also has great storage for all of your things. It has a snap button pocket in the front and a zipper pocket in the back. You can store all of you and your dog’s belongings securely. 

This tote is available in two colors in sizes to suit your individual needs. The small is 35 x 27 x 20 cm, the large is 40 x 30 x 20cm. We definitely recommend this tote for dogs under 10 lbs. that need a convenient way to stay close to their owners during errands and outings.

wopet pet fashion handbag

The WOPet handbag is a great chic purse to have as a pet owner. You can easily use it as a regular purse when you’re not traveling with your dog, yet it functions as a dog tote easily. We love this bag because it can hold larger dogs than most handbags. That’s right, you don’t need a 5 lb. teacup chihuahua to use this tote! It can hold dogs up to 14 lbs; the dimensions are 41 cm x 20cm x 33 cm. While this may look like a typical purse, it actually has a lot of features that make it ideal for traveling around with your dog. From the outside, no one will even know your pooch is traveling with you.


The WOPet Handbag is made of PU leather; you can trust that it’s not going to fade with excessive use, and it has a lightweight design. This tote is also completely washable, so you don’t have to worry about your pup making messes in the bag. 

This handbag was made to be user friendly for you as well. It has two pockets, one on the front, and one inside. The front pocket has a 6.5″ zipper, this pocket can hold smaller items such as a phone. There’s another deeper pocket that can hold larger items such as treat bags. You’ll also notice right away that this purse is durable. Your dog won’t be sinking to the bottom, and it will keep its shape even with your pooch in it. It’s spacious for smaller dogs, and even has a padded bottom teather. We also love that this bag comes with a shoulder strap to fit your own personal preference. 

We recommend this tote to anyone looking for a spacious and stylish purse to use for traveling with their dogs. It’s discrete, comfortable, and  will keep your dog close.

Angel Doggy Travel purse

dog tote

The Angel Doggy Travel Purse has a bit of a different design. Your pooch can easily stick their head out of the bag, while also getting great ventilation from both sides. Dogs seem to love this bag because they have room to move around, and can see everything that’s going on around them. It’s a great portable bag to use for your pooch considering its lightweight design and heavy duty construction. It can hold weights up to 33 pounds; however, it should only be used for dogs up to 9 pounds in order to keep them comfortable.


This tote bag is made of quality polyester and PU coating filling. It also has a foam filling and interior polyester liner to protect your dog and keep them comfortable. As you can see in the picture, this bag has a unique head neck rest so they can perch their head out. It’s made from a soft and flexible material to keep them comfortable during long trips. 

The handbag is the perfect size for smaller breads. Its dimensions are  L14’’XW8’’X H10’’, perfect for keeping your dog comfortable, and also holding other items for you. The tote is lightweight, convenient, and comfortable to carry around. The handle has an anti-slip material so you won’t have to worry about the bag falling off of your shoulder when your pup moves around. 

We recommend this tote for dog owners in need of a simple tote to keep their dog close to them during errands and travels. Your dog will have great ventilation, and can always stick their head out of the front.