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Dog booties are great for both indoor and outdoor use for dogs of all sizes. They give your dog added traction, and protect them from hot surfaces, cold weather, rugged terrain, and allergies. We know it can be difficult to find the perfect booties without trying the shoes on in person – however, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve reviewed some of the best dog shoes out there to help you find shoes that will be comfortable, safe, and most importantly, fit your dog’s paws! 

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why does my dog need booties?

dog shoes

Dogs’ paws are thicker than human feet; however, they still need protection from the elements. In extreme cases, their paws aren’t enough and they need the added protection of booties or shoes. There are four types of booties that you can purchase for your pooch that’ll protect their paws when they need extra protection. Of course you can purchase vanity booties for your dogs. Even if your pup; doesn’t need booties, you can purchase vanity shoes that are designed just for looks. From flip flops, to sneakers, to rain boots, you can purchase just about any cute shoe for your pooch.

types of booties

Of course there are also booties for rough terrain. If you’re taking your dog hiking, or walking over sharp rocks; rough terrain booties are a great pick. They’ll protect your dog’s feet from sharp objects, rocks, and any other rough terrain that can injure your dog. These booties will keep your dog more comfortable on those long walks, and give you peace of mind that your pup will be safe. 

You can also purchase seasonal booties that protect your dog from extreme weather. From snow, to hot pavement, to rain, your dog needs extra protection during these weather trends as well! Extreme temperatures can be hazardous for dogs of any age. If you want to take your pup out in the winter or summer you must consider how cold or hot the ground will be. In the summertime, if you can’t stand on hot pavement for at least 10 seconds comfortably, then it’s too hot for your pooch. The same rule applies when you’re standing outside when the ground is cold. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite shoes for dogs of all sizes and ages. From vanity shoes, to seasonal booties, and rough terrain shoes; we’ll help you find the perfect accessory to protect your dog. 

top pick - bark brite neoprene paw protectors

dog booties

Bark Brite’s Neoprene Paw Protectors are our all-time favorite booties for dogs of just about any size. No matter what your dog needs protection from, these booties will do the trick. They’re comfortable for your pup to wear, and won’t distract them from having a good time outside! So why are they so comfortable? The high quality Neoprene clings to your dog’s paws to create a natural paw shape. They give your dog great traction, they’re lightweight, and they won’t even know they’re wearing anything. 

These Booties are great for all seasons and weather conditions. They’re water resistant, puncture resistant, and help your pup pick up the necessary traction. The Bark Brite Booties are will protect your dog from hot pavement, sharp rocks, wet surfaces, ice, snow, and everything in between. We know it can be hard to take your pup outdoors during tough terrain, and these booties will take care of the problem. 

The Bark Brite Booties have two easy to use reflective velcro straps that make them easy to take on and off and adjust. They also have a durable non-skis sole that’s lined to control the temperature inside the booties. They’re available in five sizes, perfect for just about any fur baby. 


All sizes fit very snug and have a spandex-like fit to keep your pup comfortable. If you want your pup to have a looser fit, you can order the next size up. 

Small: 2.5″ x 2.75″; ideal for smaller breeds such as small terriors, shih tzus, bulldogs, and corgis. 

Medium: 3.0″ x 3.0″; ideal for medium sized breeds such as small labs, small huskies, and border collies

Large: 3.5″ x 3.5″; ideal for larger breeds such as golden retrievers and labs.

Extra Large: 4.0″ x 3.75″; ideal for large breeds such as german shepherds, dobermans, and Rottweilers.

XX-Large: 4.5″ x 4.5″; ideal for extra large breeds such as Great Danes, Saint Bernard’s, and Mastiffs. 

runner up - my busy dog shoes

all-terrain dog boots

My Busy Dog Non-Slip Shoes are a great option for dog owners in need of a non-slip shoe for their dog. They’re comfortable for your dog, and provide great protection from the elements. Their rugged sole protects paws from hot pavement, snow, rain, and sharp objects. Your dog’s paws will stay comfortable and warm no matter where they end up. Fortunately, these booties are also easy to take off and on. They have a wide opening and two adjustable reflective velcro straps to make sure your pup has a comfortable fit. 


These Rugged Booties are available in 8 sizes to ensure your dog has a safe fit no matter what size they are. 

# 1: 1.5 inch width

# 2: 1.8 inch width

# 3: 2 inch width

# 4: 2.25 inch width

# 5; : 2.4 inch width

# 6: 2.65 inch width

# 7: 3 inch width

# 8: 3.25 inch width

vanity pick - abcGoodefg Pet Canvas Shoes

dog converse

Not all booties are designed specifically for rough terrain. These pet canvas shoes are a comfortable way to keep your pup looking sporty no matter where they may be. From trips to the park, to photo ops and indoor use, they’re an adorable way to give your dog some added protection. You can use these shoes for both indoor and outdoor play, and they’ll also help protect your dog’s sensitive paws from hot surfaces and snow. They also have a nonslip sole that will keep your dog from slipping on ice or on wet surfaces. We definitely recommend these shoes for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll be able to put them on just like you would any other dog shoe. Slip your dog’s paws into the shoe and then tie the laces up to give it a good fit. 


We have noticed that these shoes run a bit small. Once you measure your dog’s paw, make sure you add an extra .3 – .5″ to find the right size. The shoes are available in four sizes. 

Length * Width (OD (outer diameter)):

#2: 4.5*3.6 (CM) 1.8*1.4 (inch)
#3: 5.4*4.3 (CM) 2.1*1.7 (inch)
#4: 5.9*4.6 (CM) 2.3*1.8 (inch)
#5: 6.2*5.0 (CM) 2.4*1.97 (inch)

premium pick - ruffwear grip trex boots

premium dog shoes

The Ruffwear All-Terrain shoes have the best paw protection we’ve tested. Made with durable materials and innovative technology, you can trust these shoes to last a life time and protect your pup from the elements. The Grip Trex Boots have a breathable mesh design that give your pup’s paws great ventilation while keeping dirt and debris out of their shoes. The reflective trim will also help you keep an eye on your pup, night or day. 

These booties have a gusset design which gives it a wide opening for your dogs paws. Easily get their feet in and out of the boots without a struggle. When the shoes are on, simply tighten the top with the hook and loop hardware for a comfortable fit. While these booties are more expensive than traditional boots; you can trust that they’ll protect your dog from hot pavement, snow, sand, dirt, water, ice, and anything sharp your pup accidentally steps on. We highly recommend these booties for dog parents that need a durable, long-lasting shoe for their pups. 


The Grip Trex Booties are available in eight sizes and three colors to fit the needs of any pets. You can buy the shoes in 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″, 2.25″, 2.5″, 2.75″, 3″, and 3.25″. To find the right size for your dog, simply measure across the wides part of your pup’s paw; if your dog is between sizes, round down to the smaller size. 

bargain pick - pawefect waterproof boots

dog rain boots

If you know you’re not going to be using your dog’s booties very often, or you simply need a quick fix for a summer vacation or hike; you won’t want to blow all of your money on an expensive pair of shoes for your dog. The PawEfect Waterproof Booties are an inexpensive and easy way to protect your dog’s paws from the elements. These booties are very lightweight, your pup may not even notice they’re on. They provide traction for dogs who are constantly slipping around, wether they’re indoors or outdoors. 

These great anti-skid boots are adjustable and flexible to give your pup a comfortable fit without suffocating their feet. They’re also extremely easy to put on and off, and clean. Their Silicon design allows them to be completely washable and easy to rinse. No matter what your dog gets into, you’ll be able to wash off the mess and be on your way with your pup. 


-S – Width: 2,8cm ( 1,49 inch) -Length : 3,8cm ( 1,1 inch) 
-M- Width: 3,5 cm ( 1,37 inch) – Length: 4,5 cm( 1,77 inch) 
-L- Width : 4,2 cm ( 1,65 inch) – Length: 5,2 cm ( 2,04 inch)