Pet strollers allow you to bond with your pup no matter where you go. Our top pick is the Oxgord Pet stroller, it has great ventilation, ample storage space, cupholders, and even room for snacks! It’s the perfect way to walk your pooch around in just about any weather.  

Does Your Pup Need A Stroller?

You’ll be the coolest suburban mom or dad on the block when you wheel your pup around in our favorite doggie transportation system. Dog strollers are wonderful for senior dogs who love to be out in the fresh air, as well disabled dogs. Sometimes it’s just easier to travel with a stroller, you won’t have to worry about your dog getting dirty, eating things off of the ground, or running into other dogs. Even dog’s who’ve recently had surgery will greatly appreciate the fresh air and mobility that a dog stroller allows them to have. Recovery will be much more fun for everyone. With a dog stroller, your dog will enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery while you go for a walk or run around the neighborhood. You can even take your stroller to the park for a chance of landscape. Our top pick for dog strollers won’t disappoint!

Our Pick – OxGord Pet Stroller

The OxGord Pet Stroller is our top pick. The stroller has just about every element you could ever want in a pet stroller – and more. First things first, it meets every safety standard out there; and they even incorporate their own safety design aspects. It has two seat belt leashes that you can easily attach to your pup’s leash to ensure they don’t jump out. This is especially handy if your dog has a tendency to run. 

The OxGord Stroller also has rear safety brakes, so if you do need to walk away from the stroller for a minute, you won’t have to worry about the stroller rolling off while your back is turned. Your pup will enjoy an incredibly comfortable ride as well. Each stroller comes with a removable cushioned pad that your pup can sit on. You can also remove the mesh depending on your dog’s preferences. The stroller is a great size for smaller dogs, 40 x 11 x 18 inches, and weighs just over 11 pounds. 

The OxGord Pet stroller also has great storage space that you can share with your pup. It has two cup holders, one for your drink, and one for extra water for your dog.This is especially convenient when summer hits. There’s also a very large undercarriage compartment; large enough for your purse, toys, food and water bowls, and anything else you may need for your travels. The pet compartment also has 360-degree mesh windows which will not only keep bugs out but allow your dog to have great ventilation. And if the weather takes a nasty turn, you can simply pull up the waterproof rain hood to keep your dog dry and comfortable.

Chic Design

All of these features come together to create a comfortable experience for both you and your dog. The stroller is also available with either 3 or 4 wheels, and 6 chic colorrs; you can find the perfect jogger to fit your needs, and your style. When you’re finished with your walk, simply fold the stroller up and you can fit it just about anywhere.

The only part of these stroller that isn’t built with the best quality are the wheels; they’re still functional, but they can wobble around a bit if you’re walking the stroller on uneven pavement – considering the other design aspects that make this stroller so simple to use, we definitely wouldn’t consider this a deal breaker. 

We would highly suggest this stroller to anyone who needs a way to walk their pup around in just about any weather. You can purchase the stroller from Amazon for a great price, you’re going to get more than your money’s worth with this pawsome purchase. 

Runner Up- Pet Gear Stroller

The Pet Gear Lite Pet Stroller is our runner up! It has some unique features such as the large wheels, no-zip design, and metal frame. It’s about $20 more than the Oxgord Stroller, but you may find its features to benefit your lifestyle better. Pet Gear’s Lite Pet Stroller is a no-zip stroller, which is unique for a stroller of this quality. You won’t have to worry about the zippers breaking off or getting stuck when you’re putting your pup in the stroller. All of the Pet Gear strollers are made with durable materials to ensure the jogger lasts you and your pup for years to come. The frame is made from sturdy metal, and the canopy is weather resistant. 

Unique Design

Just like the OxGord Stroller, the Pet Gear stroller has ample undercarriage storage room for all of your pup’s necessities. It also has two cup holders to allow you to keep you and your dog hydrated during long walks. It’s stylish, easy to use and folds up quickly and easily. Unlike the OxGord Stroller, however, this stroller is only available in a 4-wheel version. The wheels are 6″, larger than most – which allows for a smoother ride, and less wobbling than the Pet Gear Stroller. The front two wheels also have shock absorbers, so no matter how rough the terrain, your dog will have a comfortable ride. 

The Pet Gear Stroller may be a bit pricier than the OxGord; however, if you’re going to be using the stroller on uneven pavement, we would highly suggest it, the wheels can handle more, and your dog will enjoy a smoother ride. The stroller is available in a variety of sizes and colors right from Amazon. 

All-Terrain Pick – AT3 Generation 2

Taking your furry friends can be difficult – esepecially if you’re dealing with rocky terrain. Fortunately, there are strollers made with your needs in mind! Our favorite all-terrain stroller is the at3 Generation stroller. This stroller has large durable wheels that can handle a surprising amount of weight. All three of the wheels are 11.5″, the largest wheels of any stroller we’ve reviewed. The front wheel swivels and locks, and the back wheels have shock absorbers to make the ride comfortable for your pup. 

This stroller is designed for larger dogs (up to 60lbs.). The stroller is30.5 x 14 x 24 inches, making it about the size of the typical baby stroller. The interior compartment for your pup is 29.5 inch L x 13 inch W x 22 inch H, and weighs just 28lbs. This stroller is ideal for longer trips;fortunately, it also has the large storage space underneath to support long trips. You can fit just about any pup, with any amount of supplies in this stroller comfortably.

Comfortable Features

Your dog will have a comfortable and smooth ride no matter where you go. The interior compartment has both a fleece pad and waterproof tray to protect it from any spills. Your dog will also have a full 360-degree view of everything going on, with great ventilation due to the easy zipper mesh screen. We would highly suggest this stroller for dog moms and dads that need a convenient way to keep their dogs put while they’re on long walks, at events, or even at the mall. While this stroller is a bit pricier than others, if you need a dependable stroller to get you through long walks, we would highly suggest the AT3; it’s durable and built to last. 


Best Bang For Your Buck – HPZ Pet Rover

The HPZ Pet Rover has just about everything you need to make your walks with your dog perfect. First, we’ll have to cover everything that your pup will love about this stroller. It’ll be incredibly comfortable for them no matter what terrain you’re walking on. It gives your dog a panoramic view of everything going on and has UV reflective mesh that’ll protect your dog from the sun’s harmful rays. The wheels on the stroller also have anti-vibration suspension, so your dog won’t be getting thrown around while you’re walking over uneven pavement. The inside compartment also has two comfortable scratch proof mats for your dog, fortunately, they’re easily cleaned, and easy to remove. 

The Pet Rover is also incredibly easy to use for you as well. It has a reversible handlebar that won’t get stuck, no matter how sharp of turns you need to make with it. The wheels are also able to turn 360 degrees and have rear brakes. The stroller is also built with incredibly durable materials. The frame is made of aviation grade aluminum that is scratch, rust, corrosion, and impact resistant. It’s also made of light-weight stainless steel and aluminum alloys to protect the stroller from the elements. The mesh top cover is also made of high-density polyester which is stain-resistant, and even machine washable. No matter what weather your stroller goes through, you’ll be able to get it back to pristine condition. 

If you’re taking your dog for long walks you’ll also be happy to hear that there’s great extra storage under the stroller; three under baskets, three small accessory bags, and a bottle holder. The perfect setup for traveling dogs. The stroller can hold dogs up to 75 lbs. with ease, and includes two safety belts if you have to pups that need a ride. This stroller is great for pet owners that need a stroller that will last a lifetime; it has just about everything you’ll need for long walks, hiking trips, or runs around the neighborhood. 

Compact Pick – PetGear Ultra Lite Stroller

The Petgear Ultra Lite Stroller is our top bargain pick. If you need a simple, inexpensive, yet reliable stroller for your small pup, this may be the one for you. It’s ideal for dogs up to 15lbs, and the actual stroller only weighs 9 lbs. The dimensions of the stroller are 15.5 x 11 x 23 inches; you can store this stroller just about anywhere. It’s ideal for shorter walks where you won’t be needing extra storage space for food or water for your dogs. It’s the best lightweight stroller we’ve found so far! 

Just like all of PetGear’s strollers, the ultra lite version has large 6″ wheels, this allows you and your dog to have a smooth walk no matter how uneven the pavement. It’s great for rough terrain, and dogs that are sensitive to bumps in the road. It is also made with the no-zip design. You won’t have to deal with broken zippers, allowing this stroller to last longer for your dog. While it doesn’t have all the extra design components such as an under storage or cup holders, this is a great lightweight stroller or shorter trips.