dog at beach

     Dog bathing suits can be both fashionable and functional. This time of year, as you scroll down your Instagram or Facebook page every picture seems to be the same: friends and family basking in the warm sun on the beach or some far off exotic location. Yea, we’re jealous too! However, one thing you will definitely not expect to see is a pooch in a dog bathing suit!  

     While doggie bathing suits are undeniably adorable, they can actually be extremely functional for beach-bound or pool-side pups. We hunted down the best dog swimsuits to give you a range of options. From the fashionable to the protective, almost all of the suits on our list also have aspects to shade your pup from the sun and sand. Using this article as your guide, you will be sure to find dog swimsuits perfect for your fur-baby!

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Top Dog Swim Suits

EzyDog Rashguard

  • Highly functional
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Extends down the back
  • Leaves back-end exposed
  • Easy slip on and off
  • Odor resistant, stretchy, machine washable material
  • Increased visibility

     If you’re a dog parent who strives for the best functionality in your pet products (meaning they aren’t just cute to look at), the EzyDog Rashguard is the dog swimsuit you’ll want to go for. It’s not much for fashionable design, but is a great choice for protecting your furbaby from the sun’s hot rays and irritating beach sand.

     In fact, you will get 59+ UV protection from this bad-boy. It easily slips on and off your pup; having a large head hole and two holes for the front legs. The back-end extends down Fido’s back where the fur and skin is mostly likely to be exposed to the sun. Finally, the EzyDog Rashguard leaves your pup’s back-half free from confinement (making pee-breaks hassle-free). However, depending on the size of your pup, this means the shirt may ride-up during heavy playtime.

     We love this swim shirt for dogs because of its simplicity and ease of use. Not only is it quick to dry and odor-resistant, but you can pop it in the washing machine to thoroughly clean it after a day at the beach. It’s Lycra fabric that is quite durable for your standard pup. Typical beach and lake activities are not going to cause any damage. Plus, the rugged orange color keeps your dog visible at all times, even when swimming in water. On the beach, visibility is a must. There may be lots of people around, so try to be a bit more on the cautious side.


     To get the best fit, measure your dog’s back from the base of their neck near the shoulders to the base of their tail near the hips.

Louie de Coton UPF 50+ T-shirt

  • 4 way stretch fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • Human grade, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial quick drying technology
  • UPF of 50+
  • Velcro around the neck
  • Hole for leash
  • Reflective stripes for easy visibility
  • Cooling bonus

     Wearing a sun protective t-shirt is a great way to make sure your pup is covered at the beach. Sometimes, dog sunscreen won’t be enough protection on its own. These USA-made swim shirts are made with 4-way stretchy fabric; keeping your pup comfortable no matter which way they move. Especially if your furbaby loves to keep in constant motion, the fabric will help to reduce the risk of rashes.

     Not only that but they are also made with human grade, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial quick drying technology. This will keep the shirt fresher for longer, which means that they can keep playing all day. Since the shirt has a UPF of 50+ it will block 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Take that sun!

     The Louie de Coton T-Shirt will slide over your dogs head and fit around their front legs. Easy-peasy! here is a velcro strap around the neck to help loosen the neck hole as you slip in on. Two other convenient qualities include a hole for the leash and reflective stripes on the arms. This makes it easy to attach a lease while your dog is wearing the suit and the reflective material adds some visibility when your pup goes out for a swim. Plus, if you crave a refreshing night-walk on the beach with Fido by your side, we would highly recommend some sort of reflective capability.

Other Uses

     As an added bonus, these shirts can also be used to keep your dog cool in the summer. Soaking the shirt in cool water before putting it on your dog will help beat the heat and leave Fido feeling refreshed for hours. With so many practical uses, this t-shirt is an excellent choice for dogs of any size!

  • X-Small: 11” in body length, 14” in chest girth
  • Small: 13” in body length, 16” in chest girth
  • Medium: 14” in body length, 17” in chest girth
  • Large: 16” in body length, 18” in chest girth
  • X-Large: 18” in body length, 19” in chest girth

Midlee Blue Hawaiian Dog shorts and shirt

  • Matching set
  • Open undersides
  • Elastic waistband on shorts
  • Velcro closure on shorts
  • Snap button closure on shirt
  • Folded down collar
  • Lightweight/breathable material
  • Large range of cover

     Hold onto your shorts because this next swimsuit is quite adorable! Geared towards larger dogs this blue colored coordinating swimsuit set is the perfect poolside outfit. The shorts are made up of two holes for your dog’s hind legs and an open underside. This open underside allows for bathroom breaks without having to remove the entire swimsuit (which would be entirely too much of a hassle). No need to chase them around the sand dunes just for a pee break! To make sure that they have a snug yet comfortable fit, the shorts have an elastic waistband and velcro closure.

     The matching shirt has a snap button closure on the chest and a folded down collar around the neck. No poppin’ collars around here! Just like the shorts, the shirt has a high cut on the belly so that no sprinkles from bathroom breaks dirty the shirt. Not only that but they are also both made of a lightweight and breathable material. This coordinating set provides the most coverage for your dog. With a shirt and shorts, all of your dog’s sensitive areas will be protected from the sun. Plus, it should not be too hard to find a matching Hawaiian shirt for you to wear too. With this matching look in a photo you will send your Instagram followers through a hula hoop!



  • Small: 10” back x 12” chest x 10” neck
  • Medium: 14” back x 16” chest x 12” neck
  • Large: 16” back x 20” chest x 14” neck
  • X-Large: 18” back x 23” chest x 16” neck
  • 2X-Large: 19” back x 26” chest x 21” neck
  • 3X-Large: 22” back x 32” chest x 25” neck
  • 4X-Large: 28” back x 36” chest x 32” neck
  • 5X-Large: 31” back x  40” chest x 36” neck


  • Small: 11”-13” waist
  • Medium: 14”-17” waist
  • Large: 17”-20” waist
  • X-Large: 21”-24” waist
  • 2X-Large: 25”-28” waist
  • 3X-Large: 27”-30” waist
  • 4X-Large: 29”-31” waist
  • 5X-Large: 32”-36” waist

Pooch Outfitters Santorini Dog Bikini

Buying Tip: Only a couple left in stock!

  • Stretchy material
  • Snug fit
  • Fun and colorful look
  • Fashion forward with a care-free vibe

      Did someone plan a disco at the beach?! Probably not… but with this multicolored polka dot bikini, your pup will be ready! To put on the top of this bikini there is a tie that goes around your dog’s neck and velcro that goes across their upper back. The bottom has two leg holes that fit over your dog’s hind legs just like if they were pants. Do not worry, they do not look like those wide leg pants from the ’70s! To make sure it has a snug fit it then wraps around the lower waist of your dog. Unfortunately, if your pup is often the escape artist or plays around too hard, this swimsuit will likely come un-done. Therefore, we would recommend it for calmer furbabies who tend to lounge around poolside.

     Since it is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex materials the swimsuit has a comfortable amount of stretch, which will help to minimize the risk of getting a rash This material is great because it allows your dog to play without restricting movement. Unfortunately, since the material does not cover much of the body, this swimsuit is not the best at protecting your dog from the sun. Just like other disco outfits this bikini is more of a novelty outfit. However, you can still use as an actual swimsuit if you would like or it can even be worn just during the hustle! No matter what your dog uses it for they will definitely still look pretty groovy!

  • XXS: 6” neck, 10” girth, 7” length
  • XS: 8” neck, 12” girth, 8” length

PlayaPup Dog Sun Shirt

  • 50+ SPF
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Flat stitching
  • Open underside
  • Blocks sand

     The PlayaPup Dog Sun Shirt is a functional dog accessory that helps keep your dog protected from the sun. Sometimes, dog sunscreen may wear off or won’t be able to reach down through your dog’s fur to protect the skin on their backs.  With an SPF rating of 50+, these shirts provide maximum UVA/UVB protection when wet or dry. This amazing fabric is free from harmful chemicals yet it is still able to protect your dog’s skin and coat from sun damage. In addition to the protection, your dog will be as comfortable as possible  with 4-way stretch fabric and flat stitching. Coming in 4 different design patterns available, (two for males and two for females) your dog will look stylish all summer long. Especially to that cute poodle down the beach!

     One great thing about this shirt: they do not interfere with your dogs potty time. They fully cover your dog’s back, but the fabric stops short around the belly to allow for ample movement. This is also great for when they eat a little too much kibble for breakfast! Not only do these shirts protect your dog from sun damage but they also protect their skin and coat from the sand. Sand can mat dogs hair and burn their skin if it is directly on their skin. These shirts will take the brunt of the dirt from the beach which is why the fact that they are machine washable is super helpful!

  • XX-Small: 10”-12” in girth, 8”-10” in neck, 10” in length
  • X-Small: 12”-15” in girth, 10”-11.5” in neck, 12” in length
  • Small: 15”-17” in girth, 11.5”-13” in neck, 14” in length
  • Medium: 17”-21” in girth, 13”-15.5” in neck, 16” in length
  • Large: 21”-25” in girth, 15.5”-17.5” in neck, 18” in length
  • X-Large: 25”-30” in girth, 17.5”-20.5” in neck, 20” in length
  • 2X-Large: 30”-34” in girth, 20.5”-22.5” in neck, 24” in length
  • 3X-Large: 34”-39” in girth, 22.5”-24.5” in neck, 26” in length
  • 4X-Large: 39”-44” in girth, 24.5”-26” in neck, 30” in length

Fitwarm Dog Bikini

  • Made of high-grade polyester
  • Size is adjustable
  • 2 ties around neck and back
  • Velcro closure on bottoms

     It may not be the itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini but it is a close second! This pink floral bikini is the perfect look for a day at the beach. Made out of high-grade polyester fabric it will be comfortable during the whole day in the sun. Also, with 2 ways to adjust the fit, you will not have to worry about it shifting or falling off as they play. With 1 tie around the neck and the other around their waist, the top will stay put. With these ties and also velcro around the waist you will be able to make sure it is snug but not too tight. Since this bikini is not waterproof or sun-proof it is not the best option for an active pup. However, it is perfect for one who loves to relax in the sun and model for Instagram. But, hey being that cute takes a lot of work as well!

  • X-Small: 10” waist, 12” chest
  • Small: 12” waist, 14” chest
  • Medium: 14” waist, 16” chest
  • Large: 16” waist, 18” chest

Why Does my Dog Need a Swim Suit?

Sun and Sand Protection

     Yes! Dogs can get sunburned just as humans can! All dogs are prone to getting sunburnt on the bridge of their noses and their pink bellies. Light colored dogs or dogs with thin coats can get sunburnt all over their bodies. Dog sunscreen may just not cut it when it comes to full-proof sun and sand protection. This is wear dog swim suits come in handy! The won’t wear off like some sunscreens and they provide a definitive barrier between the sun’s rays and your dog’s back.

     All of these options, especially the sun shirts, can be used for more than just a day at the beach. If you are doing any activity that requires long exposure in the sun, you and your dog should both have sun protection on. If you do not think that your dog fits into the category of needing full body sun protection, you might want to purchase a doggy sunscreen to protect specific areas (especially around the face). For a detailed list of our recommended sunscreens, make sure to check out The Best Dog Sunscreen.

Vacationing with Your Dog

     Unfortunately, not all vacation locations are pet-friendly. Plus, the ones that do allow pets will often have certain rules and restrictions that you should brush-up on before heading out the door. Instead of playing Russian Roulette on whether a location accepts dogs, pop over to The Best Vacation Spots to Bring Fido. There, we’ve already done the research and found the most amazing places you and your dog can vacation together.

Dog Beach Toys

     Once you’ve locked down a dog swim suit and additional dog sunscreen, it’s time to consider the other products your pup may need for a sun-filled vacation. Instead of letting your dog just lay around and get bored on the beach, you might want to track down a dog-friendly beach toy. In fact, playing with your dog on the beach will give you or your kids the perfect distraction too. However, not all dog toys are beach-friendly. You’ll need to find something durable, brightly colored, and can float. Check out The Best Dog Toys for the Beach to get started.


     Not all pup owners are fans of the beach. Hey, just because we love the beach doesn’t mean you (or your dog) do. Tons of people much prefer poolside activities. Plus, if you have a pool right in your own back-yard, it will be much more accessible. Having your furbaby be protected from the sun is just as important by a pool because the sun’s rays will bounce right off the water and become more intense. Now that you know all about dog swim suits, you might be wondering what else you can do to get Fido involved in the activities. For starters, poolside safety with dogs is a bit different. Check out Must-Have Dog-Friendly Accessories for the Pool. This article covers everything from dog swim safety to floating toys for low-impact weight loss.