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Everyone loves spending time by the water when the weather is warm. Our dogs are no different! Just like we wear swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc, it is important to dress our dogs for sun success as well! We have collected the most functional and cute dog swimsuits and rash guards available and want to share them with you! Using this article as your guide, you will be sure to find dog swimsuits perfect for your fur-baby!

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Does my dog need sun protection?

Yes! Dogs can get sunburned just as humans can! All dogs are prone to getting sunburnt on the bridge of their noses and their pink bellies. Light colored dogs or dogs with thin coats can get sunburnt all over their bodies. This is why sun protection such as a swimsuit or a rash guard is so important! If you don’t think your dog fits into the category of needing full body sun protection, you might want to purchase a doggy sunscreen to protect specific areas. For a detailed list of our recommended sunscreens, click here. To see our favorite full body sun protection options, keep reading!

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Rash guard for Toy dogs

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Specifically designed for small dogs, this rash guard is the perfect beach accessory for your tiny pooch! Made of soft, stretchy materials, this rash guard will not restrict your dog’s movement. They will be free to run, swim, and lounge all while being protected from the sun. Though this dog swimsuit does not have a specified SPH rating, it will still help shade your dog’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Not only will this rash guard protect your dogs skin from the sun, it will help keep your dog sand free. Everyone knows sand gets everywhere at the beach. Putting your dog in this rash guard is one way to help protect their coat and skin from the abrasive sand. It has elastic bands around the neck and armholes to provide the ultimate comfort to your sweet dog.

This adorable rash guard fits dogs such as Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Yorkies, and similar sized breeds. Uniquely designed with an easy pullover style, the rash guard is easy to dress and remove from your dog. The underside of your dog is not covered to allow for easy potty breaks. To top things off, this dog swimsuit/rash guard is machine washable! After a long day at the beach, simply toss in the laundry to clean and be ready to use the next day!

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Simplydog bikini and hat set

Also designed for smaller dogs, this absolutely adorable dog swimsuit is the perfect pick for your furry princess! The floral bikini print will make your dog the center of attention at the beach or pool. Perfect for lounging in the warm weather or for a family photo shoot, this dog swimsuit is a must-have for your beach trip! SimplyDog specializes in dog costumes so you know this adorable yet functional swimsuit will be well made and comfortable. Available in four sizes ranging from XX-Small to Medium, even the smallest dogs will be beach ready! The sun visor wraps snuggly around your dogs head to hold it in place while they play. Paired with the cutest sun visor, this dog swimsuit is one you can not pass up on.

dog swimsuit bikini

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Louie de coton upf 50+ swim shirt

Wearing sun protective swim shirts is a great way to make sure your pup is covered. Literally and figuratively! Made in the USA, these shirts are lightweight and breathable, perfect for those hot summer days. They are also made with human grade, anti-odor, and anti-bacterial quick drying technology. This keeps the shirts fresher for longer. Blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful rays, this swim shirt is a no-brainer. Plus you never have to worry about reapplying dog sunscreen! Made with four-way, stretchy fabric, your dog will love wearing this as much as you love that they are protected.

These swim shirts slide over your dogs head and fit around their front legs. There is a velcro strap around the neck to help loosen the neck hole to fit over your dogs head. Louie De Coton makes these shirts in a variety of sizes. Unlike the first two options, these shirts go from size Extra Small all the way to size Extra Large. As an added bonus, these shirts can be used to keep your dog cool in the summer! Soaking the shirt in cool water before putting it on your dog will help keep them cool and refreshed for hours. With so many practical uses, this swim shirt is an excellent choice for dogs of any size.

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midlee hawaiian trunks and shirt

Geared towards larger dogs, this adorable dog swimsuit set is the perfect poolside outfit. Your dog will be the center of attention in this vibrantly blue colored coordinating set. The trunks have an elastic waistband and velcro closure to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit for your dog. There are two holes for your dog’s hind legs and open underside. The open underside allows for bathroom breaks without having to remove the swimsuit. The matching shirt has a snap button closure on the chest and a folded down collar around the neck. The shirt also has a high cut on the belly so that not sprinkles from bathroom breaks dirty the shirt.

Both the trunks and shirt are made of a lightweight, breathable material. This coordinating set provides the most coverage for your dog. With a shirt and shorts, all of your dog’s sensitive areas will be protected from the sun. Available in sizes Medium to XXX-Large, this swimsuit combo is perfect for all larger dogs!  Plus, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a matching Hawaiian shirt for you to wear, too!

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Pooch outfitters santorini dog bikini

If your furry princess is not a small dog but still wants to rock an adorable bikini, this dog swimsuit is for her! Pooch Outfitters makes a polka dotted pattern, two-piece dog bikini that is so chic and cute! While the size will still not fit large dogs such as Labs, this dog swimsuit is better suited for average sized dogs. It has a top piece that ties around your dog’s neck and velcros across their upper back. The bottom has two leg holes that fit over your dog’s hind legs. The bottom slides over your dog’s legs as if they were pants. It then wraps around the lower waist of your dog. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex materials, this dog swimsuit has a comfortable amount of stretch. It allows your dog to play and does not restrict movement.

This dog swimsuit is trickier to size correctly for your dog so you really have to pay attention to the measurements. The large size fits dogs similar in size to corgis and basset hounds. It measures 12″ circumference around the neck, 19″ circumference around the chest, and 13″ back length. This dog swimsuit does not protect your dog from the sun as much as other swim options. This Santorini dog bikini is more of a novelty outfit than it is an actual dog swimsuit. It can still be used as an actual swimsuit or it can just be used to show off your cute dog! Either way, your dog will rock this fashionable swimsuit and look adorable doing so!

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playapup rash Guard

Last but not least, the PlayaPup rash guard is the most versatile dog swimsuit. With sizes ranging from Extra Small all the way to 5X Large, you are sure to find one that finds your dog. These shirts are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for those hot summer days. The fabric used is free from harmful chemicals yet still protects your dog’s skin and coat from sun damage. With an SPF rating of 50+, these shirts provide maximum UVA/UVB protection when wet or dry. PlayaPup swim shirts are extremely comfortable with four-way stretch fabric and flat stitching. With four different design patterns, two for males and two for females, your dog will look stylish all summer long.

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These suits do not interfere with your dogs potty time. They fully cover your dog’s back but are higher cut on the belly to allow for ample movement. Not only do these shirts protect your dog from sun damage, they also protect their skin and coat from sand. Sand can mat dogs hair and burn their skin if it is directly on your dog’s skin. PlayaPup shirts help to keep sand away from your dog skins and out of their coat. These shirts will take the brunt of the dirt from the beach which is why the fact that they are machine washable is so nice!

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One last thought

All of these options, especially the rash guards, can be used for more than just a day at the beach. If you are doing any activity that requires long exposure in the sun, you and your dog should both have sun protection on. The rash guard options above are great for pool days, hiking, camping, and all other outdoor activities. For more information on sun protection options, check out our article on The Best Dog Sunscreen. Don’t forget to protect your pup!