It is always so funny watching your dog run around the house once they are finally free from their baths. Well, that is if they are not still wet! If they do still have water dripping off them, then get ready for your pup to water the furniture and floors. Before you know it, you are out of breath from chasing the little wet monster all around the house. Thankfully, to help you with this problem we have picked out the best dog towel for almost any picky pup. After all, a reliable doggie towel needs to soak up water, not you time. Each best dog towel is a great option for owners because they were made specifically to dry off those soaking-wet furballs.

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Best Dog Towel Options


      YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel is made completely out of microfiber that is weaved together. This material makes it possible for the towel to absorb water fast and also dry quickly. The surface area that this creates is special because it dries hair without trapping or pulling it out.

     Since there are 4 different color combinations to choose from like lemon-lime and ember-sun you will be able to choose one that fits your aesthetic. Not only that but since you are able to fold it compactly. Take it with you on trips to the ocean and lake or on walks just in case it rains! However, just because it is compact does not mean it is small, in fact it measures to a total of 28 x 50 inches.

     One thing that the company does suggest is washing each towel individually before using it at bath time. Thankfully, the entire towel can simply be popped into the washing machine. All you have to remember is to use cold water and dry on low. Also, make sure to not use any bleach or fabric softener.


28 x 50″

Main Benefits
  1. microfiber
  2. cute color options
  3. compact storage
  4. machine washable


      Furinator’s Pet Towel measures to a total of 26 x 17 inches. Although, the real magic is the 3 millimeters of material that the towel has on the inside. This material is so absorbent that it is able to hold at most 10 times its own weight.  

      The material that is used to make this towel is PVA, which is biodegradable. This choice of towel is definitely for those owners who are environmentally conscious! The material is also beneficial because it decreases the possibility of bacteria growing inside of the towel. Since the towel is smooth on the exterior, there is no place for doggie hair to get caught up in it. Unlike other towels, the Furinator will come away with all the soaked up moisture, but no fur. This makes it a breeze to clean afterwards for us busy dog owners.

      To use this best dog towel you first have to wet it with water to make it become soft. Then you just have to wring it out and it will be ready to go. If the towel becomes full of water again while you are drying off your pet you just have to wring it out again. In turn, this makes it easily reusable for one or multiple pets.


26 x 17″

Main Benefits
  1. holds moisture up to 10 times its own weight
  2. biodegradable PVA material
  3. won’t get gunked up with fur
  4. clean with soap and water

Soggy Doggy Doormat

      Soggy Doggy Doormat’s Super Shammy is available in 4 different colors ranging from dark chocolate to blue red trim. However, no matter what color you do get the towel will be super absorbent and fast drying. In total it can hold at most 7 times its own weight and with it drying so fast there will be no un-delightful scent lingering behind.

     The towel itself is made from microfiber chenille which means that it is full of what the company calls “noodles”. These noodles are special because they are made out of millions of pieces woven into one singular piece. In turn, this means that there is a lot of pieces ready to soak up any excess water you need them too which speeds up the process and the amount they can hold.

     To help make drying even easier for you, these unique towels for dogs also has pockets underneath for you to put your hands. This will make it easier for you to make sure you fully dry every area including under their belly. Once you are finished with these towels all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine and dryer to make sure it is fully clean.


31 x 14″

Main Benefits
  1. “noodle” design
  2. holds 7x its own weight
  3. pockets for your hands
  4. machine washable

Bone Dry

      Bone Dry’s DII Microfiber Pet Bath Towel has its secret weapon right in its name. The microfiber inside allows the towel to easily soak up water. In fact, it is able to soak up so much water that the company actually calls it thirsty. To help you make sure that you can dry off your entire dog the towel is a total of 44 x 27.5 inches.

      To make the drying process easier the towel is light in weight so you do not have to feel like you are dragging it out every time it is needed. Once you have finished with the towel all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine to make it as good as new. Just make sure to use cold water, no bleach, no softener, and to dry on low.

     Since this towel is so light in weight and easy to clean you can also use it for other things like a blanket for their kennel. Its material is soft that they will stay snug and warm. Also, since it comes in a total of 11 different color and design combinations they will also stay looking cute and stylish.


44 x 27.5″

Main Benefits
  1. microfiber
  2. machine washable
  3. soft and snuggly
  4. 11 different colors
  5. doubles as a kennel blanket

The Snuggly Dog

      Snuggly Dog’s Easy Wear Dog Towel is not a towel that is used and then tossed to the side. Instead, it is a towel your dog keeps will wear like a wrap until they are fully dry. This fantastic design prevents them from becoming cold and water dripping all over the house or car. To make this towel soak up a lot of water and still be cozy, the company made it out of 400gsm microfiber. We are obsessed with the Snuggy Dog’s Easy Wear Dog Towel and think you will be too.

     All these qualities are great but if you do have the right size towel for your dog it will not work to the best of its ability. To help find the perfect fit the company offers sizes ranging from small to extra large. Just refer to the handy size chart pictured below. Instead of randomly choosing one of these options we recommend measuring your pup’s neck, back, and height.

    This best dog towel comes in either a red or blue color. However, no matter what color you do choose the towel will include a neck toggle and a tail loop. The neck toggle is adjustable and the tail loop is elastic so this will make sure it stays on right.


Small, Medium, Large, and XL

Main Benefits
  1. microfiber
  2. designed to fully wrap a dog
  3. neck toggle and tail loop
  4. size chart to easy ordering



      Zwipes’ Large Microfiber Pet Towel is unique because of its larger size. Coming in at a total measurement of 30 x 36 inches, it will be perfect for larger dogs. It’s often a struggle finding good dog products made for the large love of your life. 

      Inside both of these towels, there is microfiber material. Many other towels also have this material inside but what is unique is how it is weaved. The company calls it a terry weave and it is made of loops of fabric that are uncut. Since they are uncut, the towel is still able to be smooth while also soaking up at most 8x its weight of water.

     The microfiber weaved towel is white in color and has a black paw prints and bones pattern. While white is not our most favorite dog towel color, maybe it will fit your home decor better. Thankfully, it’s machine washable. Just make sure to use cold water, liquid detergent, no dryer sheets, no softeners, and no bleach.


30 x 36″

Main Benefits
  1. large size
  2. comes in pack of 2
  3. microfiber
  4. unique terry weave
  5. cute print
  6. machine washable

My Doggy Place

     My Doggy Place’s Dog Bath Glove is unique because its design is similar to a mitten. Although not technically a towel, it definitely deserves a place in the best dog towel list. Since you are using your hands, it allows you to focus and make sure each part of your dog is fully dry. Drying your pup with a towel is a chore in itself, but these mittens make it a whole lot easier. Also, with an elastic band around the wrist, you will not have to worry about the glove falling off as you dry.

     These gloves are not only helpful because they are easier to guide but also because they soak up a ton of water. They are 5 times more absorbent than other towels you may use. Not only does it soak up water quickly it also rids of it fast allowing you to dry them off shortly after washing the glove in the washing machine.

     Depending on your needs you can either get a 1-pack which includes 1 glove or a 2-pack that includes 2 gloves. By choosing between a dark brown or a light tan color, you can match your own style or even your pup’s coat of fur!


One size fits all

Main Benefits
  1. wearable mittens for easy drying
  2. elastic band around the wrist to keep them from falling off
  3. super absorbent 
  4. machine washable