Taking your dog to the beach, whether just for the day or an all-out vacation get-away, is a great experience for both owner and pup. Even though your packing list may grow, it’s a much better option than leaving them in a lonely house and paying someone to watch over. Not to mention, your trip will be 10x more exciting with a dog in tow. However, if you’re lacking in the dog beach toy department, you’ll find that Fido might get a little antsy as you soak up the sun. We’re here to make sure you are well prepared to make memorable moments with the best dog toys for the beach.

     Not all dog toys can be taken to the beach. The sun, sand, and surf make a unique environment that most standard dog toys are not equipped to handle. Have no fear though, we’ve got your back with pro recommendations. Even if you don’t end up picking one of our highly-recommended, reviewed dog beach toys, you should pay attention to the type of toy you do bring along.

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Product Quick Look

The Best Beach Dog Toys: In-Depth

Kurgo Skipping Stones

Buying Tip: Two colors will be chosen at random for you

Main Benefits:
  • Floats
  • Skips on water
  • Good size for fetching
  • Come in a 2-pack
  • Brightly colored
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable for beach play

     We’ve reviewed Kurgo Skipping Stones in the past and they are still one of our top favorite toys for water play. Not only will they make a solid addition to your pup’s pool and lake toys, but they have some key factors that make it perfect for a beach environment. First and foremost, these skipping stones are completely waterproof and float like a dream. They look exactly like an enlarged stone, but come in bright, neon colors so they stay visible. Not only will you be able to find them easier in the sand (especially if your pup carries them off somewhere), but your dog can easily spot them in the water for retrieval. The colors are neon orange, pink, and green. When ordered through the link we provided, you will receive a pack of two!

     This toy is all about interactive fun and getting some exercise with your dog. Meaning, yes, you will be responsible for throwing them either on land or into the water for your furry friend. It’s a game of fetch after all! Their shape and design allows them to bounce off the surface of water (just like a real skipping stone would) when tossed. We should warn you, the throwing motion to accomplish a nice “skip” takes some practice. However, with a bit of patience, you’ll be taken back by childhood memories down by the lake. Honestly, it’s quite relaxing.

     You’ll always want a beach dog toy to be easy to clean. With Kurgo Skipping Stones, not only can you easily rinse it off in the water before heading back, but they happen to be dishwasher safe. Once you make it back to the house or hotel, just pop them in on the top rack.

     This toy is built with quality (which you can literally feel) and the material is non-toxic. It will be durable enough for beach play and can take quite a beating. Like most toys though, it is not indestructible. They withstand a bit of chewing, but don’t let your pup gnaw on it for two long. It is meant for fetching, not as a chew toy. The stone’s shape is ideal for dogs to retrieve and carry in their mouths. They are not too big and not too small. However, at a size dimension of 3 x 2 x 1.5”, we wouldn’t recommend them for giant dogs with wider mouths (like Great Dane or Mastiff). It could then become a choking hazard, which no owner wants. But, for most dogs the Kurgo Skipping Stone is a solid choice that has received amazing reviews and gets our seal of approval.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

Main Benefits:
  • Classic frisbee design
  • Squishy texture
  • Highly durable
  • Floats
  • Brightly colored
  • Easy to clean

     The frisbee is a classic toy to bring to the beach, both for us humans and our dogs. You can toss them around on dry land for some entertainment while soaking up the sun, or let them sore out into the water for your dog to dive in and fetch. Among all the frisbees out there, we have fallen in love with the Zogoflex Zisc by the West Paw company. West Paw is pretty renowned in the dog world for their extremely durable toys and new designs to entice your pup. With their Zisc, they combined a patented strengthening technology called Zogoflex with the fun, interactive frisbee toy.

     The Zisc is shaped like your standard, classic frisbee, so your pup will instantly know what it is all about. Especially for dogs who love getting air-borne and show off their fetching skills, it’s a must to bring along to the beach. Plus, it comes in two sizes: small and large. The small is 6.5” in diameter and the large if 8.5” in diameter. That way, any breed of dog will find no trouble in carrying it around (well, unless you have a little tea-cup princess).

     It’s Zogoflex material is a bit squishy, but that’s perfect for your pup’s teeth and gums as they fetch. Additionally, it allows your dog to close their mouths as they carry the toy through water. Especially in salt water, you won’t want your dog swallowing gulp-fulls of the water just to bring back a toy. Luckily, this won’t be the case with the Zisc. However, don’t let the softer material fool you. It’s patented material is highly durable and really hard to tear through. If your pup does manage to rip is apart though, take it away so they can’t swallow any pieces. The material is BPA free, Phathalate free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant but that doesn’t mean a dog should eat it.

     Above all, the toy floats in water and comes in a wide variety of colors. For the beach, we would recommend going with their Granny Smith or Tangerine colors because they are the brightest and will stand out the most. Which means, not only will you spend less time searching the beach for it, but your dog can keep an eye on it in water. When you’re all done with beach time, simply rinse it off in water and let it hang-dry until next time.

Chuckit! Ultra ball

Main Benefits:
  • Classic ball shape
  • Highly durable
  • Use alone or with Chuckit! Ball Launcher
  • Brightly colored
  • Floats
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide range of size options

     Another classic dog toy: the infamous ball. Not only is a ball toy easy to pop into your beach bag, but many dogs have a love affair with them. But, your regular tennis ball is actually not good for a pup’s teeth and mouth. Plus, they are not nearly as durable as they should be. That’s why we have always recommended getting a ball toy that is specifically designed for dogs to play with. There are many options out there and you will not have any difficulty in finding one, but the best dog ball to bring to the beach is the Chuckit! Ultra Ball.

     The Chuckit! Ultra Ball comes in those classic Chuckit! Company colors: bright orange and blue. They are very easy for your dog to spot and contrast well with the beach’s environment. With a solid core, they are one of the more durable beach toys you can have in your arsenal. They’ll withstand heavy play and lots of fetch. However, don’t let your pup chew on it long enough to rip it apart! Not only will you be losing a great beach toy, but those bits and pieces are harmful for any dog to swallow.

     The best aspect about this toy, and the primary reason why it made our list of the best beach toys for dogs, is that it fits very well into a classic Chuckit! Launcher. If you have never heard about these bad boys, you need to check out The Chuckit! Ball Launchers Review. By using the launcher, you can give your arms a break and let the contraption toss the ball farther without added strain. Plus, the launcher helps you pick up a slobbery ball without getting your hands all messy (especially when the sand from the beach is bound to be all over it). The Ultra Ball has the ability to easily float in water, which means you can even toss it into the surf for Fido to splash after and cool down.

     When all the fun and games are over and you’re finished at the beach, you can hand wash the Ultra Ball or simply rinse off the sand at the beach. Additionally, to make things a little more convenient, Amazon offers these floating dog balls in packs of one or two. We suggest getting the 2-pack, that way you will have a backup just in case one gets lost in the ocean or your pup leaves it somewhere hidden on the beach.

Size Options

     Unlike other beach dog toys, this ball comes in plenty of size options. Which mean any breed of dog will have a good match for the size of their mouth. You’ll want it to be big enough to not pose a choking hazard, but small enough for your unique dog to easily carry around. The size option for this ball include:

  • Small: 2” diameter
  • Medium: 2.5” diameter
  • Large: 3” diameter (standard ball size)
  • Extra Large: 3.5” diameter

How to Pick the Best Beach Dog Toy

As we picked out the best dog beach toys, there are many factors we considered. After-all your standard dog toy is not going to cut it on the beach. The following qualities are what you should look for in a beach toy for your pup:

  • Durability
  • UV resistant
  • Floats
  • Brightly colored
  • Not too expensive
  • Easy to clean

Other than the top products we have chosen above, you can find more toys that float at the Top Water Toys.

Beach Toy Storage

     Usually, on a day trip down to the beach (and definitely a must on a week-long vacation), you’re taking along a nice, sturdy beach bag. It plays a very important role: storing your life as you soak up the sun and waves. But, when you have a dog and their toys in tow, it’s a very wise decision to bring a specific bag for their canine stuff. This way, especially when their toys get all wet and sandy, you’re not scrambling to find a decent way to carry them that won’t damage your personal belongings.

TopTops Mesh Beach Tote Bag

Main Benefits:
  • Large enough to carry many dog toys
  • Sturdy mesh fabric and nylon rim
  • Snap closures
  • Provides an easy way to clean and store toys
  • Under $10
  • Self-storing baggie attached

     After comparing the top customer-recommended beach bags, we came to the conclusion that the TopTops Mesh Beach Tote Bag is your best option that also happens to be extremely affordable. Most cheap-costing bags are not durable enough because companies cut costs on their materials. However, this bag is different. It’s made from high quality mesh that is proven sturdy enough to hold all those beach dog toys. In fact, customers state it’s the sturdiest mesh beach bag they’ve used. Its rim and handle in reinforced with nylon to prevent tearing and gives good strength when your lugging it around. Snap closures are also located along the rim so that you can better secure the items within.

     The best part of an all-mesh bag like this: clean-up is easy and effective. Simply store all your pup’s toys away in the bag, then run it under water to rinse off all the sand. Finally, hang it up outside to let everything inside air-dry. Its a method that will save you time, especially when you need to get back to the hotel and shower before the evening’s festivities!

     One aspect to pay attention to is the size of this beach bag. It measures 18 x 12 x 18” and has a carrying handle that extends 15.7”. Usually this would be plenty big to store your dog’s toys, but it really all depends on how many toys you’re planning to bring along. If the toys are big and bulky, it may not be large enough. Plus, if you plan on fitting in a dog tent or other products, that will minimize space. For storage of the bag itself, there is a very convenient little baggie attached. The bag folds up pretty nicely into the baggie (essentially storing itself away).

What Else Does my Dog Need for the Beach?

     When heading to the beach, or any Summer vacation really, the things you need for your pup includes more than just toys. For the best information and all-inclusive look at beach and summer needs, head on over to our Summer Guide for Dogs.

     The most important item to bring for your dog is sun protection. This is the one item that you absolutely can not leave without. Yes, dogs burn just like humans due and it can cause some pretty serious health issues. There are a couple different methods to keep the rays at bay: dog sunscreen, beach clothing, a dog swimsuit, or a portable dog tent for the beach. However, if your set on dog sunscreen (which we highly recommend any dog owner has around), you can fast-track to The Best Dog Sunscreen.