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Coming soon, we’ll be reviewing the best doggie doors money can buy. Doggie doors can prove to be invaluable to many pup owners. When your dog can easily get inside and outside everyone benefits. Your pup will have fewer accidents, saving you time and money. You won’t have to constantly get up to let them out for bathroom breaks. You may also notice those scratch marks on the door suddenly disappearing. Your dog will benefit too; easy access to the outdoors will relieve boredom, stimulate your pup’s mind, and allow them to get more exercise.  So check back soon and take a peek at our favorite doors for you and your pooch.

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find a door to fit your needs

There are a variety of doggie doors to choose from. Only you know your pet, and your house well enough to pick the right one. No matter where you think you need a door, we can help you find the perfect way to install and assemble it to fit your needs. It’s 2017, and as you would expect, doggie doors have are as high tech as ever. You can purchase doggie doors to keep the cool air in, bugs out, and protect your energy bill from skyrocketing! You no longer have to sacrifice any part of your house to let your dog roam free outside. Worried about installation? Doggie doors can actually be incredibly easy to assemble. You can purchase no installation doors, screen installation doors, or door installation designs. There are three main types of doors that you can try out, depending on your dog’s needs, and how freely you want them moving around. There are magnetic & electric doors, wall and door tunnels, and doors for sliding glass doors. 

What to look for in a dog door

There are a few things to consider before beginning your search for the perfect dog door. First of all, you need to consider how much security you want in a dog door. If you’re not worried about other animals getting into your house, a simple flap may do the trick for you and your dog. If not, you can find dog doors that have special locking mechanisms, such as a magnetic door, that will only open for your dog. This will keep strays away, and give your only your dog the ability to open the door. 

The next aspect you want to consider is ease of installation. There are three major types of doggie door installations – sliding screen door installations, wall installations, and door installations. We’ve found that screen door doggie doors are the easiest to install. All you have to do is crack your patio door open and lock the doggie door into place. These are great for first-time doggie door users. If you find that your pet doesn’t want to use the door, you can easily remove it without putting any holes through your walls. 

Lastly, you want to consider your climate. If you have extreme weather it may be best to purchase a doggie door made specifically with a tight seal. You might be surprised how much cold or hot air can seep into your house through a dog door. If you purchase tight sealed energy efficient doors, you’ll keep all the unwanted weather outside. 

types of doggie doors


Electronic dog doors are one of the most popular doors you can purchase for your pup. In order to open, they must sense a magnetic field. In most cases, you’ll need to attach a magnetic key to your dog’s collar, and when they get close to the door it’ll open. When your dog (and the key on their collar) get near the door, a lever will be pulled forward and release the door flap allowing your dog to pass. If for some reason you want your dog to stay indoors, simply remove their collar key and the door will remain closed.

Electronic doors are ideal for households with multiple pets, both indoor and outdoor. If you want your pup to come and go freely, but need the cat to stay indoors – simply give only one pet the key. They also keep any unwanted visitors from entering the house (raccoons and strays). Electronic doors give you the peace of mind you need when you also want your pets to have the freedom they deserve. 

our pick - PetSafe SmartDoor

The Petsafe Magnetic Smartdoor give your dogs the ability to get in and out of your home whether or not you’re home. If you want to give your dog a key to the house, there’s no better way to do it than with a magnetic doggie door. The Petsafe door allows up to 5 dogs to get in and out of your house easily without allowing any unwanted animals in or out. They’re great for households with both indoor and outdoor pets. 

The Petsafe Magnetic Smartdoor is incredibly easy to use. You can easily program up to 5 Smartkeys for your pets, and they’ll be able to come and go as they please. The Smartdoor also has a lock feature that will keep the door locked even if your pet has a key. You’ll also be happy to hear that the Smartkeys are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about what your dog gets into while wearing the keys. Simply attach it to their collar and let them roam free!

So exactly how does this doggie door work? When your cat or dog gets near the door with their key collar, the door will be triggered to unlock. As soon as your pet moves away from the door, the door will lock back up. The door works on battery power (4-D batteries), that are easy to replace when they begin to die. The Petsafe door is a great choice because the door flap is insulated. This will keep your AC or heat in, no matter what they weather’s like outside. It’s energy efficient, and even UV protected; not even the sun can get through this door. 


The Pet door is fairly easy to install. It’s designed for both indoor or outdoor doors, but you can also purchase a wall installation kit if you want to set it into the wall. There are a few issues we ran into when looking at installation for the doors. First of all, the app associated with the door will show you which wifi signals are available for the door to pick up on. If there are a variety of strong signals near one side of the house, it’s probably best to try a different door.

When you pick a door that you’d like to use for installation, try unlocking the door with your dog’s collar before going through the installation process. This will allow you to ensure the key is going to work with that area of your house. We have also seen that the noise that’s made when the door unlocks can frighten some dogs, so it may take a bit of training to get them used to the door. 

The Petsafe door is available in two sizes, ideal for just about any pup. The smaller door is ideal for dogs up to 15 lbs; the opening is 5 1/2” X 7 7/8”. The large is ideal for dogs up to 100 lbs, and the opening is 11” X 16”. When you purchase the door, it comes with a very specific guide that tells you how large to cut the hole, and where to cut it. We’ve also found that their customer service is easy to work with. We would highly suggest this door for any pup parent in need of a door that’s selective enough to only allow certain pets in and out of the house. 

Sliding Door

The easiest doggie doors to install are ones that easily fit into your sliding glass doors. They’re great for dog parents that have rental properties as well- you won’t have to put any holes in your doors or windows. Sliding door installations are the perfect temporary door for your pup; they’re also great for dogs who have never used a dog door before. You can use a sliding door to test the waters and find out if it’s something your dog will be comfortable using. All you have to do is put the door in the sliding glass door track, and lock it into place. They take minutes to set up, and just a few seconds to remove. 

Our Pick - Freedom Patio

Sliding glass doors are by far the easiest dog doors to install. You can easily test out the door on any sliding door in your house, and return it if you find it doesn’t fit your dog’s needs. The Petsafe Freedom Patio is one of our favorite doggie doors. They’ve been a well established brand in the US since 1991, and they’ve truly excelled when it comes to dog doors. Their sliding dog door is made with safe and durable materials that will ensure your dog has a safe door to get through no matter what the weather.

This doggie door is simple to install; simply slide the panel into your sliding door track, secure it to the door, and apply some weather proofing. You won’t have to put any holes in your doors or walls with this simple doggie door.



When you install the Petsafe sliding door you won’t have to worry about having a flimsy window leading out of your house. The door is made with shatter resistant glass and has a heavy-duty aluminum frame. They’ve also included an UltaSeal flap which will conserve energy and prevent your AC or heat from escaping the house. The flap for your pup is also UV protected, so you won’t have to worry about fading or sun damage. 

The sliding doggie door is available in a variety of colors and sizes; you can easily find the perfect fit for your house. The smallest door is 4 x 10.2 x 85.2 inches, the medium is 4 x 14 x 85.2 inches, the large is 4 x 15.8 x 85.2 inches, and the tall is 85 x 16 x 4 inches. You can also buy any of the sizes in either white, satin, or bronze. If you need a convenient way to let your dog in and out of the house, the Petsafe doggie door is the perfect addition to any household. These doors are also great for rental properties, as you won’t have to do any damage to the doors or windows in the process. 

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Wall entry doors

Wall Entry Doors are definitely a more permanent option. If you know your dog is going to need a way to get in and out of the house for years to come, a wall entry may be your best option. They’re more convenient than door installed doggie doors because you can install them just about anywhere in your house. 

our pick - aluminum wall entry

wall entry doggie door

The Petsafe Aluminum Wall Entry Door can be installed into any wall in your house. Your pup will have an easy to use telescoping tunnel to get inside and outside. Fortunately, this door doesn’t require any framing materials. All of the hardware and instructions you need are included with the door; it’s surprisingly easy to set up. 

This door is available in three sizes to ensure just about any pet can safely use it. The small is  8 x 10 x 14 inches, the medium is 8 x 13 x 18 inches, and the large is 8 x 15 x 22 inches.

which size is right for my needs?

The first thing you want to measure, of course, is your pup. You’re going to want to make sure your dog can easily get in and out of the house safely. The small door is ideal for dogs under 15 lbs. The interior is only 5 1/4″ W x 7 1/2″ H. The small door is ideal for walls 4 3/4″ to 7 1/4″ thick. However, tunneled pet doors are unique in that they can be adjusted to fit your walls. If you have a thicker wall, you can purchase a separate attachment that can fit in walls up to 12″ thick. 

tunnel door

The medium door is ideal for dogs under 40lbs. The flap opening is 8 1/4″ W x 12 1/4″ H. The door is designed for walls 4 3/4″ to 7 1/4″ thick, just like the small – and an extension can be purchased for walls up to 12″ thick. Lastly, the large is designed for dogs up to 99 lbs. The door can also be assembled into any wall 4 3/4″ to 7 1/4″. You’ll also be happy to hear that the tunnel can be assembled into walls that either use 2×4 or 2×6 construction.


This aluminum door is made with a double flap design which will help you save money on your energy bill. No matter what the weather’s like outside, you can keep your AC or heat inside. For added insulation, you can also purchase an additional closing panel. The door also comes with an extra slide-in panel that you can use to lock the door. This will prevent your pup from entering or exiting the house. 

Considering all of the adjustments that you can make to this door, it can be the perfect fit for just about any home. And at a reasonable price too! We would definitely suggest the aluminum telescoping door to any household that needs a permanent way to give their pets the freedom to come and go.