If you own a dog or take care of dogs as a profession, you are closely aware of this necessary task: cleaning up poop. Earth Rated Dog Bags are wildly popular and come highly recommended by many owners and dog walkers alike. Over and over again, buyers rave at how durable and efficient they are; becoming a staple in their household. While making waste is a natural digestive process for every animal, there are laws in many cities and public properties that encourage canine waste removal. It is the owner’s responsibility to pick up and properly dispose of their pup’s poop. Think it’s no big deal? New York City Department of Sanitation can issue their citizens a ticket of $250 for violating the law! 

     Dog waste bags are an immensely popular way of cleaning up your pup’s waste. They are portable, efficient, and easy to use. Many of these baggies are made from some form of plastic mix and claim to get the job done right. Yet, who out there has experienced messy hands because of a torn bag? Way too many. Owners are constantly searching for a durable alternative. Earth Rated Dog Bags should be your next consideration.

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About Earth Rated

     One visit to Earth Rated’s website and you immediately know how modern and passionate they are. They make one thing: dog waste removal products. This commitment has allowed the company to put all they have into making you the absolute best dog waste bags.

     Earth Rated is eco-friendly and cares about how their product may affect the environment. They want to help you and your pup reduce landfill waste that may come with using plastic baggies. Each of their product packaging and refill roll cores are made from recycled materials. When excess materials are produced in their process, they simply recycle it for future products. If any product does not meet their quality control, they are donated to shelters.

Earth Rated Product Line

     Earth Rated Dog Bags come in a variety of types, allowing you to pick which one will be best for your furbaby’s needs. As a dog owner, you may choose the Bulk Pack and keep it close to the back door. If you are a professional dog walker, you may prefer the leash dispenser with refill rolls for on-the-go convenience. As a pet store owner wishing to carry Earth Rated products, you can easily visit their wholesale option.

Product line:

  • BIO120 – 120 scented bags – 8 refill rolls
  • BIO300 – 300 scented bags – single roll
  • BIOHANDLE120 – 120 scented handle bags – no rolls
  • BULK315 – 315 scented bags – 21 refill rolls
  • BULK315UNS – 315 unscented bags – 21 refill rolls
  • COMP60 – 60 unscented compostable bags – 4 refill rolls
  • DISPGREEN – leash dispenser
  • ERSCOOPER – outdoor scooper
  • ERSTAIN32OZ – scented stain & odor remover – 32oz
  • ERSTAIN32OZUN – unscented stain & odor remover – 32oz
  • UNSCENTBIO120 – 120 unscented bags – 8 refill rolls
  • UNSCENTBIO300 – 300 unscented bags – single roll
  • Promo materials

Best Dog Poop Bags from Earth Rated

1. Standard Refill Rolls
Main Benefits:
  • most popular of Earth Rated products
  • lavender scent or unscented
  • easy to open
  • durable
  • cardboard core roller for easy pulling

     Refill Rolls from Earth Rated can be considered their standard dog waste bag. It is, by far, the most popular due to its portable size and trusted durability. These refill rolls come in a fresh lavender scent, or unscented. The lavender is mild and does a decent job at covering up the waste smell. If you are scent sensitive, we recommend purchasing the unscented Refill Rolls for best satisfaction. While many customers love the lavender scent, we recognize that not all individuals are alike.

     The Refill Rolls measure 9 x 13” and come in 120 count (8 rolls). When searching on Amazon, you can also order a larger pack of 315 count (21 rolls) if needed. Its cardboard core allows for smooth pulling, never giving you multiple bags at once. When going on walks with your furbaby, you do not want to be fumbling with a baggie (specially in the dark). These bags are amazingly easy to open and can be used with the Earth Rated Leash Dispenser for extra efficiency. You’ll be whipping bags out with one hand in no time!

     Possibly the best feature of the Earth Rated Refill Rolls is the durability. It is incredible how many customers love these bags for that very reason. Whereas other baggies tend to rip at the seams and leave you with a yucky hand, Earth Rated bags will not rip or tear. Hallelujah!

2. Leash Dispenser
Main Benefits:
  • fits Earth Rated refill rolls
  • highly portable
  • adjustable strap for attachment
  • bag hook

     To go with your nifty new Refill Rolls, make sure to pick up an Earth Rated Leash Dispenser. It is well worth the purchase! The dispenser holds one refill roll and gives you the ability to take it on the go, anywhere!

     Great innovative features of the Leash Dispenser include an adjustable strap and convenient bag hook. The adjustable, Velcro strap enables an owner to attach the Leash Dispenser to any size leash. A hook located on the back of the dispenser can hold a used baggie, securing it safely until you reach a disposal.

     It is recommended to keep the Leash Dispenser out of the rain due to the effects of water on the cardboard inner core of the Refill Roll inside. Once the cardboard soaks up water, it will no longer roll as smoothly when you pull out a bag.

3. Handle Bags
Main Benefits:
  • lavender scent or unscented
  • wider for larger poops/waste
  • handles tie to keep bag closed
  • good for those with large hands

     Earth Rated Handle Bags are a great way to go if you have trouble tying regular dog waste disposable bags. Just as the Refill Rolls, these “handy” bags (pun intended) come scented or unscented and are extremely durable. Measuring at 7 x 13”, they are a bit wider and will allow you to scoop up large sizes of waste. When you’re ready to tie up the bag, convenient handles are there to help! Easy peasy!

     Coming in 120 count, the Handle Bags are not on rolls. Unlike the Refill Rolls, these larger bags come in a box that has an opening in the back where you can grab one bag at a time. While the Handle Bags are not as portable, they are worth the purchase if you have a larger pup or larger hands.

4. Bulk Pack
Main Benefits:
  • designed like a tissue box
  • great for keeping in the home
  • holds 300 bags

     Just like pulling tissues out of the box, the Earth Rated Bulk Pack holds the next baggie up in the air for you to pull out. It holds 300 baggies, each at a measurement of 8 x 13”. Although this Bulk Pack may not be as small as the Refill Roll, it will be perfect to stick right by your back door for at-home use! Clear out that minefield of dog poop in the yard and feel safe from dirty shoes!

5. Compostable Refill Rolls
Main Benefits:
  • compostable
  • vegetable-based material
  • BPI approved
  • portable size
  • trendy white with black letters

     We LOVE Earth Rated Compostable Refill Rolls. This innovative and trendy dog waste bag is designed just like the Refill Roll, except for one major feature: it’s compostable! You will easily spot these cool waste bags by their white color and non-scent due to their vegetable-based material.

     The Compostable Refill Rolls meet ASTM D6400 guidelines and are BPI approved. The Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) is the number one biodegradable product certification program in North America. With their stamp of approval, you can feel confident in Earth Rated Compostable Refill Rolls. Simply scoop up Fido’s waste and dispose the used baggies at the municipal compost (make sure pet waste is accepted).

FYI - Biodegradable vs. Compostable

     Many dog loving families are looking for ways to better impact their environment. Green, eco-friendly, and organic pet products are on the rise and can be found practically everywhere. Earth Rated is a company that prides itself on their eco-conscious impact. You can feel satisfaction knowing that their dog waste bags are either biodegradable or compostable.

     A product is labeled as biodegradable when it will safely break down into nature and return to the environment. Paper, for example, takes 2 to 5 months to return to the earth. Astonishingly, glass bottles take 1 million years! Compostable is the same as biodegradable, except it does not include liquids. Compostable products are a form of recycling. When returned to proper landfills, microorganisms eat at the waste to break it down.  

     Earth Rated Compostable Refill Rolls are completely, and confidently, biodegradable. All other dog waste baggie products (green in color) are considered compostable. The Refill Rolls, Handle Bags, and Bulk Pack have an EPI additive that will allow them to break down in 18 to 24 months once returned to a bioreactor landfill. These landfills operate to break down organic waste.

Why we LOVE IT!

     Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags come in a variety of options, for all size pups and owner preferences. You can feel good knowing that your new baggies won’t rip or tear in your hands, thank goodness! Whether you’re out on a jog or playing in the backyard, this handy bag will never fail you. Even better, you will feel good knowing that the bag (and your dog’s doo-doo) will return to the earth safely.

     Eco-friendly dog waste baggies like these give you a fantastic opportunity to spoil your furbaby in a whole new way. As a part of your loving family, your dog deserves they own way to better treat the environment. By and large, they deserve a product that truly works.