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We all know that some dogs simply hate going to the groomer. No matter how good your groomer is, some dogs just hate the process, due to no fault of their own. It can be hard to get dogs used to grooming, and that’s why so many people are turning to home grooming. It’s not only less stressful for the dog, but it’s far more inexpensive than taking your dog to the groomer on a regular basis. We’ve reviewed some of the leading clippers out there to find the perfect clippers for your needs. From Wahl, to Andis, to bargain picks like the Eachaway clippers, we’ll help you find the perfect grooming tool for your furry friends.

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does your dog need clippers?


Dog grooming clippers are a great way to cut down the fur on long-haired dogs. Especially in the summer, clippers can be a huge help. You can easily trim your dog’s legs, around their face, or just trim down the entire coat in a matter of minutes. We would highly recommend clippers to any dog parents that need a quick way to cut down their pup’s fur. The only downside to clippers is that they can be loud and scare some pups. As long as your dog is comfortable with them and you go slowly, they’re typically a great investment.

With so many grooming tools on the market, it can be hard to figure out which tools are right for your dog. Depending on their hair length, breed, and size, different tools will be easier to use than others. If your pup has longer hair, you may want to invest in an electric shaver. They’re easy to use, and you’ll be done shaving your dog in a matter of minutes. 

Grooming your dog can be expensive at the salon, and stressful at home. Although, if you find a high quality tool, you may not hate grooming day any longer. Coming soon, we will share our top pick for electric shavers for dogs. We’ll do the searching to find the best value and the best quality product for you and your dog. You’ll love how convenient this electric shaver is, and that it’s easy to use. Anyone can groom their dog like a professional with the right tools. You can even change up their look whenever you please with interchangeable blades. Your long or short haired dog will be happy you stopped by!

what to look for in dog clippers

Before purchasing clippers, there are a few key things to look for. Many dogs are skidish around electric razors due to the noise. If you think this may be an issue, you’re going to want to invest in razors that are very quiet. If the buzz is too loud for your pup, you’ll never get any use out of them. When you begin looking at clippers, you should look for brands that target your specific breed or fur type. Some clippers will be designed specifically for hair types, and this will make the clipping process go much smoother. Lastly, choose clippers that have a comfortable weight and grip. If it’s awkward to hold, chances are, neither you nor your pup will enjoy the experience. 

If your dog has long thick fur, it may be best to look for professional grade clippers. They’ll have a higher rate per minute, and be able to quickly remove excess fur. Cheaper clippers will struggle to get through thick hair with ease. It’s also important to look for clippers that have multiple blade size adjustments. It can be difficult to predict how long you really need your dog’s coat to be if you’re not a professional; with various interchangeable tips you’ll be able to safely try out different lengths on your dog without wasting your money on a “one size fits all” product. You’ll also want to trim long hair with scissors before you begin the clipping process. 

Additionally, there are some red flags to look for – we’ve found that many cheap clippers overheat too fast. Shaving your dog will take twice as long if you have to turn the clippers off halfway through to let them cool down. Many professional clippers will note that they’ve focused on producing a product that doesn’t overheat. Take a look at the instructions and warnings; overheating clippers are not only dangerous, but prolong the process. 

top pick - wahl bravura

about wahl

Wahl is a leading brand for electric grooming tools, for both animals and people. They’re constantly innovating their technology to adjust to consumer needs. They know how to get a great close shave for men, and pay just as much attention to their canine consumers! You know you want a high quality product for your own grooming needs, and now you can provide a quality product for your pets as well. We were very impressed when we first came across Wahl. They have a variety of innovative dog grooming tools, that are just as comfortable for dogs as they are for humans. Made with the latest technology, and safest materials, you can trust any Wahl product that you choose. From shampoos, to wipes, to clippers, to grooming brushes, they have a whole line of quality products that you can use to keep your dog looking and feeling great. 


wahl bravura

Their Bravura model is one of our favorite models. Made with new lithium ion technology, it will give you the power to give your dog a professional look at home. The Bravura is easy to use due to it’s cordless ability and constant speed control. When you use these clippers you’ll notice that there’s virtually no noise or vibration. Your dog will be able to relax and let you pamper them without the distraction of noisy hard to use clippers. Unlike bulky clippers, the Wahl Bravura is only 8.8 ounces, and just 7 inches long. This allows you to have a comfortable grip, and easily trim your entire dog without having to take breaks to rest your arm. They truly did everything they could to make grooming a comfortable experience for both you and your pup. 

The Bravura’s new lithium technology allows it to be charged countless times without any loss in battery capacity. You can use it as often as you’d like, and it’ll work as well as it did on day one. The Bravura has a 60 minute running time, and takes just 90 minutes to charge fully. Its constant speed control also allows you to clip through thick hair without any mishaps or issues. 

When you order from Amazon, you’ll receive the clipper, 5 adjustable blades, #9, #10, #15, #20, and #30. You’ll also receive a storage case, and 6 plastic attachment guide combs; #1 -1/8” cut, #2 -1/4” cut, #3 -1/3” cut, #4 -1/2” cut, #6 -3/4” cut, #8 -1” cut. And of course, you’ll receive a cleaning brush, blade oil, and an instruction book. Whether you’re an expert groomer or a first time user, you’ll have all the tools you need to make sure your dog has a safe and comfortable experience. Not to mention a professional looking cut!

runner up - oster a5 turbo

about oster

Oster is another leading brand of grooming tools. Unlike a lot of pet grooming brands, they soley focus on pet grooming. This allows them to spend all of their time innovating products just for your pup!  Their products are used by vets, groomers, equine professionals, and at-home groomers just like you. Whether you’re a professional, or an amateur, Oster is a brand you can trust with your dog or cat. They have quality products that you and your dog can both feel comfortable using. 

oster a5 turbo 2

The Oster A5 Turbo 2 is a great heavy duty clipper. It has a 2 speed motor that delivers either 3000 or 4000 strokes per minute; allowing it to easily cut through even the toughest fur with ease. You can even use these clippers on livestock. Fortunately, no matter how thin or thick your dog’s coat, you can find the right blade to use with this clipper. It has a detachable A5 bade system allowing you to easily change it out. 

This clipper is comfortable for just about any dog owner to use; it weighs just 11 ounces, and is 10.5 inches long. This clipper is made in the USA, and has a 1-year warranty, so even if it turns out to be the wrong tool for your pup, you can easily return it. The A5 comes with a #10 blade, blade oil, clipper grease, a cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes. We would highly suggest this clipper for dog owners that need a simple to use, quality clipper for their grooming needs.

Grooming Kit pick - Andis UltraEdge AGC

about andis

patpet dog clippers

Andis is a professional grade brand that’s chosen more than any other brand for dog grooming. They not only have great grooming tools for dogs, they’ve excelled with horses, barbershops, and all kinds of at home grooming. They have a very focused line of dog grooming tools that are designed by experts, for experts. Andis produces grooming tools that are used in dog grooming salons all over, so you know you can trust their tools. Whether you’ve groomed your pup a thousand times, or you’re about to try for the first time, Andis is a great brand to try out. 

patpet clippers

The PatPet Dog Clippers are made with dogs in mind. They’re durable, long lasting, and you can trust that you’ll be able to groom your dog safely. These clippers are great for skittish dogs because they’re powerful, and have very low vibration and noise. When your dog feels more at ease, you’ll be able to get a cleaner cut, and you won’t have to worry about their anxiety. This dog clipper comes with a stainless steel fixed blade, a ceramic blade, four guide combs, a USB charger, a grooming guide, and everything else you’ll need to give your dog the perfect cut. These clippers can be used on any type of fur; however, if your dog’s hair is too long or thick, make sure you trim it with the scissors before you begin to clip them.

The clippers are made with a 1000mA LifePO4 rechargeable battery. You can easily charge the battery within two hours, and it will be good for 120 minutes. You’ll also receive a USB charging cable that you can use during grooming sessions if the battery dies. 

The clippers come with four guides; 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. These guides allow you to easily groom your dog, even if you’ve never tried clippers before. The kit also includes two pairs of scissors that make it easy to trim longer dog hair. We would highly suggest these clippers for dog owners grooming for the first time; they have a 20-day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty. In our opinion, they’re well worth the money. 

professional pick - Andis UltraEdge AGC

about andis

Andis is a professional grade brand that’s chosen more than any other brand for dog grooming. They not only have great grooming tools for dogs, they’ve excelled with horses, barbershops, and all kinds of at home grooming. They have a very focused line of dog grooming tools that are designed by experts, for experts. Andis produces grooming tools that are used in dog grooming salons all over, so you know you can trust their tools. Whether you’ve groomed your pup a thousand times, or you’re about to try for the first time, Andis is a great brand to try out. 

Professional Clippers

andis ultraedge agc

Professional grade clippers are ideal for dogs with long or thick hair. They’ll be able to easily and safely get rid of excess hair without hurting them or pulling their hair. The Andis Professional Clippers are quiet enough for even the most anxious dogs; they also don’t overheat nearly as fast as traditional clippers. The Andis Clippers are great for just about any breed, and with the use of scissors, you can use them on any coat length. The Andis Clippers have a detachable blade design allowing you to easily exchange blades. They also have a two-speed rotary motor that’s great for thick coats; you can trim even the longest coats with ease. 

These clippers have a 14-foot heavy-duty cord, so you can plug it in just about anywhere and move around even the largest dogs with ease. And because it’s a cool running clipper, it won’t overheat or become clogged with excessive use. The Andis comes with an UltraEdge Size 10 blade that has a special chrome finish that keeps the blade sharper longer. While this model doesn’t come with an entire kit, it’s great for people that don’t wish to purchase all of the extra gadgets that accompany a kit. We would recommend these professional clippers for both inexperienced and experienced groomers that need a superior grooming tool, especially for thick fur. 

bargain pick - eachway low noise clippers

about eachway

eachaway clippers

Eachway has a whole line of professional clippers for your dog. They have home products, sports products, and of course a whole line of phenomenal pet grooming tools. They have a variety of products specifically made to be low noise. If you have an anxious dog, they’re a great tool to use to ease your dog into the grooming process. Eachway is a very affordable brand, they give you everything you need from a clipper, without all the extras you may not want to pay for. They’re ideal for first time users for occasional grooming; especially for dogs sensitive to noise. 

eachway low noise clippers

The Eachway low noise clippers are an affordable way to take care of all of your grooming needs from home. The clippers come with an array of tools making it perfect for at home grooming. It has a cordless design that can last 70 minutes after 5 hours of charging. While this may sound like a long time to wait for a charge, considering how infrequently you’ll need to groom your pup, this should never be an issue. The set comes with 4 guide combs, stainless steel scissors, a stainless steel comb, a charging pack, a cleaning brush, and a comb attachment. The guide combs are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm. They’re skin-friendly, contour-following combs. They’ll make your grooming experience easy and comfortable. 

The clippers have a sharp titanium blade with a ceramic movable blade for easy and safe clipping. The clippers also only weigh 1.4 pounds, so you can easily hold the clippers while you’re grooming your pup comfortably. The dimensions are 1.7 inches x 6.8 inches. We would highly recommend this to any dog owners looking for an inexpensive yet safe way to groom their pets from home. You’ll receive everything you need to keep your pup looking and feeling great. 

Whether you’re a professional groomer or just tired of paying for a professional groomer, dog’s deserve the best tools. It is important to keep our dogs manicured and clean. Using the right tools and electric shaver can make your job a lot easier and help your dog look top notch!