Flea combs are great tools to diagnose fleas on pets. They make finding fleas a lot easier as they can help separate hair and pick out fleas and dirt. Flea combs are also useful for treating puppies and kittens because they can’t be put on flea treatments at a young age. However, some combs do not work as well as others and only remove a small portion of the fleas.

We are here to provide you with our top-rated flea combs that will help your pup be flea free. Not only will we show you our favorite combs but we will also give you tips and useful information about fleas and your dog. Continue reading to get all the details you will need to know to keep those annoying fleas off your furry friend.

Flea Material Found on Pets

 Adult Fleas –

Once fleas find a host they will rarely leave on their own. They will feed, mate, and lay eggs directly on your dog. The longer these fleas are on your dog the more will appear and they will continue to feed, mate, and lay eggs until they die or are removed. You will mainly find fleas on dogs near the underside areas and hindquarters.

Flea Eggs –

When adult fleas are on their host they will start to lay eggs. Those eggs will lay in the dogs haircoat. Flea eggs are wet and sticky when laid but then later dry and can easily fall from your pet. Depending on your dog’s grooming and haircoat, it can take seconds for the egg to fall onto your dog.

Flea Feces –

As a flea is feeding on an animal, they consume much more blood than they can use. When this happens, they produce a ton of feces. This can also be known as flea dirt, which is digested host blood. Once these land on your dog and dry, they will get embedded into your dog’s fur. What a lot of people don’t think of is when a dog scratches themselves the dry blood will fall off and land somewhere else.

Flea Comb Uses

There are many uses a comb can do for you and your pup. They help to diagnose flea infestations, control the fleas, and count the fleas. With the right one, you will be able to eliminate fleas or catch them before it gets too much to handle.

Finding the fleas or the feces is the best way to diagnose flea infestation. Combing your dog’s fur is the easiest and a recommended way to identify fleas. Most pet owners do not notice that their dog has fleas until they see symptoms like excess itching or scratching. When a flea comb is used, more owners will detect the fleas and feces and remove them faster than with a regular dog brush. Flea feces are a lot easier to find than the actual flea. Therefore, most pet owners will notice the feces first instead of the flea. Also, flea combs will remove eggs from pets. Flea eggs are very tiny and white. This makes it harder to detect, which is where the comb comes in handy.

Flea combs can also help control the fleas on your pup. According to FleaScience, combing for just ten minutes will remove 81.4% to 87.5% of the flea population. However, it can be different for each dog depending on their breed and hair type. Longer haired dogs can take a lot longer to remove the fleas than short haired dogs. Combing works more effectively on short haired dogs. Counting fleas can also be useful because you can tell how infested your dog is and find the right treatment for them.

Our Top 5 Rated Flea Combs

1. Safari Pet Products Safari Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth

This flea comb will effectively remove fleas and debris from any dog breed. It can also be used to detect skin and coat issues your dog may have. The most effective way to use this comb is after shampooing or using a flea powder. It has a comfortable and easy to grip handle for better usage to remove fleas or dead skin. You can buy this comb as a 1 pack or 2 pack. It is recommended to pay extra attention to a dog’s ears, neck, and tail and to dip the comb in water with mild detergent.

Key Features –
  • Suited for short haired dogs and long-haired dogs.
  • Can help prevent fleas by removing adult fleas.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Has double row of teeth to detect fleas or dry skin in early stages of dog’s life.
  • Simple and better to use than flea and tick medication.
2. SENTRY Pet Care Flea Comb for Dogs

The SENTRY Pet Care Flea Comb is used to get rid of not only fleas but also their eggs and debris. It has an easy to use handle for better detection and removal. The comb may be small (8.7 inches) but it is powerful to get rid of those annoying fleas. It works just as well on thicker haired dogs as it does thin haired dogs. Dogs will also love being combed because it has double rows of teeth for a comfortable scratch to relieve their itchiness.

Key Features –
  • Easily eliminates fleas and debris.
  • It has a comfortable grip.
  • Can be used on cats.
  • Suited for all breeds, even thick haired dogs.
3. For Your Dog Large Flea Comb

Your dog will be flea free after using this comb. It has 55 stainless steel teeth to remove fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs from their coat. It’s ideal for all breeds because it is a large comb for larger breeds with a smaller head size for smaller breeds. The small head size can also be useful for removing debris around dog’s mouth and eyes. Not only does this comb work for dogs but it can also be used on cats to remove fleas, eggs, or dry skin. This is not meant for use to remove ticks as they need to be detached in removal.

Key Features –
  • Suited for all dog hair types.
  • Has close metal pins to remove fleas from coat.
  • Comfortable grip with grooved grip for more control.
  • Can be used on small, medium, and large dogs.
4. Poodle Pet Rotatable Steel Pin Flea Comb with Handle

This comb is an essential tool for at home dog grooming. It’s big enough to be used for large dogs yet little enough to be used on little dogs. It is recommended for all types of animals and pets including cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, kittens, puppies, hamsters, ferrets, and other furry animals. It’s used by professional groomers as a safe tool to naturally remove fleas and relive itching. This flea comb will help you save money on groomer bills and make sure your pet is flea free. It’s easy to use and affordable.

Key Features –
  • Rotatable stainless-steel pins safely remove fleas hiding in pet’s skin.
  • It has a strong handle with an anti-slip grip to prevent slippery accidents at home.
  • Suitable for all pets of all sizes.
  • Crafted with super strength materials to hold up during grooming and removing fleas.
5. SONKI Pet Dog Hair Flea Comb

The SONKI Pet Dog Hair Flea Comb is a high-quality flea comb that is made with an ABS plastic handle and closely spaced metal teeth. It’s strong and durable for a safe and comfortable flea removeable for both you and your pup. This comb gets through thick fur easily to remove fleas, dirt, and eggs. It also has smooth polished rounded ends to prevent hurtful scratching even on the most sensitive skin. Not only does it remove fleas but it also increases blood circulation that will give your pet a shiny and soft coat.

Key Features –
  • Made with fine flexible pins that effectively removes debris, mites, ticks, and dandruff.
  • Reduces knots, shedding, and matting in all animals.
  • Suited for small to large dogs.
  • If not satisfied, you can replace it or issue a full refund.
  • Single row of teeth makes it easier to see what you pull out of your dog’s hair.


How to Use Flea Combs

When using a flea comb, it is important to stroke the entire length of the pet’s hair. You should start with the head and work your way backwards. Go in the same direction with every stroke and overlap strokes to make sure no area of fur is missed. Most sources suggest combing for at least 10 minutes adding 5 minutes to each flea you find. You can stop the process once a flea is not found for 5 minutes. You should be combing your pet daily with this method to ensure they will be flea free. More infestation will result in more time combing as well as longer and denser hair coats.

When disposing fleas, drop any fleas or eggs you find into a container of soapy water. Make sure the fleas are completely sunken into the water to drown them. Without the soap, fleas will not sink to the bottom. To identify if it is in fact fleas, look for tiny irregular-shaped black specs. To detect flea dirt, place the particle on white paper or fabric and moisten it with water. If it turns into a reddish color then it is flea debris. If combing your dog daily is not getting rid of fleas completely contact your local vet for more options and information on how to remove them.