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If you’ve never tried freeze dried treats before, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Freeze-dried treats are typically much healthier than typical dog treats because of their preservation process. In order to preserve the nutrients in freeze-dried treats, all of the ingredients are flash frozen and all of the moisture is removed. This means that the treats keep out bacteria without needing artificial preservatives. Freeze-dried treats are also incredibly healthy due to their high protein content and minimal ingredients.

Freeze-Dried Treats are also great for dogs with allergies on special diets. There are a variety of delicious freeze-dried treats that contain only one ingredient; pure meat. This allows them to be a nutritious and low calorie treat that just about any dog can eat. Freeze-dried treats allow your dogs to eat raw meat, which is great for their digestive system.

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are freeze dried treats healthy?

The short answer, yes! Freeze Dried treats contain just as much nutrition as raw foods and frozen dog food without all the hassle and special storage requirements. They’re full of nutrition and are arguably one of the healthiest treats you could possibly find for your dog. Freeze dried treats have the moisture dried out of them; yet are able to maintain the same nutrition as the original raw state. They often contain more wholesome nutrition than typical kibble or dog treats and are incredibly low-calorie.

Unlike traditional dog food, freeze dried treats aren’t highly processed and don’t contain any chemical preservatives which make them great for dogs with dietary restrictions or allergies. Freeze-dried treats are a healthy and inexpensive alternative to typical treats. These treats accommodate just about every diet restriction and will make a great addition to regular food. All varieties of these treats are made from the healthiest part of the liver, the center. Unlike most freeze-dried foods and treats, these treats don’t require any water before you feed them to your pups, and are pre-cut into convenient puppy sized pieces. We also love freeze dried treats because they have an incredibly long shelf life.


 Stewart Treats have been working hard to find healthy treats for dogs for the past forty years. All of their treats are all-natural, and contain human grade ingredients found right here in the USA. All of their treats are produced in USDA-inspected facilities with wholesome ingredients great for even dogs with sensitive stomachs. Fortunately, their treats are based on raw diets, which keeps your dog feeling fuller longer, and won’t add to any weight gain. We also love that all of their treats are incredibly high in protein, and easy to digest.

Stewart has two lines of delicious freeze dried treats; Pro-Treats, and Raw Naturals. The Pro-Treats are one ingredient meat liver treats packed full of protein. The Raw Naturals mix in vegetables, fruit, and all kinds of beneficial ingredients for your pup! You know your dog best, but rest assured, both lines of treats are high in protein, low in fat, and have wholesome ingredients.

stewart pro-treats

If you need a healthy, affordable, and convenient snack for your pup, we have the perfect treat for you! The Stewart Pro-Treats freeze-dried treats are one of our favorite treats; they’re a high protein, low calorie, USDA certified treat. Stewart Pro–treats are a trusted brand that has been used for training for 40 years; they’re also great as one time treats.  They come in a mess-free package, and they’re as healthy as they are tasty – the best of both worlds. These treats are perfect for dogs with allergies because they don’t contain any grains, gluten, wheat, corn, or soy. They’re made in the USA, great for dogs with dietary restrictions, and extremely nutritious, what’s not to love? These treats are available in seven flavors and a variety of conveniently sized tubs through Amazon.  

There are seven varieties available, all containing 100% high protein raw liver; beef liver, chicken liver, turkey liver, pork liver, duck liver, lamb liver, and bison liver. All seven varieties are about six calories per piece. They have different nutrient makeups because of the different liver types; the turkey liver and chicken liver have the highest percentage of protein at 85% and 70.45% respectively. The rest of the flavors have at least 50% protein and a maximum of 15% fat. A high protein, low fat treat will keep your dog feeling full with a low calorie, nutrient rich treat.

stewart raw naturals

Stewart Raw Naturals are a wholesome treat containing meat, fruit, and vegetables! All of their Raw Naturals flavors are made without any artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers; keeping them delicious and healthy for just about any dog. All of the nutritious ingredients included in these treats are blended together and freeze dried to ensure their nutritional value stays intact. The Raw Naturals are available in 3 delicious flavors; Beef With Berries and Flaxseed, Chicken With Berries and Flaxseed, and Turkey With Berries and Flaxseed. All three flavors are grain-free and very low in calories. Dogs between 10 and 30 lbs should have 1-2 treats, dogs up to 60 lbs can have 2-4, and any dog larger can have 4-6 treats.


 Wellness is a family business that we trust; from wet food, to dry food, to training treats, they truly pack all of their products with wholesome and nutrient rich ingredients. They use a unique blend of protein, probiotics, and vitamins to create nutritious treats for dogs on just about any special diet. Wellness also has a WellPet Foundation that allows them to support non-profit organizations helping organizations that help pets in need. Wellness not only helps your pup achieve a balanced diet, they also help local communities. When you purchase treats from Wellness, you can trust that you’re getting a quality product, and your money is going to a great place.

wellness core freeze dried treats

Wellness Core’s freeze dried treats contain all natural ingredients that you’re dog will love. They’re grain-free, and don’t contain any wheat, corn, soy, or artificial flavors. You can trust the protein packed ingredients; they’re made in the USA, and just like the Stewart treats, they’re single ingredient treats. You can purchase them in four flavors; boar, beef, salmon, and turkey. All four are full of protein, and great for dogs with allergies.  You’ll also be happy to hear that they’re only 3 calories per treat, making them great for overweight pups. They’re a bit more expensive than the Stewart Treats, you can purchase a 2 ounce bag for around $6. 

natures variety

natures variety

Nature’s Variety tries to provide treats for dogs that mimic their original diet; the raw diet. All of their dog food and treats contain high protein ingredients that are safe for dogs on special diets. Nature’s Variety is a great dog-loving company you can trust. They even donate meals to the Best Friend’s Animal Society. We would highly recommend trying these treats out for your pup. We love their line of Instinct oven-baked biscuits because they have raw ingredients that are easy to digest; they also have a great taste and texture that dogs love.

natures variety raw boost munchies

The Instinct Raw Boost Munchies contain 100% raw ingredients; however unlike the Wellness and Stewart treats, they also contain raw vegetables. There are 3 delicious flavors of these treats available; beef, chicken, and lamb. All three flavors are made with 100% raw ingredients, and contain less than 5 calories per bite! You can purchase convenient 4 ounce resealable bags right from Amazon. All flavors are free from wheat, corn, soy, and gluten – making them great for dogs with allergies. Each bag of treats contains 100% raw meat, in addition to wholesome ingredients that will give your dog a great balanced diet. 

All varieties of these treats have additional nutritious ingredients that are great for dogs. All three flavors have raw vegetables such as carrots, apples, butternut squash, and broccoli. We were also surprised to find out that these treats contain Salmon Oil. Salmon oil is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids; not only great for your dog’s cognitive function, but beneficial for your pup’s immune system. It’s safe to say that these treats are ideal for just about any pup, with an abundance of beneficial ingredients, and a great crunchy texture.


Purebites is a great dog loving company that we love. All of their treats are made in the USA with healthy ingredients you can trust. Their dog and cat treats also contain only 1-3 ingredients to ensure a safe and nutritious treat. They’re full of protein and nutrients dogs need to stay healthy and happy. When you purchase from Purebites you can trust the ingredients you’re feeding your dog, and they’ll love the taste too!

purebites beef liver treats

PureBites Raw Beef Liver Treats are a delicious freeze dried snack for dogs of all sizes. They contain only one high protein ingredient, 100% pure USA sourced beef liver. The freeze dry process allows these treats to have maximum flavor and freshness. Their great as training treats, and even just rewards. At only 5 calories per treat, you don’t have to feel guilty about spoiling your dog. Dogs love the crunchy texture, and pet parents love the fresh and safe ingredients used in these treats. No matter how picky you pup is, they’ll flip for these high protein treats.


TruDog is a great small family-owned company located in the USA. They started the company when they began realizing all of the unhealthy ingredients included in their own dog’s treats. The family began their research and after finding out that dogs were naturally used to raw diets, they decided to give it a try. They found that pure raw diets are hard to maintain; however, raw food that is freeze dried is not only convenient for you. but healthy for dogs. They’ve spent the last couple of years formulating delicious freeze dried treats to keep your pups healthy. 

trudog raw super treats

TruDog’s raw super treats are a delicious single ingredient treat that dogs go crazy for. All of the 100% raw contain  USA raised and harvested meat, and are freeze dried for the best possible nutritional value. Because these treats are free from grains, sugar, fillers, and chemical by-products, they’re great for dogs with allergies. The crunchy texture of these treats will also help your dog achieve healthy dental health. As your dog chews the treats will begin to scrape plaque and tartar off of their teeth.

You can purchase these delicious treats in either turkey, beef, or bison. The beef flavor contains Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, and beef liver; the turkey flavor contains turkey meat, turkey with bone, turkey heart, turkey liver, and a natural omega blend; and the bison flavor contains Bison Liver. All flavors are available in 2.5 ounce bags right from Amazon at an affordable price.



Sojos was founded in 1985, and has a whole line of raw foods safe for dogs. All of their delicious treats are 100% raw, and they’ve developed some of the healthiest raw food treats out there. They use a unique process that creates delicious raw treats without the use of heat or chemicals. Their treats are all-natural, unprocessed, and protect the natural enzymes in the raw foods. 

sojos simply raw treats

Sojos simply raw treats are contain all natural, human grade ingredients. They’re also made in the USA in small batch sizes to ensure quality and freshness. You can purchase Sojos simply raw treats in three delicious flavors; turkey, lamb, and beef.  Each flavor is a single ingredient treat made without the use of artificial preservatives or chemicals. They’re a convenient, mess-free way to feed your dog raw ingredients that are high in protein, and great for them! You can purchase a 4 ounce bag right from Amazon for a great price.