Taking Fido to the groomer to get their nails clipped can be pricey. That’s why we like to clip our dogs’ nails at home! Now, we know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to accidentally hurt my pooch because I’m not an expert. But fear not, with the right tool, you won’t have to worry about causing any pain to your pup. All of our top choices are safe, easy to use, and affordable. After all, why put your dog through the stress of visiting the groomer if you don’t have to. 

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take care of Fido's nails at home

Many dogs shake, squirm, and cry when they’re taken to the groomer to get their nails done. If you’re up for the challenge, grooming your dog at home, or at the very least, clipping their nails, is worth the hassle! No need to drive to the groomer, spend extra money, or stress your dog out. Just like you wouldn’t clip your nails at the salon every month, you don’t need to go to the grooming salon to get your dog’s nails taken care of all the time. You’ll be surprised by how calm your dog will be while you’re clipping or grinding them them, because they feel safe in your home, and with you.

trimming nails

The main reason dog owners don’t trim their dog’s nails at home? They’re afraid of accidentally clipping their dog’s quick. The quick is a the blood supply that’s inside of your dog’s nails. Unfortunately, as your dog’s nails get longer, the blood supply does as well. That’s why it’s so important to trim your dog’s nails regularly. Keeping the nail short will also keep the blood supply short, allowing you to clip your dog’s nails without bleeding. 

If you’re very nervous about trimming your dog’s nails, and you’ve never done it before, you can always take your dog to the groomer and let them demonstrate the process for you. 

all of your options

When it comes to handling your dog’s nails, you can either cut them, or grind them. For many pup parents, it comes down to their dog’s preference. Dog clippers come in two styles – guillotine, and scissor clippers. Additionally, you can try out a nail grinder for your pup. Each type has it’s pros and cons, and only you know your pup best. 

scissor clippers

Scissor Clippers of course, work much like scissors. The most popular solution, and usually the most inexpensive as well. They typically allow you to put your dog’s entire nail in between the two blades, when you squeeze the handles together, it’ll cut off the tip of your dog’s nails. 

Best For: 

  • Dogs with clipper anxiety
  • Owners looking for an inexpensive & solution
  • Breed with thin to medium nails

top pick - boshel nail clippers

Main Features: Easy to use, Stainless Steel, Safety Stop, Around $10, Comes with Nail File

The Boshel nail clippers are our top pick. They’re recommended by trainers, veterinarians, and most importantly, other users just like you! We prefer these clippers because they’re safe for your pet, easy to use, and give your dog a comfortable clip. These Boshel clippers are made with 3.5mm stainless steel blades that give you a clean, easy cut on the first try. As you can see, they also have a comfortable rubber grip to to make it easier on you. This a great clipper for all dog owners; wether you’re a professional trainer, or a beginner, you’ll find these clippers easy to use. 

We know that many dog owners are nervous about accidentally hurting their dog by nicking the quick of their nail. Fortunately, the Boshel clippers have a safety stop that will prevent this from happening. It won’t let you cut the nail too short, even if you’re an amateur. 

When you purchase this model from Amazon, you’ll receive the Boshel clipper, as well as an additional file to file down your pup’s nails when you’re finished. We highly recommend these clippers to all dog owners, they’re around $10, and we’re confident they’ll last your dog a lifetime. 

bargain pick - safari clippers

safari clippers
Main Features: Under $10, Stainless Steel, Safety Stop

The Sara Clippers are a great pick for those bargain hunters. They’re about half the price of the Boshel clippers, yet are still a quality pick. Just like Boshel, they’re stainless steel, with a comfortable rubber clip. They’re easy to use, safe, and dependable. The stainless steel blades are sharp, allowing you to make a safe, quick cut every time. Additionally, the blades lock, and they also have a safety stop; preventing you from accidentally going too far down on your pup’s nails. No matter how experienced you are, they’ll give you a safe, easy clip every time. 

Many pup parents find that their dog’s nails are pretty sharp after using this tool. We highly recommend purchasing a file for their nails to smooth down any sharp spots when you’re done. 

No matter what size dog or cat you have, these will get the job done. They’re available in two sizes, allowing you to get a good cut regardless of breed. With these nails, you can cautiously trim the tip of their nail, and work your way down until it hits the stop. And for under $10, they’re well-worth the price. However, if you’re looking for a very sharp, quality clipper that will stay sharp for years, the Boshel are a better find. 

guillotine clippers

Guillotine clippers allow you to put your dog’s nail in a hole, while a blade slices across the hole to cut off the tip of the nail. These types of clippers typically aren’t great for larger dogs or those with really thick nails. Of course, with all clippers, there’s also a chance that you could accidentally hit your dog’s quick on accident, causing a bit of pain. If your very careful, and aware of where your dog’s quick is, you’ll be fine. 

Best For:

  • Small Dogs
  • Dogs with thin nails
  • Owners that need an easy solution

Resco Clippers

guillotine clippers
Main Features: Sharp, Lifetime Warranty, Comfortable Grip

As we mentioned earlier, guillotine clippers are ideal for dogs with thinner nails. To use them, you just place your dog’s nail in the circle, and a single blade will come down to clip your dog’s nails. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to nick the quick of your dog’s nail if you’re not careful. However, if you are looking for a guillotine pair, these are a great choice! Resco is actually the brand that invented the guillotine clipper back in 1937. Since then, they’ve simply perfected the design. 

These clippers have a micro-honed replaceable blade that is sharp enough to make a clean cut every time. The blade is steel, and the handles have a comfortable grip. 

We highly recommend these clippers for anyone that’s looking for a pair of guillotine clippers. They’re fairly easy to use, have a sharp blade, and you can always replace the blade when they get too dull. 

These clippers have a chrome plate , a lifetime conditional warranty, and are priced the same as the Boshel clippers. All it comes down to is your personal preference. If you’re confident that you won’t cut your dog’s quick, and if your dog has thinner nails, this is a great buy. 


Grinders basically just grind your dog’s nails down. Imagine putting sandpaper on the tip of a drill, that’s basically the way a grinder works. Grinders are ideal for dogs that get nervous around clippers. If they can’t stand the sound of the clip, this is a great alternative. Additionally, it’s very hard to accidentally hit your dog’s quick with a grinder, eliminating some of the anxiety from you. 

Our grinder pick is nice and quiet, which will keep your dog comfortable. 

Best For:

  • Dogs with thick nails
  • Owners that don’t want to file their dogs nails after clipping
  • Dogs with clipper anxiety


Main Features: Quiet, For All Nail Types, Strong Stone, Around $20

Hertzko makes a great grinder that you can use on your pup’s nails. We love this design because it’s compact, easy to use, and safe. Of course, because it’s a grinder, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting the quick of Fido’s nail. The Hertzko grinder has three size openings that allows you to easily grind down your dog’s nails regardless of their size. Additionally, you can remove the cover altogether to expose the entire bit. 

The one downside to grinders is that the little motor can frighten some dogs. Fortunately, Hertzko’s grinder is ‘mute’; the sound is very minimal. Your dog will be able to relax, and give you the space you need to get the job done quickly, and quietly. 

This stone on this grinder won’t ever need to be replaced. It’s considered to be ‘as hard as a diamond’. Whether you have a husky, or a chihuahua, you’ll be able to get a clean trim every time. 

To charge this particular grinder, simply plug it in to a computer or the wall using the included USB chord. When the grinder is fully charged, a little blue light will appear on the side. 

We recommend this grinder to any pet parent looking for a safe and quiet alternative to clippers. This grinder is around $20, built to last a lifetime, and works on all nail types. In our opinion, it’s well worth the price. You can even use it on your feline pets!

trimming nails

Grooming your dog’s nails at home is a win/win. You save money, and your dog doesn’t have to go through the stress of letting a stranger do them. As long as you’re comfortable with the process, it’s a great solution! 

If you have any questions about the products we’ve covered here, please reach out to our team at [email protected]