Just like humans, dogs need fresh, clean water everyday. Typically, your dog’s water bowl will sit on the floor all day collecting dust, fur, and even food particles. Though your dog may not mind the mess, the water isn’t as clean as it could be. Pet water fountains are a great way to ensure your dog is always drinking the cleanest possible water. Ideally, fountains keep water moving constantly and include a filter, which works to maintain clean drinking water.  To help you provide Fido with clean water and less hassle, we’ve reviewed some of the best pet water fountains on the market. Below, you can find the perfect match for your furry friend.

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A Quick Look at The Best Pet Water Fountains

Best Overall: petsafe drinkwell ceramic fountain

Main Benefits:
  • Two levels of water flow
  • Holds 70oz. Of water
  • Ceramic material
  • Classic design

     The Petsafe Ceramic Fountain is a great way to keep your dog hydrated with cool, clean water 24/7. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your bowl frequently, or freezing the bowl overnight to keep the water nice and cold.We’re fans of this water fountain for several reasons; it’s hygienic, easy to clean, and holds plenty of fresh water. In fact, PetSafe makes an entire line of dog drinking fountains and each one has specific features for any type of dog or home. You can see all our favorite PetSafe fountains at PetSafe Dog Water Fountains Review.

Why is it the best?

     At 10.5 x 8.75 x 5.75” in size, the Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Fountain can hold 70oz. of water (8.75 cups) at a time. The best part about using a ceramic material: it keeps your dog’s drinking water cool. It specifically has an upper and a lower level, so multiple pets of different heights can easily drink at the same time. Plus, the dual free-falling streams will further add oxygen and encourage your dog to keep drinking (not to mention, the trickling water sounds pretty relaxing too!).

     The ceramic fountain uses a pump to circulate water and keep it moving constantly. Most pet water fountains have some sort of filtration system and this one is no different. Its carbon water filter will help keep that water fresh and clean. For a small price, you can replace this filter every-so-often. All of your dog’s water will pass through two filtration systems; these filers will clean out any unwanted particles, dog hairs, or bad tastes from the water.

     Typically, water fountains take around 5 or 10 minutes to clean due to all of the moving parts; fortunately, this water fountain is dishwasher safe! Just throw it on the top shelf, and you’ll be good to go. We would highly suggest this fountain for busy dog moms and dads that need clean, cool water for their dogs year round. It’s easy to use and won’t take any extra time to clean. However, since it is made from ceramic, we do not suggest this particular fountain for dogs who might be a little clumsy around their water bowls. One good slide across the floor into a wall, and you might be looking at a crack or two.

plastic pick: petsafe platinum fountain

Main Benefits:
  • Plastic material is less-likely to crack
  • Holds 168 oz. of water
  • Uses 12V
  • Dishwasher safe

     Many pet water fountains are made from sturdy plastic, which can actually be your best choice if your pup is known to be a bit clumsy. The Petsafe Platinum Fountain is our top pick for plastic-made pet drinking fountains, because it’s BPA free, and completely dishwasher safe – making it safe for your dog and easy for you to clean. Plus, it holds an incredible amount of water in it’s back tank; 168 oz. (1.3 gallons) to be exact! Specifically, the fountain measures at 15.75 x 10.5 x 10”. The water is continually filtered and replenished until the reservoir is empty.

     Its waterfall will entice your dog to hydrate more often, and the water will also stay much cooler than a typical dog bowl would.The free-falling design of this fountain not only keeps the water fresh but adds oxygen to the water as well. All of the water is continuously filtered through a replaceable carbon filter that leaves the water tasting fresh. For the benefit of all our ears, this fountain is one of the few that stays nice and quiet because of its  low voltage of 12V. However, some customers notice that if you let the water get too low you will hear the pump gurgle. This will naturally happen as your dog drinks up all the water in time. On the other hand, it helps to act as a reminder to refill the tank.

Sleek pick: pioneer pet raindrop fountain

Main Benefits:
  • Comes in ceramic or stainless steel material
  • Holds 36 oz. Of water
  • Modern, sleek design
  • Hard to accidentally tip over

     If you fall in love with today’s modern, minimalistic designs, the Pioneer Pet Fountain is right up your alley! It’s available in both ceramic and stainless steel, which gives you options in durability based on your dog’s gentle or clumsy drinking habits. Each fountain holds 60 oz. (7.5 cups) of water. In addition, the size dimensions are 13.2 x 11 x 5.2”. Both the ceramic and the stainless steel are easier to clean than other plastic fountains that you’ll find on the market because bacteria is less likely to stick to their surface.

     The sleek design of this water fountain is different from any other pet drinking fountain out there, but it also helps in a very functional way. Keeping lower to the ground and having some good weight to it, the fountain is much less likely to be tipped over. Another bonus of this bowl is that it comes in two stylish colors. You can pick a perfect color to match whatever room your dog’s water bowl is in! On the down side, you should also keep in mind that this fountain doesn’t have a holding tank to store additional water. Many other pet water fountains have reservoirs of water to replenish as your pup drinks up.

outdoor pick: Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain

Main Benefits:
  • For outdoor and indoor use
  • Deep bowl prevents splashing
  • BPA-free, UV resistant
  • 3-layer charcoal filter

     The Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain is great for both indoor and outdoor use. We highly recommend this fountain for households with multiple dogs as well. Unlike other picks, it notably has a deep bowl that will prevent leaks and splashes on your floors. The extra reservoir of water holds 3.5 gallons of water and allows it to have a constant free-falling stream of water for your pups. BPA-Free and UV resistant, the sturdy plastic material will look brand new even if it’s out in the sun all day. Especially during the summer’s warmer months, having this dog drinking fountain outside will help to keep your pup’s water cooler than normal.

      This indoor/outdoor fountain is 21 x 14.1 x 12.5”, and heavy enough to keep your dog from accidentally knocking it over while they’re drinking from it. To keep your dog’s water clean, it has two filtration systems. A large foam filter catches larger debris such as dog kibble, and the 3-layer charcoal filter removes small particles and odors. Fortunately, this particular fountain will require much less maintenance than most fountains, and of course you won’t need to wash it as often as a regular dog bowl.

dental hygiene pick: dog h20 fountain

Main Benefits:
  • Comes with dental care tablets
  • Holds 6.3 quarts of water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to put together and take apart

     The Dog H20 Fountain is not only designed to keep your dog’s water cool and fresh all day, but it also has dental hygiene benefits as well! The fountain comes with 3 tablets of Dental Care that protect against plaque and tartar buildup. It’ll fight off bad breath and allow your pup to have healthy gums and teeth. The dental tablets contain glucose oxidase, which is scientifically proven to be a cleaning and anit-bacterial agent. In addition, these Austrailian-made dental tablets are odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Of course, they’re not designed to be treats so don’t simply give it to your dog directly. Instead, pop one into the water of the drinking fountain. They very slowly dissolve into your dog’s water to give them great tasteless dental benefits.

     This fountain holds 6.3 quarts (25.2 cups) of water that’s filtered and constantly moving. If you’re curious about the size, it’s 13 x 12.1 x 7.6”. The fountain at the top ads oxygen and dental benefits into your pup’s water to keep it fresh and cool all day long. In total, it comes with 3 filters and 3 dental tabs for 3 months of crisp water for your dog. We love this fountain because it’s super quiet, reliable, and (very important) dishwasher safe. It’s one of the few out there that you can easily assemble and disassemble to clean each individual part in the dishwasher. This is excellent news for those of us who have smaller dishwashers with less room.

Fun Outdoor Pick: TrioGato’s Outdoor Dog Water Sprinkler

Main Benefits:
  • Makes drinking water fun for your dog
  • Self-activation step paddle design
  • Shoots water upwards
  • Comes with connectors for easy hose set-up
  • Water pressure adjustment capabilities

      Does your dog thoroughly enjoy catching water from the kid’s summer sprinkler? Now’s your chance to add a cool new gadget designed just for dogs! A spin-off of the dog drinking fountain is TrioGato’s Outdoor Dog Water Sprinkler. This fun contraption is meant for the outdoors; after-all, we don’t think you’ll want water shooting all over the kitchen! What is really unique about this product is that it combines fun and games with hydration.

     Although it does not have a filtration process, the act of water shooting straight up into the air activates natural aeration. You can easily help train your pup to step on its large paddle, which will then allow water to shoot up for them to nip at. You can check out the full details and in-depth review at TrioGato’s Outdoor Dog Water Sprinkler – An In-Depth Review.

About Dog Water Fountains

Pros of a Dog Water Fountain

Keeps Water Fresh and Clean

      The number one reason why a dog water fountain is an excellent choice to have in your home: clean water. Most pet drinking fountains are designed to circulate water through an ongoing filtration process, which helps clean out little bugs and dirt that may build up. Plus, as the water runs through the fountain like a waterfall, natural bubbles form and add air. This is nature’s own little trick to cleaning water and will actually make it take better for your pup.

Hydration Prevents Diseases

     Whether you have a normal dog drinking bowl or a water fountain, providing fresh water for your dog keeps them hydrated. All living creatures are mostly made up of water and when that level gets dangerously low, dehydration kicks in and creates bodily chaos. Ultimately, your pup’s kidneys use water to flush out toxins. Also, with a lack of water, your dog can easily succumb to liver disease. To find out more about dehydration in dogs, like symptoms and signs, check out our Summer Guide for Dogs. Although many of our articles cover the dangers of dehydration, this is the best spot to find the most in-depth information on the subject.

Saves Time

     Water fountains not only help your pup, but they save you time as well! With a water fountain, you won’t have to constantly refill their water bowls throughout the day or worry about  cleaning them bowls. Simply plug the fountain into the wall, and your dog will have fresh water to drink from all day. Drinking fountains stay much cleaner on their own than typical dog bowls, eliminating the need for you to constantly be cleaning the bowls out.

Keeps Picky Pups Happy

     Lord knows, there are always those picky pups who will not even touch their water if it’s dirty or has been sitting too long. As a responsible pet owner, this will lead you to constantly clean and refill their bowls in order to get them to drink enough water. Because, in the end, you know that water is important for your dog to consume. If you have one of these pups, having a dog water fountain instead of a regular bowl will be a life-saver (especially when you’re not around to manually clean their water). The fountain’s filtration and aeration process naturally cleans water on a consistent basis so that you don’t have to! As a result, your picky pooch will like the taste of their water much more.

Improves Air Quality

     Many pet owners don’t realize that dog water fountains can improve their human lives as well. Water fountains can add humidity to the air, which actually improves the air quality for you and your family. And of course, you’ll all be a lot happier if you know bacteria isn’t infesting your dog’s water bowl.

Cons of a Dog Water Fountain


     With a running filtration system and pump to circulate the water, there are multiple parts to dog water fountains that will be prone to breaking. Ceramic fountains tend to be a favorite, because the material helps keep water cold throughout the day. However, ceramic can also break into sharp pieces if that bulldozer pup of yours decides to go on a rampage. The durability might be something to watch out for, but the benefits of self-cleaning water fountains far outweigh any breaking cons. It just simply means that you can expect the possibility of cheap fountains not lasting.

Electrical Outlets

     In order for dog drinking fountains to run, they often need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Most companies that manufacture the fountains are well aware that water and electricity pose a hazard. Therefore, they make each electrical cord pretty sturdy. To be on the safe side, we suggest finding an outlet to plug the fountain into, then placing the fountain a couple feet away. That way your dog’s water is not directly in front of the outlet it’s connected to. You can also place a towel or absorbing mat under the fountain to clean up any water spills before the electrical cord ends up laying in it first!