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Training is never easy, especially potty training, but we are here to make it easier. Our favorite puppy pads are 100% leak proof to save your carpet, tile, or hardwood floors. You can purchase the exact type of training pad to fit your pet’s needs because of their extensive line. You can also choose the best size training pad for your dog and your space. These pads attract your dog, so they’ll know where to go when it’s time to use the bathroom, even if you aren’t there to guide them. They also come in large packs for a low price, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out tons of money. Training has never been so hassle-free!

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You might be surprised by how far technology has gone, even in the realm of puppy pads. You can find pads that are easy to set up, easy to dispose of, and most importantly keep your house not only clean, but smelling great! No need to put your puppy pad in a far corner to completely avoid, we’re here to test out the best puppy pads, so you don’t have to learn firsthand how cheap some of the products out there truly hare. 

We know that puppies can go through a lot of pads, so we have your wallets in mind as well! No matter what your budget, we’ll help you find the best puppy pads for the best price. We want to help you find pads that last awhile, and don’t need to be thrown away after only one use, we’ll test the products, so you don’t have to waste your money on cheap pads. From antibacterial pads, to extra absorbent, to scented pads; we’ll help you find the best product for your house. So check back with us soon to take a look at our top picks, and find out which puppy pads might work best for you and your new puppy!

top pick - top dog deluxe pads

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The Top Dog Deluxe Pads are almost 100% leak proof, and absorb more than the typical puppy pad. Naturally, these pads are a bit more expensive; but considering you may be saving your floors from disaster, they’re well worth the price in our opinion. Unlike many fabric pads, the top dog deluxe pads are made with unique carbon technology that works hard to prevent leaks. No more coming home to wet floors, and harsh smelling puppy pads that are hard to dispose of.

Carbon puppy pads are 25% thicker and 2x more absorbent than most puppy pads. Just like all great puppy pads, they have 5 layers of protection. The first layer is the unique carbon technology that not only absorbs more liquids, but also eliminates odors. The second layer is an absorbent polymer that will turn liquids into gel. This will keep your dog from tracking liquids all over the house. The third layer is cotton tissue which will help to absorb excess moisture. The forth layer is a tear resistant layer that keeps your dog from ripping the pad while they’re using it. The last layer has the plastic bottom that seals in liquids and keeps your floors clean. 

Wether you’re using the pads for senior dogs or new puppies, they’re great for sealing in leaks and giving our pup an odor-free place to use the bathroom. The carbon pads are unique because of their tear-resistant design, and ability to hold more moisture than most pads. We would highly recommend these pads for any pup parent worried about leaks and odors. These highly absorbent pads are available in two sizes, large and gigantic, to ensure your pup has ample room to go to the bathroom. Fortunately, they also have phermone attraction, which will keep your dog interested in using the pad rather than the floor. 

runner up - AmazonBasics Pet Training Pads

AmazonBasics pet training pads make potty training easy. Each pad measures 22 x 22 inches, and they have a center pad measuring 19 x 29 inches. They also have a 1.5 inch plastic border to prevent leaks. These great puppy pads are super absorbent, and will help you keep your floors nice and clean. They’re not only great for puppies, but ideal for senior dogs as well. They have a quick-dry surface, so they’re easy to dispose of whenever you need to replace them. Easily protect your floors with these great puppy pads. 

The AmazonBasics puppy pads all have 5-layers to ensure your floors are safe from leaks. The anti-steaming top layer also allows the pads to dry quickly and lock in wetness. This also allows them to reduce odor and prevent your dog from tracking all over the house. The surge layer of these pads keeps liquids away from the edges, and the sponge layer turns all liquids into gel to prevent leaks. The last two layers will keep your floors safe from leaks and keep the edges clean for easy disposal. 

You’ll also be happy to hear that these puppy pads have a built-in attractant. This will help draw your dog in so they’re urged to go on the pad rather than the floor. All you have to do is unfold the pad and put it in a safe spot with the sticky side down. Once you familiarize your pup with the new pad, you’ll be good to go.

bargain Pick - hartz home pads

Hartz is a very well known brand in the puppy pad realm. From odor eliminating pads, to ultra absorbent, you can find the right pads for your home. We like their home pads because they’re available in bulk sizes, and they’re suitable for just about any budget. You can purchase these pads in packs of either 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100, or 200. The bulk sizes allow them to sell the pads at a low price, and still offer you the best protection. 

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The Hartz Home Pads are also lavender scented, so you can have a fresh smelling home no matter where you put your puppy pad. They’re available in 3 sizes; the regular is 21″ x 21″, the XL is 30 x 21″, and the XXL is 30″ x 30″. Hartz makes the largest scented dog pads in the United States. If you’re in need of an odor free solution to big leaks, they’re the perfect pick.

These pads are made with flash-dry technology that allows liquids to be absorbed quickly. In fact, they’re made with the same safe material that are used on diapers. They have six layers of protection to ensure your dog always has a clean place to go. The first layer is a tear resistant sheet, the second is a tissue layer to help to pads keep their strong and durable material. The third and fourth layer have flash-dry technology, the fifth layer is another durable tissue and adhesive layer. Lastly, the sixth layer is the leak proof liner. 

We would highly recommend these pads for any dog owner in need of a leak-proof and affordable way to train their puppy.

Odor Eliminating Pick - All-Absorb Training Pads


The All-Absorb training pads have a quick drying surface that are safe for your floors, and will keep liquids from leaking off of the pad. These super absorbent pads can hold 3 cups of liquid as they quickly turn liquids into gel.They’re great for senior dogs, and puppies that have’t learned to go outside yet. These pads will save you time and money, and protect your floors. You can purchase these pads in a 2-pack, 30pack, 100, or 200-count. Considering their low price, we would highly suggest taking advantage of the bulk prices.

Just like the Amazonbasics pads, these All-Absorbant pads are made with 5 ultra absorbent layers. The first layer is made with cloth that allows all liquids to flow to the center of the pad quickly. The second layer is paper tissue, dog attractant, and baking soda. These three things will attract your pup to the pad, eliminate odors, and ensure everything is absorbed correctly. The third layer is made with super abosrbent polymer and fluff pulp which will create an absorbent core that turns your pup’s liquids to gels instantly. This core can hold 3 cups of liquids. The fourth layer is made with paper tissue, and the final layer is water-proof PE film, which will keep all of your floors dry.

All of these pads are  22 x 23 x 0.1 inches, the perfect size for training. Simply put the pads on the ground, introduce your pup to them, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure you use positive reenforcement to show your pup they’re doing a great job when they use the pads.

eco friendly pick - lovepets4life pads

eco friendly puppypads

If you want great protection in an environmentally friendly design, the LovePets4Life brand is a great brand to try out. They offer great absorption without harming the environment. We love these puppy pads because they have a leak-proof design that gives you piece of mind. You won’t have to worry about liquids leaking through and damaging your floors. They’re also easy to clean up. You won’t have to touch your puppy’s mess in order to dispose of the pads. Easily pick them up from their clean corners to throw away. They’re also infused with pheromones which will attract your pup to the pads, rather than the floor.

These extremely durable pads can hold up to 3 cups of liquid, and are 60cm x 80 cm, making them ideal for eve large breeds. They also have a satisfaction guarantee; if you don’t experience leak and odor free pads, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked. 

Just like most great puppy pads, these pads have 5 layers of protection. The first layer is a fast drying embossed quilt that gathers liquid into the moisture locking core preventing your pup from tracking liquids around your house. The second layer is made with durable tissue with an attractant that helps aid in training and also eliminate odors. Layer threeholds the absorbent core with super absorbent polymer able to hold 3 cups of liquids. The fourth layer has a durable tissue creating a barrier to help hold liquid in. The final layer has the 100% guaranteed leak proof material  that protects your floors and keeps all of the liquids in. 

We would highly suggest these pads for those dog parents out there that want to support the environment, and train their pups. You can purchase a 35 pack right from Amazon.

For more eco-friendly options, check out our full article on Eco-Friendly Puppy Pads.

iris puppy pad holder

Once you pick out the right puppy pad for you and your pup, you’ll probably want to invest in a holder. They make disposing of pads much easier, and even moving the pads possible. The Iris Pad Holder will work to contain messes and keep your floors squeaky clean. they have a double latch closure and non-skid rubber feet that will make sure your floors are safe, and your dog doesn’t drag the pad around. This pad holder also has a high polish finish which will make it easy to clean no matter what. Puppy pads don’t always have to be an eye sore in your house, and pad holders will help you control the space. 

The Iris pads are available in three sizes; small, regular, and extra large. The small is 19.33″L x 16.53″W x 1.18″H, the regular is 25.55″L x 18.90″W x 1.75″H, and the extra large is 25.20″L x 37.10″W x 1.73″H. All of the puppy pad holders are made in the USA, so you can trust that it will last.