Tennis balls are a staple for most dogs with households. But not all tennis balls are safe for dogs! The materials found in normal tennis balls can actually be hazardous for canines to chew one and accidentally swallow. Even worse, they will be more likely to break-down. That’s why many dog owners are turning to tennis balls specially designed for dogs. Check out some of our favorite tennis balls for dogs, and find out what makes them so great for your active pup.

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Why are dogs so obsessed with tennis balls? Well, it comes down to their natural predatory instincts. Although dogs were domesticated hundreds of years ago, these primal instincts still remain. Centuries ago, dogs had to find, chase, and kill their own food to survive. Although that’s no longer the case, we as dog owners still get to enjoy fun games of fetch with our dogs. Tennis balls are the perfect fetch toy because they bounce and roll. This mimics the movement of a wild animal that dogs would hunt in the past.

It’s important to research the best tennis balls before you choose the right one for your dog. Always make sure to supervise your dog while they play with tennis balls, because there are some potential risks. The felt on many tennis balls can hurt your dog’s teeth, and they can ingest parts of the ball if they are heavy chewers. There are tons of tennis balls on the market, so to make your shopping easier, we’ve come up with a list of the best tennis balls for dogs. Fido will be happy that you stopped by!

Pet Pizazz 3-Pack 100% Wool Dog Balls

Our top pick for tennis balls for dogs are these 100% wool dog balls. They are made of soft, 100% Merino wool which is a renewable resource. They measure slightly bigger than a normal tennis ball which is a great size for many different dog breeds.

We love that these balls are eco-friendly, all-natural, and free of chemicals. Since your dog carries these balls in their mouth, it’s important for them to be as natural as possible. They are great for playtime indoors or outdoors because they are so soft, and they bounce as well. They also come in fun, bright colors like blue, green, and red. Many intense chewers have a hard time ripping these balls apart, but some may be able to destroy them in minutes.

pet pizzaz
Main Benefits: Won't Damage Teeth, Machine Washable, Eco-Friendly


Pros: One of the main concerns with dogs and tennis balls is the damage that the felt can do to their teeth. These merino wool balls won’t damage their teeth, and will actually help to keep them clean. They are also machine washable which is a huge perk since tennis balls can often get dirty and slobbery from repeated play. Many intense chewers have a hard time ripping these balls apart.

Cons: If your dog is a heavy chewer, they may be able to chew these balls apart. They are made from 100% wool with no fillers, which is a great thing unless your pup likes to destroy their tennis balls. If destroyed, the dye may temporarily color the inside of your dog’s mouth. Although that sounds scary, but these balls are dyed with eco-friendly dye. That being said, they are not to be used as a chew toy for your pup, but a fetch toy.

Pet Pizazz 100% Wool Eco-friendly Small Dog Ball 6-Pack

You can also purchase a smaller size of these tennis balls, made for small dogs and cats. These tennis balls come in 6-pack on amazon in a pretty blue color with a swirled design. They are made with the same 100% merino wool, and they also bounce and roll well. They are all-natural, eco-friendly, and free of chemicals. The dye used for these tennis balls is completely non-toxic as well. Your extra small pup will love to play with these pint-sized tennis balls for dogs.

Kong Airdog Squeakair Tennis Balls

The Kong Squeakair balls are great if you’d like to find the perfect size tennis ball for your dog. They come in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. These balls resemble normal tennis balls with their bright yellow coloring and classic design. The distinguishing feature is the blue Squeakair logo on the front of each ball. These are great balls to play fetch with and they bounce very well. They also make a fun sqeaking sound which encourages your dog to play with them. The squeakers are covered in a rubber material and then the outer tennis ball fabric so it’s difficult for your dog to tear into. This is safer for your dog as well, because they won’t ingest the squeaker.


kong tennis balls
Main Benefits: Variety of Sizes, Bright, Squeak, Durable


Pros: These will not wear down your dog’s teeth like traditional tennis balls because of their high quality outer material. The squeaker is an added bonus in these balls, and may dogs who aren’t usually interested in tennis balls will be chasing after these in no time. The non-abrasive felt that covers these tennis balls will not damage your dog’s teeth and gums like a traditional tennis ball would.

Cons: With all dog toys, there’s a certain level of caution that has to be used. Make sure that your dog is never left alone with a Squeakair ball, especially if they are a heavy chewer. You don’t want to risk any swallowing of the tennis ball materials. If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, these aren’t as eco-friendly as the 100% merino wool tennis balls listed above.

  KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy (3 Balls)

Main Benefits: Fun Colors, Tooth-Safe, Squeak

If you’re looking for an extra-fun option, you can also purchase these birthday themed Squeakair tennis balls for dogs. Each ball features a “Happy Birthday” logo on top of the traditional Squeakair logo. They come in assorted fun colors in a 3-pack or 9-pack on Amazon. These balls have the same squeaker core covered in rubber and tooth-safe felt material. These tennis balls are the perfect gift for your dog’s birthday. You can give them as birthday and half-birthday gifts, because there’s no such thing as having too many tennis balls.

    The Dog’s Balls-Premium Dog Tennis Balls

If you love the traditional tennis ball look, these are a great upgrade from an average tennis ball. These tennis balls for dogs are thicker than normal tennis balls and made will all-natural materials. The felt used is non-toxic and non abrasive on your dog’s teeth and gums. They are perfect for games of fetch and they are compatible with all dog ball launchers which makes playing will your dog easier, and more fun for everyone. These balls bounce well, and do not squeak. Your dog will enjoy playing fetch with these tennis balls indoors and outdoors. They are a bright yellow color with The Dog’s Balls logo on the front. They come in three sizes, 1.89 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3.23 inches.

dogs balls
Main Benefits: Very Thick, Bouncy, Compatible with Launchers


Pros: They come in inexpensive 3, 6, and 12 packs on Amazon to save you money, especially if your dog goes through tennis balls quickly. It’s nice to have a stash of new tennis balls saved up for when one becomes too dirty or destroyed. The felt used for these balls is also safe for your dog’s teeth, unlike a traditional tennis ball. The smaller size is great to use as a training ball for puppies.

Cons: This could be considered a pro or a con, depending on you and your dogs preferences, but these balls don’t squeak. Squeaking toys often help to engage your dog in play, but most dogs are excited enough by non-squeaking tennis balls. If your dog is a heavy chewer, they may be able to destroy these tennis balls. Always supervise your dog during play time to ensure their safety.

  Chuckit! Tennis Balls

Designed especially for the game of fetch, these dog-friendly tennis balls are constructed as a normal tennis ball would be, where two rubber half shells are glued together to form the core, then wrapped in a felt-like material. These tennis balls however, have a thicker core than you would find on a standard, human tennis ball.  This provides added weight for throwing distance and added durability against being flattened from chewing.  These balls come in a bright orange color that makes them easier to find, but that’s actually just for your visibility, as your pup will see the ball as dark yellow in color. Chuckit! brand Tennis Balls for dogs come in sizes from Small to Extra Large.

Chuckit Balls
Main Benefits: Variety of Sizes, Thick Core, Compatible With Launchers


Pros: Chuckit! company makes an accompanying throwing arm for the Chuckit tennis balls. The worst and most discouraging part about playing fetch with your playful pooch is having to touch the slobber covered ball they return to you. Grabbing that moist, felt ball is a disgusting task you won’t have to do ever again when you purchase the Chuckit! Launcher. You will love being able to avoid all the dog slobber and your dog will love you more because you will be willing to play fetch for longer. The Chuckit Launcher can be used with any medium-sized Chuckit ball, or any ball that measures 2.5 inches. In our full article The ChuckIt! Ball launcher, you will be able to get even more insight. 

Cons: These balls should not be used as chew toys.  You will end up with small bits of orange felt all over your house, and likely in your dog’s stomach because they have ingested the felt after chewing on it excessively. If you let your dog have these balls as chew toys, you’ll end up with two halves of what used to be a tennis ball lying about your home when the ball splits at the glued seam on the core.


Chuckit! Ball

Chuckit! Ball Launcher

  Mini Dog Tennis Balls by Midlee 12-Pack

12-pack tennis balls
Main Benefits: Smaller, Great Bounce, Safe for Teeth

If you own a pint-sized pup, these tennis balls may be exactly what you’re looking for. They measure 1.5 inches in diameter and are perfect for small breed dogs. Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, and other small dogs can easily fit these balls in their mouth. They have a rubber interior and a polyester felt exterior that is safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. The Midlee logo is printed on the outside of each ball, and they are an attractive berry color.

Normal-sized tennis balls are often difficult for your small dog to grip, but the Midlee tennis balls for dogs are easy to grip. They bounce well and are great for outdoor and indoor play with your pooch. Like all tennis balls, they should be used for games of fetch and not as chew toys. You can purchase a 12-pack on Amazon for a great price for your dog, or as a gift to a doggie friend.


Pros: The Midlee Tennis Balls are the perfect ball for small breeds. It’s difficult to find a 1.5 inch ball, especially a 12-pack, aside from these balls. They also have a fun berry red color that is easy to find in the grass when using for games of fetch inside or outside. They are very sturdy for their size and they withstand a normal amount of chewing from small breed dogs.

Cons: They aren’t safe for large breeds because of their small size. If you have one small dog and one large dog, you should use extra caution to make sure your large dog doesn’t try to ingest this small ball. If your small dog is an extreme chewer, you should keep a close eye on them when playing with these balls. Most rubber dog toys are choking hazards and should not be chewed apart if your dog will ingest rubber. These tennis balls are also made in China if that’s something you like to avoid.

  large squeakair tennis ball

If you have a dog with a big bite, it might be better to purchase an extra large tennis ball for them. It’ll be easier for them to catch in their mouths, and will be the perfect size for them. This Squeakair ball is available in all sizes; XS, small, medium, large, and XL. All of their sizes are gentle on teeth and gums, and perfect for active pups. They float, squeak, and become the perfect interactive toy. We highly recommend the extra large for large breeds such as great danes. Your dog will finally have a ball that can stand their big bite!

Extra Large: 3.9″

Large: 3″

Medium: 2.5″

Small: 2″

Extra Small: 1.5″