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Although we may not ever want to, we often have to leave our dogs at home. Whether you are at work all day long or will just be gone for a few hours, our dogs get bored when we are not home. In an ideal world, we could bring our dogs everywhere. Unfortunately, that is not how the world works. Instead, our poor pups get left at home with no one to play with. But, just because we aren’t there to play with them, doesn’t mean our dogs have to be bored!

We want to introduce you to toys that will keep your dog entertained even when they are alone. Being alone does not have to equal boredom. The interactive dog toy and stands we will be discussing in this article are genius toys that keep your dog playing and happy all day long. A tired dog is a happy dog! These toys will help you and your dog in more ways than one. By entertaining your dog, the toys in this article will distract them from chewing and destroying your furniture. For all dogs and especially more active breeds, toys like the outdoor or indoor tug stands will keep them playing and exercising all day. This will help keep your dog active and healthy as well as happy. We have researched and found which toys will keep your dog entertained all day long without any help from you.

From tethered tug toys to swinging ropes and balls, this article with open your eyes to the unique interactive dog toy options there are on the market. These toys are also great for dogs in apartments that have limited outdoor accessibility during the day. Keep reading to find the perfect toy you never knew you needed! 

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The importance of play

If anyone knows how hard it is to leave your dog at home, it’s us. We understand how heartbreaking it can be to see your dog in the window as you drive away. However, we have found a simple solution that will help make the time apart a little easier! Dogs love to play and often they play best when they are playing with someone. It’s the games of keep away and tug-o-war that really get your dog’s tail wagging. Unfortunately, if we aren’t home, there is no one to play with! This can have a negative mental and physical effect on your dog. Boredom in dogs can lead to destructive chewing, roughhousing, separation anxiety, obesity, and many other negative consequences. 

interactive dog toy

The toys in this article are solutions to how to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated. You won’t have to worry about your dog destroying another couch or pillow again if you use these toys to keep your dog busy. Though you may not think your dog needs to entertained, you are probably wrong. Just because your dog sleeps all day when you’re at work doesn’t mean it’s a healthy habit. Dogs need to be active and moving to maintain a healthy weight and strong bones and joints. Consistent physical and mental engagement can prolong a dog’s life. The toys reviewed in this article are especially helpful for pet parents that have their hands full with a hyper dog.


Tumbo is a fairly new dog company that saw a hole in the market and jumped to fill it! Started in 2016, they specialize in outdoor dog toys that will wear your dog out. This is an American company that has a passion for keeping dogs entertained, exercised, and tired in unique ways! They have two dog exercise toys and also the most brilliant dog tie-out system. The tie-out system changes the game with a leash that attaches to a bungee tied between two trees. Instead of tying your dog to a stake in the ground, your dog will be attached suspended pulley system that gives them way more range of motion and is much safer. The same brilliance that encompasses their tie-out lead was used to design the two toys we know and love.

SOlo slinger dog zipline

interactive dog toy

You will never be able to bring your dog back inside after you install this toy! They will instantly fall in love with the springy, sliding, dangling motion of this unique ziplining dog toy system. The Solo Slinger Dog Zipline is the most interactive dog toy ever! It is so easy to install and should not take more than thirty minutes to set up. All the necessary equipment comes with the toy with the exception of a 5/8 wrench. Are you asking yourself if this toy will work in your backyard? If so, the answer is simple. If you have two trees or a tree and a tall pole or two tall poles or maybe even two tall fence posts then yes! This toy will work for your backyard as long as the two points are between 35 to 50 feet apart.

The Solo Slinger Dog Zipline works by having a durable toy in the middle of a bungee line that will be bounced around when your dog tries to bite and grab it. This sliding motion emulates a game of fetch and is great for dogs that love to retrieve. This interactive dog toy is perfect for average to large sized dogs. The toy itself is made out of durable materials that can withstand any weather and the strongest of dogs. The zip line can simulate the longest game of tug-o-war ever or be more like fetch depending on how your dog plays with it! The Solo Slinger will keep your dog running, jumping, and playing all day so you can come home to a nice and tired pup. 

Tumbo Tugger

The second well-designed toy from Tumbo is the Tumbo Tugger. This toy is the jack of all trades when it comes to tug toys. Unlike the Solo Slinger Zipline, the Tugger has an indoor and an outdoor option and an option for small dogs. The outdoor version is similar to the Zipline because all you need to set it up is a tree branch or pole that hangs out enough to attach the toy. It is so easy to install and simply hangs down off of the tree to offer an interactive dog toy for your precious pooch! 

Tugger uses a specially designed bungee cord system that creates the perfect amount of resistance when your dog tries to tug on the toy. When your dog released the attached toy, the bungee cords whip the toy back and up away from your dog for them to chase down. The Tugger will have your dogs running around and pulling like crazy playing with their new favorite toy. While the outdoor version is amazing, the indoor version is even more unique! If you have a smaller yet rambunctious dog, you need this toy. 

interactive dog toy

Tiny Tugger

The Tiny Tugger is similar to its outdoor counterpart except that it hangs directly from the ceiling instead of from a tree. With a specially designed bungee cord, the Tiny Tugger gives the perfect amount of resistance for small dogs and an indoor environment. The cord is also adjustable and can fit eight-foot tall or ten-foot tall ceilings. The best part about both the indoor and outdoor versions is that the attached toy is easy to remove and replace. The large dog, outside version comes with a durable rope ball toy. The smaller dog, inside version, comes with a fluffy squeaker ball. If your dog destroys the toy on the end of the bungee, all you have to do is replace the toy and the rest of the bungee system still works! 

Squishy face studio super tug

interactive tug toy

Squishy Face Studio was built on the idea of durable tug play without the safety concerns often attached to tug toys with springs. The stereotypical toy for energetic dogs is the spring tug that has a giant spring that hangs from a tree with a toy attached to it. Tug toys with springs are more likely to break and send your dog falling to the ground or have something shoot back in their face. This safety flaw is why Squishy Face Studio created the Super Tug. The Super Tug is made with marine grade bungee cords that won’t snap back at your dog if it fails. Super Tug is also designed to wrap around the trunk of a tree instead of a branch so there is no risk of your dog falling and hurting themselves. Another bonus is that it is made and tested right here in the United States. 

Super Tug was created to keep dogs entertained for much longer than we would be able to playing tug-of-war with them. This toy allows your dog to tug all day and long, even when you are not home! The Super Tug is the perfect toy for average to large sized dogs that love to tug and thrash their toys. It is important to note that some dogs were not interested in the toy unless it was higher up in the tree and hanging down a bit. Even the toy attached to the Super Tug is a durable and loved toy. The rope tug toy is soft on dogs mouths yet braided to create a strong toy that can take a beating. All around, this Super Tug is the perfect interactive dog toy to keep your dog moving and happy all day. 

Tether tug interactive dog toy

Tether Tug is an American company founded on creating solutions to dog boredom. Their solution is simple, an outdoor tug that lets your dog play all day even when you are not around. Out of all the options in this article, this Tether Tug is the easiest to set up. All you have to do is drive the metal base of the tug into a sturdy spot in your backyard and you’re done! Made out of fiberglass, the pole can bend and take a lot of tugging before it will ever snap. The tug toy at the end of the pole is made of soft yet durable cotton that your dog will try to tug away for forever. The toy is simple and cheap to replace if your dog ever “wins”.  

Tether Tug is great for smaller dogs who require a lot of exercise to calm down. There are size options all the way to an extra large (or Uber as the company calls it) but only the small and medium sizes are available right now. Unlike the other tug options in this article, the Tether Tug is easy to take down and store if the weather gets bad or any other reason. If you know your dog loves to tug and thrash their toys, this tether tug will save you and your arm some pain! 

One last thought

A lot of the toys listed above are outdoor toys. It is important for your dog to have outdoor access frequently throughout the day. This will not only discourage destructive behavior inside but will also give them the opportunity to burn off some energy in a positive way. If you do not have a dog door for your home, click here to read why you need one and get suggestions based off of our favorite options. Remember, a tired dog is a happy and healthy dog!