We know training can be tough, we’ve been there. Puppies especially struggle to listen and can make the training process seem impossible. Fortunately, there are plenty of training aids out there designed to make your training experience go as smoothly as possible. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular training aids out there to help you find the perfect products for your pooch. From potty training, to teaching your pup new tricks, we’ve got you covered!

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Door bells

training bell

Training bell’s are an easy way to prevent accidents in your house. We’ve found that this is one of the most effective ways to help your pup get outside before it’s too late. So how does it work? The first step is to train your dog to touch the bell with their nose. Tell them to touch the bell with their nose, and every time they do, make sure you reward them with a treat.

The next step is to teach your pup to ring the bell at the door they’ll use to go potty. Hang the bell near a doorway, and tell your dog to touch the bell with their nose. As soon as they touch it, give them a treat. The last step of course is to teach them that the bell will get them outdoors. Every time they touch the bell with their nose, open the door and let them outdoors

The barkOutfitters bell comes with step by step instructions to help you get the training down right for your pooch. We like this bell because it has a nice ring that won’t be irritating to listen to every time Fido has to go outside. We also prefer this type of bell because it won’t leave scratch  marks on your doors. Many bells encourage dogs to push the bell against the door to make a ringing noise, with this bell, your walls and doors are safe. It’s also very easy to install. You’ll receive two screws for installation, allowing you to mount it to to the door or wall. In our opinion this is a great way to train your puppy to get outside when it’s time to go potty.

training tether

This training tether is great for dogs that struggle with compulsion control. You can use it to teach your pup to stay, jump, and fetch. This toy also works out your pup’s mind and body at the same time. You can swing the pole around, and the attached tether will get your pup engaged. We’ve found this training pole to be great for dogs of just about any size. It’s strong enough to hold up to German Shepherds, and you can always hold it low for smaller dogs. If your pup doesn’t like the attached tether, you can also switch it out for other fun toys!

The V2 is available in two sizes. The small has a 24″ pole, and a 42″ cord. The larger option has a 36″ pole, and a 52″ cord. This makes it very easy for you to tease your pup, and get them engaged in play (or training) time. 

flirt training pole

We have found that this is a great workout for both you and your dog. The only downside being that your dog can pull the bungee cord pretty far back, and it will come snapping towards you.

Treat Pouch

treat pouch

If your dog is food motivated, the treat pouch will be a life savor. Most dogs learn new tricks and good behavior with the use of training treats. It can be hard to try to teach your dog signals, while also holding a bag of treats that they’ll want as a reward. Fortunately, this treat pouch is the perfect way to simplify training. You can clip this pouch to your belt, jacket, or pockets, making training hands free. This pouch is available in three fun colors, and is a great versatile pouch for training. 

The pouch is 7.5″ L X 6.5″ H. It has a front storage pocket with an easy flap that you can use for bags, your phone, and excess treats. The pouch has several pockets that allow you to separate your dog’s treats, and your own personal items. 

This pouch can either be worn on your hip, or carried like a bag. You’ll receive a detachable strap that adjusts up to 48″. No matter how you typically carry your dog’s treats around, this will be a great upgrade. The bag is even machine washable, and waterproof! We highly recommend this pouch for  any dog owner using treats to train their dogs. 

training whistle

Training whistles are a great way to get your dog’s attention during training times. This whistle is adjustable to multiple frequencies that you can play with to find the perfect frequency for your pooch. We love these whistles because they’re safe to use around your pup’s ears, and you won’t wear out your voice! If Fido runs too far, simply blow the whistle, rather than trying to yell loud enough for them to listen and come back.  You can use this whistle to get your dogs attention, or use it to “speak” to your pooch. You can teach them whistle commands. The various frequencies and unlimited ways to blow it make it easy to use for any command. 


pet corrector

pet corrector spray

This pet corrector works a little bit differently than traditional sprays. Rather than emitting a bad scent or taste, this can emits a hissing sound with a quick burst of hair. In this way, you can catch your dog in the act, and use the can to train them not to chew. This is a great product to use if you need help correcting more than just chewing. You can use this can to correct all kinds of bad habits; jumping, chewing, stealing food, and more. It’s completely human, and safe. All it contains is hair, helping you communicate to your dog that their behavior is wrong. 

Many pet parents have found this corrector to be a life savor. It’s safe, humane, and can be used to correct a variety of behaviors. If you have a pet with multiple behavior issues, we suggest giving this all-encompassing corrector a try.

anti-chew spray

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray is our number one pick. It’s safe, non-toxic, and affordable. Grannick’s spray has a bitter apple taste that, while not harmful to dogs, will deter them from wanting to gnaw on your stuff. This spray also discourages fur biting. Simply spray it on their paws or furs, and you’ll be able to help your pup stop chewing at their skin and fur. This spray can eliminate hot spots and keep your dog’s wounds safe from gnawing. 

This spray has non-toxic and safe ingredients that are perfect for fur, furniture, shoes, and more. It actually works, and the smell shouldn’t bug you at all! Dogs have such sensitive noses, that the little amount necessary to keep them away, won’t bother you at all. We suggest spraying your furniture and household items once a week. 

apple chew spray

training pad

puppy pad

The Top Dog Deluxe Pads are almost 100% leak proof, and absorb more than the typical puppy pad. Naturally, these pads are a bit more expensive; but considering you may be saving your floors from disaster, they’re well worth the price in our opinion. Unlike many fabric pads, the top dog deluxe pads are made with unique carbon technology that works hard to prevent leaks. No more coming home to wet floors, and harsh smelling puppy pads that are hard to dispose of.

Carbon puppy pads are 25% thicker and 2x more absorbent than most puppy pads. Just like all great puppy pads, they have 5 layers of protection. The first layer is the unique carbon technology that not only absorbs more liquids, but also eliminates odors. The second layer is an absorbent polymer that will turn liquids into gel. This will keep your dog from tracking liquids all over the house. The third layer is cotton tissue which will help to absorb excess moisture. The forth layer is a tear resistant layer that keeps your dog from ripping the pad while they’re using it. The last layer has the plastic bottom that seals in liquids and keeps your floors clean. 

training treats

Avoid the mess and the bulky packaging with these convenient training treats. Etta says peanut butter little bitz are now available in a to go canister! These treats are perfect for training and come in a mess-free handy packaging to take with you on the go. They come in an air-tight container, which is not only convenient for traveling, but also helps to keep the treats fresh.  

The can itself is only three inches tall and at only 1.3 ounces you can fit it just about anywhere you go with your pup. They also have a shelf life of 18 months so you won’t have to worry about the treats going bad before your pup gets a chance to eat them up; throw them in your car or your purse and you won’t have to worry about leaving treats at home again!

pawhut agility course

agility course

The PawHut Agility Course Kit is an easy way to bond with your pup and keep them active all year long. This kit is great for both indoor and outdoor use; it’s made with soft, safe materials that won’t hurt your pup, or damage your house. This kit includes a tunnel, a high jump, weave poles, and a square pause box. We love this agility kit because it’s lightweight, easy to set up, and can be used for dogs of all sizes. The pieces are made with durable polyester which will prevent ripping, and allow your dog to play for hours on end.