We walk our dogs several times a day, but for those with energetic pups, it may not be enough. Healthy dogs need to run, but many pet owners either can’t run or don’t like running. Similarly, were always looking for fun new adventures to spend time with our furry companions. So, how about biking with your dog? It doesn’t get much better than fresh air, exercise, and spending time with our best pals.

Riding a bike with your dog can be fun and rewarding, as long as you take the proper safety precautions with both the dog and rider in mind. If this is your first time taking your dog along for a ride, not to worry! Were here to help prepare you and your dog with safety rules, equipment, tips, and cautions for a smooth and fun journey.  

Yes, You Can Ride Your Bike with Your Dog! Here’s How.

Before you begin, take some time to allow your dog to become familiar with the bike so they don’t become scared during the ride. You can simply walk your bike up and down your driveway or around the block with your dog before getting on. Once accustomed to the bike, you can begin the adventure!

As you prepare, your dog’s energy level and health are major factors when considering the distance and pace of your bike ride. You should talk with your vet for any physical restrictions that may hold you back.

Some dogs may find it more difficult to run or possibly suffer from joint problems such as arthritis. Whether you have a highly active dog, or a not so active dog, let’s take a look at various equipment options for biking with your dog. You don’t want your pup to miss out on all the fun!

1. Dog Bike Trailer

This is a great biking equipment to have if your pup can’t run or walk for long periods of time. A dog bike trailer easily attaches to the back of your bike to carry your pup along with you. They should be big enough for your pet to sit, stand and lie down in comfortably.

What makes them even better is that most pet trailers have a protective cover for every weather condition. No more excuses! Get out there and enjoy the bonding experience with your pup, rain or shine!

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

If you want to enjoy a fun family bike ride, the InStep Sync Bike Trailer is a great accessory to bring your pup along for the adventure! The 2-in-1 canopy includes a bug screen and weather shield to protect your dog during the ride. It also features an internal harness for security and safety. The InStep comes with a coupler/hitch for an easy attachment to any adult bike and has 16” tires with molded rims for better performance and style.

Plus, the dog trailer includes a folding frame and tool free quick release wheels that easily collapse for storage and transport. With the InStep, you and your pup will love going for bike rides and spending quality time together!

Special Features:

–  Special designed canopy for protection against weather and bugs

–  Easy to attach to any adult bike

–  Holds up to 40 pounds

–  Made with durable rubber and steel

–  Trailer easily folds for storage and travel

Kinbor Pet Bicycle Trailer Dog Carrier

Second, the sturdy and durable Kinbor Pet Bicycle Trailer is lightweight and easy to pull along with you when riding your bike! This trailer includes a mesh zippered front and back window, which allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful views with you. Worried about it being too hot or rainy outside? Well you won’t have to with this pet carrier! It features a weather shield that is waterproof and it also includes a sunroof that provides a cooling shade to protect your pet from the sun.

Not only will the Kinbor Pet Bike Trailer protect your pet from the weather but it will also secure your pet for the best safety. Inside the carrier is a leash hook so they can’t fall or jump out. Plus, it’s easy to travel with and saves you space with a collapsible steel frame that is easy to assemble and fold. The best part is that this trailer can hold much more weight than most trailers with a maximum capacity of 66 pounds. Even your bigger dogs can now enjoy the adventures with you!

Special Features:

– Windproof, waterproof, protects pet from the sun

– Easy to set up or fold down for storage

– Includes a free bike hitch adaptor/connector for the axles

– Simple design that is convenient, sturdy, and durable

– Provides security and safety for all pets

2. Dog Bike Basket

 A dog bike trailer is great when biking with larger dogs, but what about puppies or smaller dogs? Using a bike basket is one such option. A dog bike basket fits perfectly to either the front of your bike on the handlebars, or behind the seat on the back rack. Some advantages of having the basket on the front is more visibility for better safety. However, the basket in the front can interfere with the steering and make it harder.

Additionally, look for baskets that have a leash or harness attachment to prevent your dog from trying to jump out. What’s cool about bike baskets is that some include storage space for toys, yummy treats, a water bottle, and leash!

Travelin K9 Dog Bike Basket Carrier 

Begin those exciting bike rides with your puppy or small dog with the Travelin K9 Dog Bike Basket Carrier. The sturdy design can carry up to 8 pounds without swaying. It features a cooling air flow through a mesh design and a 2-point chrome clasp to attach your pup’s leash for safety. Furthermore, the basket features a side water bottle holder and a side pocket to hold a leash, treats, or keys! If it’s going to be a tight fit for your pet, a larger “MAX” model is also available!

Not taking your dog with you? Well, the basket is locked in place to conveniently switch between “pet rides” and “people ride.” Securely place your keys, phone, or any other accessory you want to bring along with you!

Special Features:

– Steel mount is guaranteed to support your pet

– Quick installation in 5 easy steps

– Made in the USA

– Padded floor and mesh sides for comfort and airflow

– Reflective silver safety strip on the front and sides

– Safety leash can be adjusted for the comfort of taller dogs

Walky Dog Bike Basket

The Walky Dog Bike Basket is the ultimate way to take your small pet on a fun and rewarding bike ride! This one-of-a-kind pet basket can carry up to 15 pounds and is 15.5” wide and 10” deep. It has a quick release system that makes it easy to remove the basket in seconds. Your pet will be safe and comfortable during the ride with a padded cleanable floor board and a short leash inside that is attached to the bottom of the basket. No longer worry about your pet making a mess inside because the floor can be removed for better cleaning.

Plus, the carrier includes reflective bands for increased safety. It also includes zippered storage pockets and a mesh pocket for a water bottle. The Walky Dog Basket features a mesh cover on top of the carrier to zip your pet in. If you are planning on mounting the bracket, Amazon offers a free installation video to help you!

Special Features:

– Easy click quick release buckles

– Reflective strips, padded nylon bottom, storage pockets

– Easy to install and clean

– Increased safety with leash inside

3. Dog Leashes for Bikes

You certainly don’t want to take your pup along with you on a bike ride without a leash. However, standard leashes are not appropriate or safe for bike riding alongside your dog. Fortunately, there a ton of great leashes on the market specifically designed for bikes! These leashes are great for active dogs who need to get their energy out.

Additionally, the rigid arm and flexible leash can easily be mounted on your bike. The arm sticks out to the side with the leash attached to it. This type of set up will keep your pup from getting too close to the bike, but still be able to run about.

Head Tilt Bike Leash

We’ve talked about carriers and trailers for your pup, but what about dogs who love to run? If your dog enjoys strolling alongside your bike, The Head Tilt Bike Leash is built from high-strength stainless steel and extend out 16” to prevent any accidents or dangerous tangling. The shock-absorbing bungee leash extends 18-40 inches, which allows you to maintain control while riding while also giving your pet a relaxed and comfortable run or walk beside your bike.

Additionally, the detach system allows you to unscrew the leash hassle free and serve as a walking leash. Your pup will love going on adventures with you after installing the Head Tilt Bike Leash knowing he doesn’t have to worry about anything but having fun!

Special Features:

–  Leash keeps your dog at a safe distance from bike wheels

–  Quickly and easily detach from bike

–  Provides healthy exercise and fun!

–  Durable, and high-strength

Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash

Next, the Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash is new and improved to let you safely take your dog with on bike rides. Its built for medium to large dogs with the highest grade of high carbon steel. You won’t have to worry about rust, because the anti-corrosion treatment prevents any damage. The quick release allows you to disconnect your dog from the bike in seconds when not riding. Plus, no need for tools! All you have to do is push and lock the part in place. The internal shock-absorbing system allows any movement by your dog.

The Walky Dog Bike Leash is safe and secure and keeps your dog close to your bike for the right safe distance. If needed, this leash attachment expands further out. However, keeping your dog close to the side of your bike on a short leash prevents dogs from getting in front of the bike or behind the bike.

Special Features:

– 550-pound pull strength

– UV fade resistant and rot resistant

– Quick release to disconnect your dog from bike in seconds

– Great to train sport performance dogs

– Made with the highest grade of high carbon steel

– For medium to large dogs

4. Essential Accessories

Even if you have a bike carrier, trailer, or leash, it is essential to also have helpful accessories for your pup for a safer and happier activity. Things you may want to consider is the weather, surfaces, and your dog’s physical well-being.

SILD Dog Outdoor Jacket

Weather can be a mood kill when it comes to outdoor activities. However, why should that stop you from enjoying the great outdoors with your pup? The SILD Dog Outdoor Jacket will allow your pet to go on adventures with you even in snow, rain, or high winds. Its lightweight yet warm and waterproof. The surface of the jacket is made of coated fabric, which stops snow or rain from directly dropping on your dog’s fur. It also helps to maintain the temperature of your dog to prevent sicknesses.

It’s even great for nighttime bike rides or walks because of the reflective strip on the back for an increased visibility by not only you but others near the road! The Velcro on the vest can be used to adjust the size and is tough and easy to stick.

Special Features:

–  Cashmere fabric for warmth and comfort

–  Reflective strip for enhanced safety during walks

–  Protects dogs from rain, snow, and wind

–  Easy to put on and take off with a Velcro strip

VALFRID Dog Paw Protector Pads

Running can be rough on your dog’s paws especially on surfaces such as sidewalks and streets. That’s why the VALFRID Dog Paw Protector Pads should be your next purchase! Using hypoallergenic adhesive, high quality fabrics, and breathable texture, your dog’s paws will be ready for your next adventure. They keep your dog’s paws clean, dry, and safe from slipping or getting burned from hot pavement. Not only will they prevent harm from their paws, but they will also prevent muddy or sandy paws from going into your home or car. How awesome does that sound?

These paw pads are useful is so many ways including mobility and stability on hardwood floors, preventing scrapes and burns, and helps dogs with arthritis to help their legs from slipping out from underneath them. Just like humans need to protect their feet, dogs should too, right? Buy the VALFRID Dog Paw Protector Pads today and watch the improvements in your dog’s running and the safety of their paws!

Special Features:

–  Easy to use – remove sticker and paste it on the paw

–  Provides traction

–  24 pieces a pack, 6 sets of 4

–  Convenient for any weather for clean, dry and warm paws

–  Protects hardwood floors from mud and water