BioThane Collar

Searching for a great dog leash or collar can easily become a mind-numbing task for an owner. The material of Nylon makes most of these products but won’t stand a chance in the paws of a heavy-duty pup. If you have never heard of Biothane, we highly recommend you give in a shot. Like leather, Biothane material is undoubtedly strong. In fact, it is the choice leash and collar material for police and military training pups!

We have reviewed a multitude of leashes and collars but have yet to delve into the world of Biothane. After seeing just how fantastic it can be, we knew it was about time to give Biothane a good feature.

What is Biothane?

In essence, Biothane Coated Webbing Corporation produces a branded material called Biothane. The corporation describes their material as “a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating” that is manufactured right here in the USA. Although the product is completely synthetic, the material remains latex-free.

After creation, Biothane makes various products. One popular product includes dog leashes and collars. Biothane is favorable among the world of pets because it is highly durable, waterproof, and even weldable.

The material’s waterproof nature allows collars and leashes to remain mold and odor-free. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to clean! Simply use a bit of warm water and soap to wipe away any grime. Additionally, an owner can disinfect the product using a 10% bleach solution.

Biothane dog leashes and collars are highly practical and functional. Although they may not come in fancy designs and patterns, they will certainly outlast any other collar you have used before. For example, one dog owner left their Biothane leash fully outside through all four seasons. The product lasted two years!

To help you on your Biothane journey, we dug through customer reviews to find our favorite Biothane dog leashes and collars.

Our Top Picks

The Signature K9 Biothane Long Line

This particular long line leash is optimal for owners who prefer a longer lead with their pooch. It’s length and extreme durability produces a perfect leash for tracking dogs or owners who wish to give their furbaby more freedom.

The Signature K9 Biothane Long Line is so strong and effective that it is used by law enforcement and military grade training professionals! The leash is durable for all weather and environmental conditions. Essentially, no matter where you are, this leash will dependably guide the way. Furthermore, the material continues to maintained a good grip when wet.

Made by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania, United States, the Signature K9 Biothane Long Line leash comes in the color black. As with all Biothane material, this leash is extremely low maintenance and easy to clean. Choose from sizes: 15 feet x ¾ inch, 15 feet x 3/8 inch, 15 feet x 5/8 inch, or 33 feet x 3/8 inch. We recommend purchasing a thicker width leash if your pup is a heavy puller. Consequently, a thinner leash may burn when your strong furbaby attempts to charge ahead.

Customers suggest that the Signature K9 Biothane Long Line is a “must” for dog training. It will give your pooch a larger range of freedom, while you remain in control. If you are looking for a functional and dependable leash, we highly recommend considering this product.

JimHodgesDogTraining Gummy Dog Leash

When looking for a standard 6 foot durable dog leash, start with the JimHodgesDogTraining Gummy Dog Leash. Similar to the Signature K9 Biothane Long Line, this leash is law enforcement and military grade. Additionally, Amish craftsmen made this product in the USA.

We love this leash because it comes in ten different colors! Pick you and your pup’s perfect embellishment from: black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, or light blue. For further functionality, its sturdy brass hardware includes a classic O-ring in the handle. This provides you with a convenient spot to clip on car keys or waste baggies.

On thing to notice about the JimHodgesDogTraining Gummy Dog Leash is the logo that will come stamped on the leash. Although the logo is not shown in their product photo, some customers were displeased with its surprise appearance. Luckily, if you are unhappy with this purchase, their company offers a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

This particular leash is a great fit for any dog owner. The material will hold up to any adventure you and your pup get into, plus it is super easy to clean! Conveniently, only warm water and soap are needed to wipe off any dirt or grime.

Before purchasing, consider how wide you would like the 6 foot leash to be. Choose from ½ inch, ¾ inch, or 5/8 inch depending on the size and strength of your pooch. We recommend the ½ inch for a heavy-pulling pup.

The Educator Biothane Collar

The Educator Biothane Collar can be used as either an e-collar or standard collar. It will fit and Educator and Einstein 400, 402, 500, 502, 700, 702, 800, 802, 1200, or 1202 series e-collar receiver. If you are not familiar with e-collars, they are safe training tools for you and your dog to use.

This product is also great as a standard collar for your furbaby. The Educator Biothane Collar fits around Fido’s neck with a sturdy buckle closure. Although the manufacturer states it will fit neck sizes down to a mere 6 inches, customers have been able to easily trim it down to even smaller sizes! Choose your perfect collar thickness from 1-inch thick x 31 inches long or ¾ inch thick x 31 inches long.

The Educator Biothane Collar is not fancy but is simply designed to function well and maintain durability in all environments. For a personalized touch, you can purchase colors black, green, orange, pink, red, brown, or yellow.

The GoTags Sporting Dog Collar (with stainless steel personalized nameplate)

The GoTags Sporting Dog Collar comes with a few extra bells and whistles, making it our luxury Biothane pick! As with all Biothane materials, you can rely on this dog collar to be water proof, odor free, durable, and soft to the touch. Specifically, the GoTags Sporting Dog Collar is a favorite among hunters and sporting dogs. The bright orange color is extremely visible!

We love this collar due to its featured stainless-steel personalized nameplate. Sitting flush on the collar, it is unlike conventionally dog IDs that may cause noise out on the hunt. Upon purchase, up to four engraved lines can be personalized.

Along with a buckle closure, the GoTags Sporting Dog Collar includes a pivot ring that allows your pup to escape dangerous situations. Many owners fear that their furbaby’s collar will get caught on fences, trees, or other debris and become a choking hazard. This collar’s pivot ring ensures your pup will remain safe!

We highly recommend the GoTags Sporting Dog Collar to any adventurous owner and their pup. From the bright orange color to the genius pivot ring, this color screams outdoor necessity! Choose your optimal size from 20 inch, 22 inch, or 24inch.

Pricing Breakdown

The Signature K9 Biothane Long Line: $$ – $$$

JimHodgesDogTraining Gummy Dog Leash: $

The Educator Biothane Collar: $

The GoTags Sporting Dog Collar: $$

To Compare: Biothane vs. Leather

Leather is well known as a great material for durable and classic dog accessories. On the other hand, Biothane may just prove to be an upgrade. Both options are highly durable, but it is only Biothane that law enforcement and military training professionals trust.

To clean Biothane, only warm water and soap are necessary. In fact, some grime may simple wipe off without any problem! Additionally, you will not have to make an extra effort to dry the Biothane dog leash or collar.

Finished leather is both water and stain resistant. Like Biothane, you can simply used warm water and soap to clean it. Yet, owners will need to be careful to dry the product well. Some owners may even need to polish the leather through buffing!

Unfinished leather is truly a softer material. Consequently, it is also vulnerable to staining and absolutely not water resistant! In order to clean this fragile material, you must use saddle soap in a specific manner and then dry in a shaded area. Unfortunately, the process is more of a hassle.

In Closing

To summarize, our featured material is, in fact, a brand produced by the Biothane Coated Webbing Corporation. Dog leashes and collars made from Biothane are truly durable and will last you through many seasons to come. They are, quite honestly, an excellent option for you and your pup!

To get you started, we featured our top picks. Once you have one of these gems on hand, you will surely want to take it for a test run. Let the adventures begin!