As the weather gets colder you may be looking for a new book to curl up with. During your search, you may find yourself leaning toward something that you can relate to. Books about dragons or detectives may be fun but there is just something about reading into a character that shares your same experiences or feelings. Also, as dog lovers, anything that includes a dog is automatically 10 times better!

     To help you find that perfect book for yourself, or to gift to a friend, we have picked 10 incredible books. These books may be a mix of nonfiction and fiction but one thing they all have in common is that they include a furry best friend. So, get your laptop or kindle ready because all of these books are available on Amazon and are ready to find a home.

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10 Books Featuring Dogs - Details

A Dog’s Way Home

by: W. Bruce Cameron

     While reading this book you will be following the adventure of a dog named Bella. The adventure consists of her trying to get back to her owner after they were separated. There is only one problem, there are 400 miles of wilderness between them.

      Many of the customers who have read this book say they enjoyed reading from the dog’s perspective. In fact, so many people enjoyed this book that it made it onto the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller list. Not only that but it is also being made into a movie that will be released in 2019.

      The author behind this tale may be familiar to a few of you. W. Bruce Cameron is best known for his book A Dog’s Purpose which was also made into a movie. If you enjoyed this other story by Cameron you may end up liking this one as well!

Endal: How an extraordinary dog brought a family back from the brink

by: Allen Parton and Sandra Parton

     Allen Parton is the main character in this book and he has just lost both of his legs and much of his memory during the Gulf War. For 5 years he worked on trying to walk, talk, and write again but he made no progress with talking. Although, that all changes when he meets a Labrador puppy named Endal and he feels like he is able to start trying again.

      One detail multiple readers make clear is that they were surprised that the dog Endal does not come into the story until the second half of the book. However, do not worry the first half is anything but boring. Multiple readers say that it shows you and helps you understand everything the family and Allen had to go through.

     A very unique aspect of this book is that it is a true story. Not only that but the authors Allen and Sandra Parton are the real people from the story. This means you will be reading their story in their own words.

One Good Dog

by: Susan Wilson

      The story starts out with the main character Adam who has an amazing life and anything he could want. That is until a mysterious phone call and aggravating assistant causes him to freak out and lose it all. It may seem like the end for Adam when he is made to do community service until he meets a pitbull mix named Chance, who was raised to fight.

      An aspect of the book that multiple readers enjoyed was that the author included the human’s and the dog’s perspective. This allowed them to learn about the dog’s story and issues as well. In fact, so many people enjoyed it, it made it onto the New York Time’s best seller list.

     If you do end up enjoying this book then you may also enjoy the sequel. The author Susan Wilson has already written and released the second book called Two Good Dogs.

Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog

by: Susannah Charleson

     Inside of this book, you will follow Susannah from how she becomes a canine handler. Next, you will then follow her and her new partner a golden retriever puppy named Puzzle while they work. This work will involve searching for people like a teenage, an Alzheimer patient, and the crew of the Columbia space shuttle.

      People who have purchased and read this book praise the author for showing the background of canine handlers and their dogs. Many of them were surprised to see how much work everyone including the dogs actually do.

     The most interesting part of this book is that fact that it is nonfiction. Susannah Charleson is a canine handler in real life and Puzzle is her real puppy partner. Through this book, Charleson takes you through actual events and cases her and Puzzle were a part of.

Hello Love

by: Karen McQuestion

      Dan is having a rough time after the death of his wife. It seems like his loving dog, Anni, is the only thing keeping him together. However, one say Anni is stolen from Dan’s yard! In a parallel storyline, Andrea is trying to bounce back from a horrible divorce. She never expected to rescue a pup from an abusive owner, but her life is about to have new meaning.

     Throughout the book, Dan and Andrea seem to cross each other’s paths again and again. As Dan’s pup, Anni, makes her journey back home; these two characters are bound to intertwine.

      One thing that many readers praised the author on was the romance part of the story. They really enjoyed reading about the creation of their love story without having dirty moments. Also, with a dog included as well, everything was perfect.

      The author of this specific book is Karen McQuestion. Although, this is not the only book you will see her name attached too. She writes various books for adults, teenagers, and even children. So, if you like this one you may have to pick up another or give one to a fellow reader.

Rescuing Finley (Forever Home Book 1)

by: Dan Walsh

      When Finley’s owner passes away he finds himself in a dog shelter. Little did he know that later he would end up at a women’s prison. Also, the last thing he probably expected was to meet three different characters and have such a huge impact on all of them.

     Multiple readers took time to praise the author Dan Walsh on giving insight on PTSD and how people struggle with it. Some of them also mention that they love how the story shows the power of dogs and what they can do for people they are connected with.

     If you find yourself enjoying this book then you are in luck. The Rescuing Finley novel is the first book in a 3 part series. This means that you can keep reading on about dogs and their impact on the word and people.

Finding Gobi

by: Dion Leonard

      Dion Leonard was running in a race across the Gobi Desert when he was joined with a surprising partner. A small stray dog started to run beside Dion and they stayed together throughout the whole race. Once everything was over Dion planned to take his new partner home until the dog suddenly goes missing in a Chinese city.

      Some readers of this book agree that this true story is very sweet and heartwarming. Some even say it is amazing to see the devotion and love they have for one another even after the race is done.

     Not only is this an amazing story on its own but it is even more incredible when you learn that it is a true story. The author Dion Leonard was the real-life runner who passed paths with this new running partner and his whole life changed.

It’s Just a Dog

by: Russ Ryan

     When Charlie’s dog Pete passes away, he is heartbroken and it takes him a few months before looking to adopt again. However, once he does he finds himself loving his new pup while also being interested in a girl that works at the dog rescue. Everything changes though when Pete comes back as a ghost.

     While reading this book people who have lost a dog just like Charlie felt like they could relate to the main character. Other readers mentioned that throughout this book you will be feeling a wide range of emotions. On one page you may be laughing while on another you may be crying.

     This may have been Russ Ryan’s first book but the author has written a lot more than just this novel. In fact, he has written multiple screenplays and he was even a writer for a teen comedy.

Lost & Found (Peaks Island Book 1)

by: Jacqueline Sheehan

      It is never easy losing a spouse and when Rocky loses her husband she runs away to Peak’s Island. After moving and becoming an Animal Warden she meets a dog named Lloyd. Little did she know how helpful this dog would be in overcoming the grief and moving forward.

      A big piece of advice from readers who have already enjoyed this book is to not let the cover fool you. From the cover, it seems like a happy and fluffy read while instead, it is a deep development of characters and their experience with grief.

    After reading this novel you may be wishing there was more to the story. Thankfully the author Jacqueline Sheehan gives you just that in the second book, Picture This. With this next book, you will be able to follow Rocky along on another adventure and see what is next in store for her and Lloyd.

A Life Worth Living

by: Jennifer Probst

      From his own point of view, a dog takes readers on a trip. This journey may start at a low point in his life but it does finish with a happy ending. However, how he gets to there is an adventure that you will be able to follow along with.

     Some readers mention how they enjoy getting insight on what a dog may actually be thinking. Other readers also mention how if you are a dog lover or if you have rescued a pet it will really hit home and tug at your heartstrings.

      Before you purchase this book you should know that it is a short story covering only 12 pages. Also, this specific edition is for the Kindle only. The reason for this is because the author Jennifer Probst will be donating all the profits made from this edition to an animal shelter.