Boshel Grooming products are bound to make your busy life as a pet owner a breeze. Your dog’s hair could be curly, straight, long, short, thick or thin. With so many different mixes and breeds, the combinations of these qualities are endless (and sometime aggravating to groom). Some hair may be more tangled than others which could make you spend forever brushing through it! On the opposite end, some dogs may shed clumps with every step. To help every owner combat their dog’s specific hair type, there is a wide of variety of dog grooming products on the market. Although dog hair products are just the tip of the milk-bone! There are also exciting dog products like dog nail clippers and even dog toothbrushes.

     One of the companies at the top of the dog grooming scene is Boshel. To help you learn more about their products we go into depth about the design and benefits of each one. After reading this article you should be able to brush away all the issues you have had with grooming in the past and cut to a new chapter!

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     What makes this company so unique is the fact that the people involved are not just random staff but pet owners as well. In turn, this means that they deal with the same issues we do with our pets every day. One big issue they recognized is with grooming and how the current tools on the market are just not up to par. Instead of just dealing with these tools they decided to step up and make their own!

     The idea behind these Boshel grooming products is that they will work for every dog no matter where they live or how old they are. Today they have common grooming products like nail clippers and brushes but they also have uncommon products like a toothbrush as well. No matter how common or uncommon these products are they both were made with the same mission in mind. This mission is to make grooming easier for the owner and more enjoyable for the pet. For this company, it is all about taking care of family because that is exactly how they view their clients!



  • 3.5 millimeter thick blades
  • Cut through with just one cut
  • Stay sharp for years
  • Easy grip handles
  • Safety stop blade
  • Mini nail file included

     According to the Boshel company, this trimmer is recommended by professionals like animal trainers, veterinarians, and pet groomers. With such great features added for the benefit of the owner and the dog, it is clear why. One of these features is the powerful blades at the top. These blades are made out of stainless steel and are a total of 3.5 millimeters thick. With this thickness and the sharp edges, they are able to cut through their nails with just one cut. This, in turn, makes the process quick so you do not have to constantly fight with your dog to stay still. Also, with just needing one cut they will not lose their sharp edges for many years.

     Keeping true to their mission they made sure to make the nail trimmer easy for the pet owner to use. Surrounding the handles there is material that is easy to grip. This means that it is less likely that your hands will slide around and cause injury to yourself or your dog. Another way they prevent injury to your dog is with a safety stop blade. This safety precaution is located right between the original blades and stops you from cutting too far down the nail. Once you have finished the cutting process you may need to file down the nails so they are not so sharp.

     Thankfully, the company included a free mini nail file right in the trimmer itself. Inside of the left handle, there is a mini file that you can pull out whenever you need it. This will prevent you from losing it or leaving it out where your dog can chew on it.


  • 2 functions
  • Daily grooming brush
  • Pet hair remover
  • Easy grip handle
  • Non irritating bristles
  • Soft and flexible cloth center

     Unique is the perfect adjective to use when describing this brush since according to the Boshel company it is the first of its kind. What makes this brush so special is that it has two functions. On one side there is a bristle slicker brush and on the other, there is a pet hair remover. The brush side can be used for everyday grooming and detangling while the remover side can be used to clean up the mess on any surface. Some surfaces that the company lists are clothing, fur, car seats, flooring, and furniture. With a handle that is easy to grip and hold you will have no issues moving the remover side along these surfaces.

     It may be nice to remove all of this lost hair but do not forget to take care of the hair while it is still on your pet! The brush side of this product was created with pins that have rounded ends. With this extra touch, the bristles will not scratch and cause irritation to their skin as you groom. Not only that, but the pins are also connected to a soft cloth center that allows them to move and form around the shape of their body. This means that you will not have to get in any awkward or uncomfortable positions to reach all of their hair. With all of these great characteristics, it is no surprise that this 2 in 1 brush is recommended by professionals like animal trainers, veterinarians, and groomers.


  • 2 different scissors: 1 for body hair, 1 for sensitive areas
  • Rounded tips
  • No slip handles
  • Custom fit ring
  • Finger rest
  • Sturdy construction

     This set includes 2 different types of grooming scissors. The larger pair has smooth and long blades that are perfect for cutting fur along the body. Next, in the set, there is a smaller pair that has short micro-serrated blades that are ideal for cutting hair on places that require you to be extra careful. Examples of these areas are the paws or face. No matter which pair you choose you can feel safe knowing that you will not injure their skin with the tips of the blades. This is because at the end of each pair the company made sure to round the tips instead of keeping them sharp. However, one part that is kept sharp are the stainless steel blades allowing you to get a clean and precise cut each time.

     Also, on both of the scissors, there are handles that are covered in soft cushioned material making it easy to grip and hard to slip. Inside of these handles, there is actually a removable ring that allows you to change the fit to your liking. Although, if during the grooming process your fingers do start to become uncomfortable there is also a finger rest. This will allow you to keep grooming without any issues or pain. To keep the scissors together the sharp blades are screwed together with a screw that is not able to be removed. This will keep the blades from falling apart and allow you to keep grooming for many years and fur to come.


  • Double-sided
  • Removes tangles, knots, and mats
  • Removes loose hair
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Removes pet dander
  • Boosts blood movement
  • Silica gel handle

     The product may have a lot of teeth but we promise it does not bite! In fact, there are so many stainless steel teeth that the company had to make it double-sided. On one side of the comb, there are 9 teeth spread apart which is perfect to take on things like tangles, knots, and mats. Opposite of this side there is 17 teeth which are a lot closer together. This side is just right to go through the coat and clear out loose hair from the undercoat. There may be a lot of teeth running through their coat but since each one is rounded they will not cause any irritation to their skin or pull their hair.

     Not only do these teeth make the hair smooth and free of loose hair, they also keep the coat healthy. This is because as the teeth run along it removes pet dander and boosts blood movement in the body. No matter what your purpose for using the comb is with a handle made of silica gel your hand will not get tired as you move through the hair. This gel will actually move and change shape depending on how you hold it giving you more control. It does not matter what size your pet is or how long and thick their coat is according to the Boshel company this comb will work for everyone. It is one thing for the company to say this but since professionals like trainers, veterinarians, and pet groomers recommend this comb it looks like they agree.


  • Double-sided
  • 8.5 inch long handle
  • Angled brush heads
  • Additional finger brush
  • Takes off plague
  • Deters gum and teeth issues

     Just like there are different sized dogs there are different sized teeth. Thankfully, to help you brush any size with ease the toothbrush is double-sided. On one side there is a larger brush coming in at 1 inch while on the other side there is a smaller one measuring 0.5 inches. In between both of these sides is a handle that is 8.5 inches long allowing you to reach the teeth hiding in the back. Since teeth have a front and back it is important to get both sides clean. To make sure you can do that with ease the company angled their brush heads just right so you can fully cover both sides. In addition to receiving two of these double-sided toothbrushes, you will also receive a finger brush that will help you clean the gum line for left behind food or stubborn plaque.

     You may be wondering why you would ever need a toothbrush for your dog. Other than giving them a fun treat with bacon flavored toothpaste there is actually multiple health benefits. For example, a toothbrush will take off the plaque that overtime can harden and create tartar. If you used a toothbrush on your dog every day it could actually deter teeth and gum issues. Not only that but it will also freshen their breath which is always a big plus.

Do not use a Human tooth brush

     Regular toothbrushes may be able to help you with some of these things but they are made for human teeth. The Boshell brushes have a specific design that is just right to fully clean their teeth and in turn receive all these benefits. In fact, according to the company, vets recommend  these brushes because of their design.