Bringing your pup into a new house can mean one of two things. Either you are adopting a brand new furbaby and they are about to enter their new home, or you are moving locations with your existing dog. Both scenarios require different factors every owner should consider. Lord knows how stressful moving can be on you; imagine how you dog must feel. By planning and knowing how you and your family will tackle a new home for you pup, you are providing a smooth transition. Less hassle and less doggie anxiety!

     There are loads of things to consider when transitioning a dog to a new house, but we wanted to take a look at the core elements you just shouldn’t ignore. Reducing anxiety is the biggest factor to be aware of. Second is your dog’s safety. In the end, we landed on three products that will be the most beneficial during you and your pup’s transition into a new house.

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Product Overview – Must Haves for Bringing Fido into a new Home

1. Door Buddy Door Strap

     This nifty little invention will help your dog stay clear of certain rooms in the home. When bringing home a new pup or moving to a new house, it might be a good idea to set limits in the home. Maybe you want Fido to stay clear of the baby’s room or maybe a home office full of expensive tech products? This strap allows you (or the cat) to enter through the doorway, while keeping the dog at bay. For product details, continue reading below.

2. Fruitables Dog Treats

     These dog treats go above and beyond any normal treats and you won’t regret getting a bag or two. Each little biscuit is under 9 calories, so they won’t cause your pup to gain weight between meals like many other snacks do. The Fruitables Dog Treats are natural, USA sourced, USA manufactured, and produced in a USDA certified organic bakery. Rewarding your dog for good behavior during the transition to a new home will help reinforce great training. For more information and healthy flavors, read below.

3. Sounds for Hounds Noise Therapy

     This product is a truly unique method of reducing phobias and anxiety in your dog. Especially when coming into a new house or moving locations, there can be lots of unfamiliar noises for your dog. The Sounds For Hounds Noise Therapy gives you an all-natural, medication-free option for getting Fido accustom to all sorts of noises and getting rid of anxieties. For more information, continue reading below.

Key Information for Bringing your Dog into a New Home

    When bringing a dog into a new home, there are two scenarios to consider. The first is adopting a new dog. This situation moves a pup from a shelter or previous home into your home. The second is when you and your existing pup move locations into a new home together. While you have an established bond at this point, moving to a new location is still disruptive. Both situations are unique.

1. When Adopting a New Dog

     Adopting a new pup is an extremely exciting experience for everyone involved. Not only is your family over-the-moon to have a new, fun addition to the household, but your new dog instantly knows their life is about to be exponentially better. In particular, if you are adopting a shelter pup, their life will be saved!

First Steps

     Before bringing your pup home, we highly recommended considering two elements for both safety and a smooth transition. First, take a good walk through of the house and yard to spot any hazardous areas for your dog. Everything from the good china to expensive tech equipment need to the prepped for the dog’s arrival. No matter what size yard you have, it is always a good idea to install a fence, playpen, or electric dog fence. These methods help keep your new dog close and out of trouble. For more ideas, check out our favorite dog yard products:

     The second element you need to consider is making a list and purchasing needed dog products. While you don’t need to get fancy yet, some products are essentials for having any dog in the home. Make sure you are equipped with:

  1. Food and water bowl
  2. Collar and leash
  3. Fenced outdoor area or space to take leashed walks
  4. 2 chew toys to satisfy natural chew cravings
  5. 1 interactive toy to inspire exercise during playtime
  6. Dog bed, blanket, or area for relaxing
Second Steps

     Once the big day arrives and Fido is entering their new forever-home, the air will be filled with excitement and love. However, it’s not time to sit back and relax quite yet! Your adorable, bouncing pup is going to be bombarded with strange people, new scents, and perplexing noises. All of which, when combined, is the perfect recipe for dog anxiety. To help ease their tension, take your furbaby on a calm walk-through of their new home and yard. Take your time and let them sniff everything out. Additionally, you can use healthy treats and fun toys as positive reinforcement.

     Next, write out a standard dog routine and post in somewhere for the whole family to see. By implementing a daily routine from the get-go, you are giving your dog a solid foundation and sense of stability. Just like us humans, dogs will thrive when a routine is followed. This way, they feel calm knowing what to expect. For examples of a basic dog routine, click here.

Third Steps

     At this point, it’s been a couple of days and your dog is settling in. Their true personality is starting to shine as they get more and more comfortable around the house. However, this also means their bad habits are becoming noticeable. Especially after a life-changing event like moving homes, dogs tend to get shaken up and their anxieties can come through in bad behaviors. But, don’t panic because this is very common and only natural!

     The best course of action is to take some time and observe these possible bad behaviors. There’s no need to jump-the-gun and pay for an expensive dog-obedience class. You are more than equipped to handle the situation on your own; it just takes a bit of patience (and training treats)! During your observations, you may find that Fido’s bad behavior includes chewing household products, excessive hole digging, paw licking, constant barking, or more.

     Dog chew toys and interactive dog toys are your best friend for this. Try providing 3 or 4 different chew toys with interesting textures. When your pup realizes these toys are perfectly fine to chew on (and not the furniture), their natural chewing habit will become positive. Furthermore, 2 or 3 unique interactive or educational dog toys will help get out all their excess energy. No more bored pup! For our favorite dog chew toys and interactive dog toys, check out these articles:

2. When Moving with Your Dog into a New Home

     Did you know that moving is considered the third most stressful event for individuals to experience? If it’s already extremely stressful for us humans, imagine what your dog must endure along the way. New scents, new noises and, not to mention, a huge disruption in daily routine! Taking precautions to reduce your pup’s anxiety will ultimately help reduce your anxiety as well.

First Steps

     Before moving day, there are two main steps you should take in consideration of your furry friend. First, take the time to check out your new location for any doggie hazards. Your new yard may need a fencing option to keep Fido close and safe. Or maybe there’s a backyard pool to prevent them from falling into? Do the new neighbors have pets too? If anything throws up a red flag, make a note to fix it or take preventative measures before moving day (if you can).

     Next, make a pit stop at the new home and bring your pup along. If possible, take a slow walk-through with your dog and let them sniff until their heart’s content. This will be the first interaction your furbaby will have with the new location, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. Bring along their favorite treats to use as positive reinforcement at every moment possible during the walk-through. Once you make it to the yard, take notice to any specific spots your dog seems particularly interested in. There, in fact, may be an animal hiding there and you should know about this before moving day.

     Finally, while you’re waiting for the big day to arrive, take a moment to search for any nearby walking areas or dog-friendly parks at your new location. In a pinch, these can be your go-to spots for nice, safe dog walks or extra dog exercise. For extra, in-depth information on preparing to move with your pup, click here.

Second Steps

     Moving day was yesterday and you are relieved it’s finally over. However, boxes and boxes still loom around, just waiting to be unpacked. More than likely, you took off work in anticipation for getting everything settled. This is the perfect time to transition your dog’s daily routine as well. Don’t let it fall to the wayside while you’re knee-deep in kitchen utensils and movie collections!

     More than likely, your dog is already used to their daily routine. However, a new space and new noises is going to throw a wrench in it. Expect each element to take longer than usual as your pup gets used to the new environment. Yummy, healthy training treats will become your new best friend (especially when trying to get Fido back inside).

     Next, take a couple minutes to set up a special space for your dog. During the stressors of moving and unpacking, their own special space will become a sort of “home-base” for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. This space can have their dog bed, dog blanket, snuggly soft toys, or favorite chews at the ready. For an extra-special touch, we recommend checking into a dog tee-pee. For more information on our favorite dog teepees, click here.

Product Details – Must Haves for Bringing Fido into a New Home

1. Door Buddy Door Strap
Main Benefits:
  • Keeps dog out of room, but lets you and your cat in
  • Easy to install and use
  • No tools necessary
  • Sets boundaries for dog in home

     The Door Buddy Door Strap will become your best friend when it comes to setting doggie boundaries within the home. It features two anchoring ends and a durable, adjustable strap. Simply adhere one end to the door frame and the other to the door’s edge. Try and let it cure for about 24 hours before using it too heavily.

     The strap’s main purpose it to easily allow you and your feline friends through a doorway while keeping the dog out. It leaves enough room for your cat to slip through and use a litter box. For us humans to get through, just unlock the latch.

     The product is best used for pups from 12 to 120lbs. Unfortunately, if your dog is too small, they may be able to slip through just like a cat will. Plus, if your have an aggressively-strong dog on your hands, they will be able to break the strap. This is why we recommend the Door Buddy Door Strap for standards dogs needing some boundaries. It will come in handy when training a new dog to steer clear of certain areas. For further information on this product, check out our article Door Buddy Door Strap.

2. Fruitables Dog Treats
Main Benefits:
  • Under 9 calories each
  • Small enough for training treats
  • No corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, artificial ingredients, or preservatives
  • High in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins
  • USA sourced and USA manufactured
  • Produced in USDA certified organic bakery

     Trying to bring in a new dog or move with your existing dog will not go smoothly if you don’t have a couple of training treats on hand. At every turn, you will find yourself needing positive reinforcement and healthy treats are the way to go! We have always been huge fans of Fruitables Dog Treats because they have everything you could ever want and none of the bad stuff.

     Each bag has about 90 treats and each treat is only 9 calories. Therefore, your dog won’t gain weight with these training treats. Some of the flavors include: pumpkin & apple, pumpkin & banana, pumpkin & blueberry, pumpkin & cranberry, sweet potato & pecan, bacon & apple. The main ingredient, pumpkin, has loads of proven benefits for your dog. For more in-depth info on Fruitables Dog Treats, check out our article Fruitable Dog Treats.

Sweet Potato & Pecan

Crispy Bacon & Apple

Greek Vanilla Yogurt

Greek Coconut Yogurt

Greek Strawberry Yogurt

Pumpkin & Cranberry

Pumpkin & Apple

Pumpkin & Banana

Pumpkin & Blueberry

3. Sounds for Hounds Noise Therapy
Main Benefits:
  • Natural way to reduce dog anxiety through exposure
  • Good for puppies
  • Helps training through positive association
  • Includes many sounds from around the house, livestock and pets, people, and transport
  • Easy MP3 download available

     Sounds for Hounds Noise Therapy is a disc set that also comes in an MP3 download version at a cheaper price. It has a variety of sound clips; everything from sirens to pig oinks. The purpose is the help prevent or reduce your pup’s anxieties through exposure. Instead of simply turning on the sounds and leaving the room, you will want to make sure the volume is comfortable and give treats or toys as positive reinforcements. This is extremely useful when moving to a new location. If you know your new home will be near a hospital, exposing your dog to those new sounds before hand will get them prepared.

     Furthermore, some dogs will get anxious when everyone leaves the house and they are left in the quiet. By turning on the people sound clips from the disc, you will give Fido some much needed background noise. Hearing the chatter of humans may help ease their tension of being left home alone. To learn more about Sounds For Hounds Noise Therapy and its sound clips, check out our article Sound for Hounds.