If you are in search of an organic, 100% natural product for your dog, you’ve come to the right place. We have found an organic dog chew that is worth your while: Buck Bone Organics Premium Antler Dog Chew. It can be overwhelming to find the best chews for your dog, especially with the amount of options on the market. With Buck Bone Organics, you are getting an organic elk or deer antler for Fido to gnaw on, which brings plenty of benefits for their health and behavior. After doing our research, we’ve come to be fans of this antler chew and think you will be too.

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These antlers are a natural way for your dog to develop positive chewing habits. They were shed by either deer or elk in the wild, then cut and sanded by Buck Bone Organics. When it comes to owning a pup, chews are an essential toy to have. Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, and the Premium Antler Dog Chews satisfy those urges. To meet the needs of every canine friend, the company provides size variations of each antler:

Medium (4.5-6″) or Large (6-8″) Deer Antler

Medium (5-7″) Elk Antler                                   

Large (6-8″) Elk Antler                                        

Jumbo (8-10″) Elk Antler

Main Benefits
  • Organic
  • No mess or odors
  • No preservatives
  • Reduces boredom
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • Made in the USA



Factually speaking, organic products are created without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or anything artificial. Over time, the organic food trend has been rapidly expanding among not only human food, but pet food as well. Some people are skeptical about giving their dogs organic products, because they tend to cost more and figure a pup won’t know the difference. 

So, what is so great about organic dog products? Well, they don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, which can assure you that your dog is using a safe item. When a product is organic, you’ll probably be able to pronounce every ingredient and not have to worry about your dog ingesting chemicals. Ultimately, choosing an organic product for your furry friend will bring you peace of mind, a benefit that is priceless as a pet parent.

As we’ve explained, organic products ensure the safety of your pet. It’s always important to look into what a dog toy is made out of, especially when they will be putting it in their mouth. For this dog chew, you are getting an all-natural, organic antler. Your pup can gnaw on this for hours, while you stay worry-free.

If you aren’t too concerned with organics, but still want a high-quality dog chew, check out our Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Review.


Some dog chew toys can create a mess in your home. For example, nylon toys can break into little shards. Although we are fans of the durability of nylon, it is not the material for everyone. Luckily, this antler dog chew doesn’t create a mess. In addition, there are no displeasing odors that come along with this toy. Some rubber toys give off a chemical smell, which is unappealing to not only you, but even your dog. Since these antlers are all-natural and have been sanded, you won’t have to bring any unappealing smells into your home.


Just like humans, dogs can experience boredom as well. Some destructive, unwanted acts can be seen as “bad” behavior, but your pup might just be bored. As a responsible pet owner, you know keeping your dog’s mind and body active is important for their health. Dog’s need plenty of activities and exercise to release their energy, or else it can lead to these unwanted behaviors.  Some signs that your dog may be bored include:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging
  • Pacing
  • Getting into things (like the trash)
  • Depression

By providing your dog with a chew toy, it can help reduce these worrisome behaviors. A chew toy encourages their natural instinct to chew, so they won’t turn to your shoes instead. With the use of these antlers, your pup will be too focused on it to look elsewhere for entertainment.


In addition to giving your dog a healthy activity, these elk and deer antlers also provide a dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, it’s a natural source of these beneficial health compounds. The antler provides the following vitamins and minerals:

Calcium: As many people know, calcium keeps our bones strong and healthy. Along with being great for bone health, it also is benefits your dog’s teeth, nails, and coat. Calcium cannot be created within your pup’s body, so it is important they receive it in their diet (or in an antler chew!)

Phosphorus: Similar to calcium, phosphorus is also vital for maintaining healthy bones. Also, it supports the function of your dog’s kidneys. Kidney function is needed for flushing toxins out of your dog’s body, which is why phosphorus is so important.

Chondroitin and Glucosamine: These are both compounds that are naturally found in cartilage, which is needed for joint health. Many dogs suffer from joint problems, such as arthritis. To prevent and treat joint issues, providing your dog with a source of chondroitin and glucosamine will be your best bet.


Nothing is worse than wasting your money on a product that ends up not being a good fit for Fido. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that with Buck Bone Organics. They allow their customers to return a product for a full refund if they are for any reason unhappy with it. This proves their dedication to customer service, which is great to find in a company. In the end, they want their customers to be happy with their purchase.


After many chew sessions, the antler will wear down into a smaller size. Once it becomes small enough to fit inside of your dog’s mouth, that is when you need to throw it away. Size is an important factor when it comes to dog toys. You never want a toy to be too small, because it can become a choking hazard. Yikes! Trust us, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


A drawback of purchasing an all-natural antler is that they won’t all look the same. Even if you are purchasing the same exact product as you did in the past, the size and density may vary. This is a sacrifice you have to make when buying a organic antler, because they are not made in a factory for identical shapes. Each antler is hand-cut, so the sizes will be pretty accurate, but might not look the same every time you receive a new chew. This is not a deal breaker; we just want you to be aware before making your purchase.

Is this chew toy right for my dog?

We know you hold your pup near and dear to your heart, so you are always trying to find the best products for them. Each dog is different, with unique needs that vary depending on their size, breed, age, and more. These natural antlers will especially be beneficial if you have been finding Fido chewing on your shoes, couch, or other household items. A chew toy will redirect their chewing habits to a safe item, keeping your belongings away from their bite.

If you have a young puppy on your hands or a senior dog with brittle teeth, this may not be the best choice for them. Puppies who are teething need softer chew toys, which you can find more of in our Nylabone Puppy Teething Toys Review. Older dogs don’t have the strongest of teeth, so you should look into softer materials than an antler. After all, no one wants a trip to the dentist.

Value in Your Purchase

Compared to other chew toys on the market, we consider this to be more of a premium product. After all, the title of it is Premium Antler Dog Chew. When purchasing an organic dog product, you’re usually going to spend a little more. However, the quality will meet the dollar value. Considering all of the benefits this antler provides, it will be worth a try. Plus, you can return it for a refund if you are unsatisfied. 

ABout The Company: Buck Bone Organics

The key aspect of this company is right in the title: organics. All of their products are 100% natural and organic to provide your dog with the best treats and chews. Along with being an organic company, they are also a family-run business that makes and sources their products in the USA. So rest assured, you are getting a product sourced close by and made by a hard-working family.

You might be wondering, “How do they obtain and sell these antlers?” First of all, no animal is harmed in the process, because animal integrity is an important concern of this company. Elk and deer naturally shed their antlers, and the Buck Bone Organics team makes use of this natural resource. Once they collect the antlers, their team cuts and sands them to provide customers with a high-quality chew their dog will love. When you make a purchase from this company, you are supporting people who believe in hard work, customer satisfaction, and the importance of organics.


Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of our article! Now that you’ve read the most important things to know about the Buck Bone Organics Premium Antler Dog Chews, you can make an educated buying decision. We hope you found this article helpful, and wish you the best of luck in your search for high-quality products for your furry friend.