California Mutts Custom Dog ID Tag Review

Why Do I Need A Dog Tag?

One of the very first things you need to buy for your dog is a dog collar and dog tag. Dog tags are absolutely necessary because they identify your dog, and may potentially prevent a devastating loss. Most city councils require dog tags, so you’ll need to purchase one right away. They are a simple, effective, and inexpensive way to protect your dog. Your dog should even wear their dog tag when they are inside the house, just in case they run outside. The sound of a dog tag jingling will also allow you to keep track of your dog while they are walking around the house so you know their whereabouts.

California Mutts Custom Dog ID Tag (1-Inch and Standard)

California Mutts is an independent pet tag creator based in Austin, Texas. This small team of dog enthusiasts have offered up a stylish, unique pet tag that is American-handmade with love and consideration. California Mutts pet tags are a great ID tag for any owner looking for a durable, unique, and customizable dog tag. Unlike larger pet corporations, this company has a genuine sense of artistry and care that shows in their beautiful pet tags.



As far as design goes, the customizability of these tags is staggering. Amazon currently has 131 different combinations of tag model and design! There truly is no way to describe all the different designs that California Mutts has created for these tags. Technicolor stripes, polka dots, abstract shapes and lines, flowers, kaleidoscope-style designs: they have just about anything you can imagine. All these little bits of art are handmade with great artistic taste and consideration. They are all very pleasing to the eye, whether you choose a bright, showy design, or a more modest design.

California Mutts tags are currently available in 1-Inch and Standard sizes on Amazon. The 1-Inch model is a perfect option for smaller breeds of dogs, such as Terriers, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, and Pugs. This model is available as a circle or a square tag. The Standard size tag is 1.25 inches in diameter, a bit heavier, and more fit for Huskies, Retrievers, and German Shepherds. This size is available in both circle and vertical oval shapes, and look very spiffy on any medium to large-sized dog! Each tag also comes with a 15mm or 20mm ring, depending on the tag size. These rings hold very well, and you should not have to replace them any time soon.

As for the custom lettering, it is hand-printed as part of the design. Although it isn’t laser or machine-engraved, it is dark enough to read as if it were deeply engraved. Whatever you decide to have printed in the three available lines of custom text, it will be skillfully and legibly printed out. It would be nice to have more lines of text available, but hand-printing lettering in an inch of space is truly a feat of artistry on its own!


Don’t let the idea of handmade dog tags fool you: these tags are built to be very durable and even water-resistant. The artists of California Mutts have not only created beautiful tag designs, but a quality tag build that is sure to protect their delicately-crafted work. All their tags have a fitted, stainless steel backing that ensures that the tag retains its glossy look. The front design is coated in a thick, glass-like resin that makes the design, and tag as a whole, water and UV-resistant. The resin is connected very sturdily to the stainless steel backing, and the tag as a whole is extremely durable.

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Value and Ordering

The pricing on California Mutts’ ID tags is completely reasonable considering that these items are handmade. They are priced at a medium-high range, but aside from the limited printing space for custom text, there truly aren’t many cons to this item, making them a great steal for any dog owner looking for a custom, designer ID tag. Ordering these tags off Amazon is fairly simple, but it requires an extra step that buyers may accidentally overlook. After checkout, you are directed to contact California Mutts and tell them your dog’s name, your phone number, and a third line of text if you choose. The company estimates that a custom tag takes about a week before a custom tag can be shipped out, so don’t expect Amazon Prime-quality shipping time, but this is more than reasonable for a handmade item.

If you are a supporter of independent artists such as the talented people in California Mutts, and if you are looking for a quality, customized, handmade, extremely artsy dog tag, look no farther past these tags.

These tags are the best option for dog parents looking to spoil their pooch with an adorable handmade collar. These collars are much more than just another tag you pick up from the store. Handmade and quality collars from California Mutts is the best gift you can treat your dog too!